#ichsagjazufarbe: with Casting Crème Gloss to beautiful hair

#ichsagjazufarbe: with Casting Crème Gloss to beautiful hair

In April, we invited our Community to get creative with Casting Crème Gloss by L’Oréal Paris and to try a new hair color. Many fabulous pictures are already being posted online. Below a little photo series from Valentina that demonstrates wonderfully just how easy and fun it is to color one’s hair at home with Casting Crème Gloss. See for yourself: Vali’s new hair color in three simple steps! 1. Get … more »

#SuitedByBOSS: Hugo Boss dresses German National Soccer Team

Work hard, play hard, look fab – that’s the name of the game with The Mannschaft. Our boys have never looked better as in their classy BOSS suits, don’t you think? Oh yes, we can thank HUGO BOSS for dressing them in super dapper slim-cut, dark grey attire that pleases the eye. Mine, anyway! As a German national, I am über proud of our team and their achievements over the years. … more »

Perfume favorites: A profusion of pears!

Since 1995, our senses have been invaded by a whole host of fruity perfumes, much to the delight of young girls everywhere who tend to love the sweet and cheery hint of red berries or exotic fruits. Of course, Escada’s summer collections are sheer bliss, and Féérie by Van Cleef & Arpels is very agreeable, too. But as women mature, they start to look for slightly more subtle and sophisticated … more »

Sweet treat for your mum with LUSH – Mother’s Day Giveaway

Let’s be honest, Mum is the best. And she deserves only the best! Therefore, LUSH proposes a special Mother’s Day collection that is available in all LUSH stores and in the online shop. With these beautiful, colorful and fragrant gifts you can pamper your mum and show her how much you care for her. There is, for example, a sweet ladybug that reveals to be a flowery bubble bath. With … more »

Bali, where magic happens – #coolplaces

Bali is my absolute favorite place, so close to my heart. I arrived here without planning and spent two magical months. When I hear this music I feel like I’m back there, sitting on the little terrace with a grateful heart and rambutans in my stomach. I found love in Bali. Love for myself. And love for my soulmate. Bali is heaven and hell. You either love it and stay or come … more »

It’s Springtime, say YES to colour! – #ichsagjazufarbe

Spring is often synonymous with change: nature transforms back from wintery tones to vibrant greens, flowers blossom in beautiful colours, we dust ourselves off and shape up. I can only speak for myself but this time of the year is also one of transformation for me. New clothes, new haircut, new colour. And so I am happy to be able to share our brand new product experience with you: Casting … more »


Masaba Coffee or What happens when Africa meats Italy in Switzerland

This small Swiss Start-up is making quite an impact in the coffee drinking community. But who IS Masaba? First of all, Masaba is the ancestral father – which is the local name of Mount Elgon, in Uganda. In this fertile land, a Swiss NGO is working with some 7000 farmers to produce excellent coffee, based on the principles of fair trade and organic farming. The NGO provides selected seedlings, consults on quality matters … more »


Glen Grant 50 Years Old, a treasure worthy of any palace! – #fabdrinx

Friends of the Malts, disciples of the barley, wanderers of the Highlands, here’s to you: Glen Grant, the Scottish Single Malt Distillery displays its expertise in a whisky that will remain etched in your memory for times to come. Forget whiskies that Clint Eastwood knocks back in one swirl, or whiskies to drown your sorrow: this elixir is going to waltz you. With 50 years to its credit, this Glen … more »

ok-foto_014-header copy

Now Open: Tserkov Designer Fashion Boutique Zurich – #TserkovZurich

Fashion hunters and cool scouts this is for you: Tserkov recently opened a brand new boutique at Storchengasse 21, featuring select designer labels. You will find creations by big names such Vivienne Westwood, Elie Saab and Alexander Wang, but also newcomers to the arena of designer clothes and accessories like Zeus & Dione, Charlotte Simon und Paula Mendoza. Tserkov is a fashion startup, backed by Lascaris Investment Group, which designs … more »

Damien Rothen, founder of gentilhomme.ch – The Boutique for gentlemen

Well-stocked boutiques and luxury brands for the modern gent don’t exactly spring up on every street corner. With that in mind, any opportunity for a man to satisfy his taste for the finer things is more than welcome! An expert in men’s fashion, Damien Rothen acts as style guru to the cultured man. He hides behind the scenes of online boutique Gentilhomme.ch, which is serving modern gentlemen since 2013 with an array … more »

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