Breakfast smoothie inspiration by Sofia Clara: it’s delicious and a happiness booster!
Breakfast Coffee Smoothie Sofia.Clara
Breakfast Coffee Smoothie Sofia.Clara

Breakfast smoothie inspiration by Sofia Clara: it’s delicious and a ...

In 2017, we helped Nespresso with the launch of their brand new, super small coffee machine, the Essenza Mini. Part of the project was the elaboration of a delicious, healthy breakfast smoothie. Who better to ask to help us with that than our favorite foodie, Sofia Clara? Her blog is full of inspiration for a healthier, happier life. Happiness is always a good thing. We all strive for it and … more »

Influencer Campaigns 2012 Coolbrandz Switzerland

Coolbrandz Influencer Campaigns 2012

A new year is always an occasion to reflect on the past and to prepare the future. Coolbrandz, founded on 11.11.11, will celebrate its 7th anniversary this year. Seven years… when I say that out loud, I almost cannot believe it. It seems time just flew by. Which is funny actually, because it took me about seven years as well to finally start the project. I had the idea in … more »

Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Beef Salad

Japanese cooking with Akiko: Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Beef Salad

When it is cold outside, you need some hot food to warm you from the inside, right? If you  just feel a little peckish, try this Japanese recipe for sweet & sour beef salad. The sour vinegar and hot chili flavors will awaken your appetite. The citric acid works on your tiredness, and the capsaicin in the chili also helps you to sweat and burn calories! This sweet & sour beef salad … more »

The Chedi Andermatt Courtyard Ice-Rink

The Chedi Andermatt: Swiss Luxury, Alpine Enchantment

When I got the opportunity to spend two days at hotel The Chedi Andermatt, I was delighted and looked very much forward to it. After all, travelling is my absolute passion. Being able to travel and discover the world is priceless, but there is also a small downside to it: after seeing many amazing places and staying at wonderful hotels, with time, you start getting a bit spoiled somehow and, suddenly, … more »

Glenfiddich Winterstorm

Glenfiddich Winter Storm: Exclusive to Swiss Deluxe Hotels

Just in time for the holidays, Glenfiddich Winter Storm was launched. This is the third release in a series of experimental editions following Glenfiddich IPA (India Pale Ale), and Glenfiddich Project XX.  We had the pleasure to be invited to the launch event: a lunch at Widder Bar & Kitchen at the luxurious 5-star Widder Hotel in Zurich, one of the 42 most exclusive Swiss Deluxe Hotels. Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador Markus … more »

Eisplanade Web

Until end of January 2018: Eisplanade, largest outdoor ice skating rin...

The Esplanade, that is the big square between the Kongresshaus and the “Coupole” in Biel, would normally be an empty space. Not so during the winter months! Until the end of January, Biel is home to Eisplanade, Switzerland’s largest mobile outdoor ice rink. Visitors can enjoy 2’450 square meters of pure winter magic: skating with friends and family, enjoying mulled wine, fondue, music, and other animations. There is no entry … more »

ecofort Gtech AirRam Influencer Campaign

Gtech AirRam: Is this the best vacuum cleaner ever? Find out!

The vacuum cleaner innovation has finally arrived in Switzerland! Gtech designs and creates innovative cordless products that make life a little bit easier. After its huge success in the UK, the high performance, cordless, lightweight and easy to use vacuum cleaners from Gtech are now finally available in Switzerland, exclusively at ecofort. You can now test it exclusively via coolbrandz. We are looking for digital content producers who would like … more »

AdventCalendar 2017

6 years coolbrandz, CHF 6000 worth of gifts – Thank You!

We hope you all spent a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Seeing you all share your trees, your dinners and your gifts, we trust you had a great time and Father Christmas was generous! Speaking of generosity, I would like to thank all our partners who contributed gifts to our Advent Calendar. Merci, Vielen Dank for letting us share the Christmas joy and spoil our community with fabulous … more »

nobis winter goodies lake

xMas Calendar N° 24: Nobis winter goodies

Baby, it’s cold outside! True, though our winters are not what they were – at least not when I was a kid. Sometimes we had snow so high that school was canceled because nobody managed to even open their front door never mind the school bus driving… Ah, the gold old times. Some years, Father Christmas had some real trouble getting to all the houses! Luckily, in Switzerland, we are … more »

Realtrue Fishskin NATAL BRONZE GOLD

xMas Calendar N° 23: REALTRUE, eco luxury purse – STAY REAL. BE TRUE.

“Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it last.”, once said Vivienne Westwood. And I could not agree more! I am leading a very minimalistic lifestyle: no car, not a lot of other possessions. I am a nomad and I love to travel light. Too many things, I feel, just weigh me down. My mantra: the less you have, the less you can lose. Freedom is in not letting your possessions take … more »

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