xMas Calendar N° 14: Realtrue Eco Luxury Purse
Realtrue Purse Natal Electrum FishSkin EcoLuxury
Realtrue Purse Natal Electrum FishSkin EcoLuxury

xMas Calendar N° 14: Realtrue Eco Luxury Purse

“Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it last.”, once said Vivienne Westwood. And I invite you to like this post if you agree! The true luxury of our times is being able to pursue our passions, living extraordinary experiences, seeing the world… not having “things”. Unless, of course, they are beautiful objects that make sense. Realtrue is a brand that creates such accessories. Born in Brazil, designed in Switzerland, and crafted … more »

xMas Beauty Box

xMas Calendar N° 13: Coolbox filled with beauty products

Only 11 more days, then it’s Christmas Eve! Do you feel the adrenaline level rise? Are you still hunting for the last few gifts? At work, all projects finished? The xMas countdown is ON! The number 13 was always surrounded by many myths and superstition. Well, this 13th December is your lucky day! Open window N° 13 of our Advent Calendar and discover the gift behind! Under the Christmas tree … more »

Fondues Wysmüller Gault Millau Truffle Champagne

xMas Calendar N° 12: Les Fondues Wyssmüller – Gault & Millau ...

Most of you will probably know the gourmet guide Gault & Millau for recommending restaurants; but did you know that it recommends gastronomic products, too? Yes, if something is so outstanding that it deserves the label Gault & Millau! The first Swiss product distinguished by the prestigious label is Les Fondues Wyssmüller. William Wyssmüller is a master cheese maker from Fribourg, the cheese fondue capital of Switzerland. Each Wyssmüller fondue is prepared … more »

WowTrip Surprise Travel

xMas Calendar N° 11: WowTrip Surprise Travel for Two

What if… you knew that you are going to travel, but where to remained a mystery. Does that sound like a perfect adventure? How many times did you stand in the airport departure hall and thought how fun it would be to just take off somewhere, right then, right there? You are a travel bug and Wanderlust is your middle name? Then you will love the gift behind the 11th … more »

Uppercut Deluxe Bearded Tattooed Stylish

xMas Calendar N° 10: Gifts from Gentilhomme.ch

You have a beard worthy of a gentleman, you wish to take good care of it and want to look your absolute best this holiday season? Good. Because we have just what you need! The presents behind the 10th door of our Advent Calendar are brought to you by Damien Rothen, an expert in men’s fashion. In 2013, Damien created his eBoutique www.gentilhomme.ch which is since serving modern gentlemen with an ever-growing array … more »

Poo Pourri Office

xMas Calendar N° 09: Poo~Pourri Gift Sets

One day, I came home and in the letterbox, I found a parcel from Poo~Pourri. The name alone made me smile: a contraction of Poo, the euphemism for – you know – Number Two – and Potpourri, commonly associated with a mixture of dried flowers and fruits that are used to give a subtle scent to rooms. I thought, “How fitting a name!”, seen that this product’s purpose is, in … more »

Alpamare Zürich Wellenbad

xMas Calendar N° 08: Alpamare tickets up for grabs!

The Alpamare adventure pool on Lake Zurich is the largest water and Fun Park in Switzerland. 12 slides with a total length of 2.1 km offer endless sliding fun. Just recently, the first phase of construction work has been successfully completed. Thanks to this big facelift, the popular wave pool now provides even more Tropicana in Pfäffikon. Exotic plants, 30° C warm water and meter-high waves … when you close … more »

Bärli & Schwänli Schweizer Tradition Handwerk

xMas Calendar N° 07: Sweet, sweet Swissness – Bärli & Schwänli

Bärli & Schwänli is an exciting new Swiss startup. The company was founded in November 2017 and is based in Emmental. Passionate about developing authentic Swiss handicrafts, Bärli & Schwänli curates the best of Swissness and is working with numerous partners from all over Switzerland – artisans from an array of local cottage industries ranging from mountain farmers, sheep breeders, saddlers, wood sculptors, soap makers, wool milliners, weavers, and small … more »

Coolbox Surprise xMas

xMas Calendar N° 06: Coolbox with products worth CHF 200!

Today is St. Nicholas’ Day and a wonderful occasion to thank you all. To say thank you for being part of our super cool community, for participating in our campaigns, for helping small and large brands to more notoriety, for co-creating with our partners. Thank you for being YOU! As a surprise, we have a Coolbox filled with products in the value of CHF 200 to give away. Coolbrandz started six years ago, on … more »

Bepure Natural Cosmetics Carmen Sirboiu

xMas Calendar N° 05: bepure cosmetics – 100% natural, vegan, cr...

Coming home one day, I was welcomed by the most beautiful perfume emanating from a parcel I received. It sat on the sideboard and was labelled bepure. The first thing I noticed when unwrapping, was the beautiful design of the bottles. They are made of high-quality violet glass, which blocks the entire spectrum of visible light except for the violet part. This delays the ageing process initiated by visible light. … more »

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