You love the ballet? Only this Friday: Russian National Dance Show “Kostroma”
Geneva Dance Events Russian National Kostroma
Geneva Dance Events Russian National Kostroma

You love the ballet? Only this Friday: Russian National Dance Show “...

Geneva Dance Events brings you “Kostroma”. Russia is more than just the Balalaika, vodka and ‘matryoshkas’. It is far richer than any of these clichés! Reveal the beauty and richness of the Russian cultural heritage! The Russian National Dance Show “Kostroma” is one of the most popular professional choreographic companies in Russia presenting traditional folk art. It got the admiration of audiences of more than 25 countries and enthusiastic reviews of … more »

eve sleep world sleep day

International Sleep Day 2018 – Win the ultimate sleep experience and...

How are you feeling this beautiful Friday morning: filled with energy and ready to go? Not so much? If any of these warning signs of poor sleep apply to you, it is maybe time to change your mattress – and a few old habits too! 8 warnings signs you may be “sleep poor” You have difficulties concentrating You are hungrier than usual You are needlessly irritable You zone out You … more »

BomBomBijoux SwissMade Jewellery

Bombom Bijoux: sugar sweet jewellery, Swiss Made

There are many good reasons to offer a beautiful piece of jewellery as a gift for Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion for that matter! Today, we just want to remind you that our friends from Bombom Bijoux create the sweetest jewellery. It is inspired by candies and cakes and makes for a wonderful gift that you can offer a loved one, a friend or yourself at any time. Halfway between the … more »

Obrist Valentine Menu Main

Recipe: a romantic dinner for two ♥

Going out or eating at home … that is often the question. What if you could stay in and dine as you would in a restaurant? Why not surprise your favorite person with a home-cooked 3-course meal and spend a really romantic evening à la casa? We asked Sara from Sara’s Healthy Kitchen to create a “Dinner for Two” recipe for us. Unbelievable, what she came up with! A healthy … more »

neotus spice mill

neotus spice mill: singular, artisanal, Swiss Design

Bring singularity to your dining room and kitchen with a beautiful, one of a kind spice mill from neotus! Unconventional by design, made from the best materials and crafted by master artisans these stunning creations are true objects of desire. When I saw one on Instagram for the first time, I knew immediately that I had to have it! neotus was created by Michael Eich, and I just love his … more »

Expovina Primavera Zurich

Save the date: expovinaPRIMAVERA 2018 – from March, 21

On March 21, expovinaPrimavera opens its doors for the 14th time and promises wine lovers a variety of wine inspirations. For eight days, the lively foundry hall at PULS 5, in the center of Zurich West, will be transformed into a marketplace for wine lovers and consumers from the greater Zurich area and the neighboring countries. More than 80 wine producers and wine merchants offer a fascinating journey through the … more »

Balvenie Telescope Cervo Zermatt Matterhorn

The Balvenie Telescope at Cervo Zermatt

The Matterhorn and Switzerland go together like cheese and whisky. The iconic pyramid-shaped mountain is said to be the most-photographed mountain in the world. How about looking at it from an entirely new angle? The Balvenie and the Cervo Zermatt invite you to the hotel’s terrace for a zoom at the Matterhorn through the handcrafted Balvenie Telescope. Majestic and calm, the king of mountains overlooks Zermatt and, for millennia, witnesses … more »

Realtrue Fishskin NATAL BRONZE GOLD


“Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it last.”, once said Vivienne Westwood. And I could not agree more! I am leading a very minimalistic lifestyle: no car, not a lot of other possessions. I am a nomad and I love to travel light. Too many things, I feel, just weigh me down. My mantra: the less you have, the less you can lose. Freedom is in not letting your possessions take … more »

nobis winter goodies lake

Nobis Luxury Apparel

Baby, it’s cold outside! Luckily, in Switzerland, we are spoiled with pristine winter scapes, snowy forests and perfect powder slopes. Mountain adventure is only a stone throw away from most urban conglomerates. Those seeking to embrace the elements, now have a partner who understands their need for functional, yet stylish clothes: Nobis redefines luxury apparel. The brand proposes original clothing with a high level of functionality and fashion-forward silhouettes. Outerwear, headwear, … more »

Gtech AirRam Ecofort Survey

Gtech vacuum cleaner – Win the model of your choice!

If you follow us on Social Media you will have probably seen that selected bloggers received the new Gtech AirRam so that they may test this new, innovative, cordless vacuum cleaner. So far, the feedback we are getting is unanimous: this really is a cool gadget! Super lightweight, handy, swift and efficient… it is everything you would look for in a new vacuum cleaner. If you were not among the first … more »

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