The Hidden Gems of Iceland
Iceland Hidden Gems By Boyloso
Iceland Hidden Gems By Boyloso

The Hidden Gems of Iceland

Thanks in part to scenic posts on social media that accentuate the beauty of once lesser-known countries, places, like Croatia have been propelled into stardom with travelers. Another country experiencing this boost is the small island nation of Iceland, which was once a blip on the map but is now a nature photographers’ and adventure backpackers’ dreamscape. This spike in visits, which saw a 300% increase between 2010 and 2015, … more »

Centre Manor Fashion Week 2018 Fashion Show

Centre Manor Vevey: Cancellation Blogger Meet

Dear blogger friends, Dear Coolbrandz Community, We regret to inform you that despite your enthusiasm and the work already put in the organisation by our team, we are unfortunately not able to receive you at Centre Manor Vevey. To know the reasons, please send an e-mail to We recognize that you too must organize yourselves and that some of you have taken half a day off work to be able … more »

Travelling Poland in the footsteps of Belvedere Vodka

At the invitation of Belvedere Vodka, I jumped on a plane to fly to Poland, ready for a three-day adventure with the brand. It was harvest time and Belvedere invited journalists and bloggers from around the globe to explore its universe and follow the production process of the vodka from the grain to the bottle. I discovered breathtaking scenery, tasted delicious cocktails and I learned all about the steps necessary … more »

Obrist Wein Box June Lovefoodish

Summer time, great food and wine…

Maybe you know it: Coolbrandz originally comes from the French-speaking part of Switzerland and its home base is in Vaud. Our canton hosts many wonderful places to visit at any time of the year. Especially charming, however, is the region of Lavaux in summer. This UNESCO protected area stretches along the northeastern shore of Lake Geneva and is characterized in particular by the terraced vineyards. Although my home has been … more »

Bombom Bijoux Summer Giveaway

Bombom Bijoux: the sweetest, Swiss made jewellery

Summer, sun, beach and fun… tanned skin, romantic dinners by the ocean… There are many good reasons to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry to sublime those moments that make life so precious. Bombom Bijoux creates the sweetest jewelry. It is inspired by candies and cakes and makes for a wonderful present that you can offer a loved one, a friend or yourself at any time. Right now, there is a huge … more »

SEPTIEME ETAGE - Mode Suisse Selection - Desert Dreaming Launch 16.08.2018

Fashion Event: Sélection Mode Suisse in Geneva at Librairie de l̵...

Recently, the 14th edition of Mode Suisse was inaugurated and our Bombom Girls Ana and Nicole participated in the opening of this much-coveted fashion exhibition. This year’s host is the Librairie de l’Ile, a magnificent setting for this kind of event if you ask me. Kudos! Mode Suisse is a platform that promotes Swiss fashion designers. The main event is happening in September in Zurich, but before that, those interested can … more »

ecofort Gtech AirRam

Gtech cordless vacuum cleaner – tested and approved by Swiss Influen...

When ecofort brought Gtech to Switzerland, implying the Coolbrandz platform and community was an integral part of the launch campaign. Selected bloggers in every part of the country received a Gtech AirRam so that they could test this new, innovative, cordless vacuum cleaner and create a personal story with it. The feedback we received is unanimous: super lightweight, handy, swift and efficient… it is everything you look for in a new vacuum cleaner. … more »

Croatia Yacht Charter Korčula

In the mood to travel: 7 Days in Croatia – Explore the Adriatic ...

Croatia is situated south of Italy and about five times bigger than Switzerland. Its coastline on the Adriatic Sea is stunning. There are 1246 islands, of which 47 are permanently inhabited. Hvar, Krk or Rab are among the better known. The capital is Zagreb and its medieval upper town, Gornji Grad, is a major tourist attraction. You can also find very interesting museums there. The museum of illusions, for example, or the museum of broken … more »

Bepure Natural Cosmetics Carmen Sirboiu

bepure: 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free, Ecocert labeled cosmetics

Coming home one day, I was welcomed by the most beautiful perfume emanating from a parcel I received. It sat on the sideboard and was labeled bepure. The first thing I noticed when unwrapping, was the beautiful design of the bottles. They are made of high-quality violet glass, which blocks the entire spectrum of visible light except for the violet part. This delays the aging process initiated by visible light. … more »

Hublot BIG BANG Referee FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

Hublot Loves Football: Special Edition Big Bang Referee FIFA World Cup...

Maybe you love football, maybe you don’t. Either way, there is absolutely no getting around the FIFA World Cup in Russia this year: shops, bars, the web… it is everywhere. Here at Coolbrandz, we are fervent football fans. And, being multi-national, we always have a favorite team in the game. One absolute highlight, of course, was the match Switzerland : Costa Rica in Nizhny Novgorod which ended at 02 : … more »

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