What’s going on in October: giveaway, campaigns and news for you!
News October #RevitaliftFiller Stéphane Simon
News October #RevitaliftFiller Stéphane Simon

What’s going on in October: giveaway, campaigns and news for you!

Autumn will be cool! Many new campaigns, activities and products are waiting for you! To start the season: a giveaway, the possibility of the Insta-Takeover for a brand and the production of an unboxing video for one of the coolest abo-boxes in Switzerland! [Giveaway]: Revitalift Filler [HA] Revolumising Day Care In September, we were looking for 30 ladies who wanted to test #RevitaliftFiller. We registered over 1’245 inscriptions, but had … more »

Portugal Algarve Ferragudo Harbor

Picking up the Portugal pace with a relaxing sunny break in the Algarv...

If you’re looking to relax, unwind and get a break from the stress and mayhem of everyday life Portugal may just be your go-to holiday destination. With its beautiful beaches, slow-paced lifestyle and pleasant Mediterranean climate the Algarve is the perfect place to recharge your batteries and get away from the day-to-day chaos. Not sure how to switch off and start relaxing? Here are some tips to get you started. … more »


Make someone happy today, with roses!

Not long ago, I got a message from Prestigeroses Switzerland asking if I were interested in testing the service and receiving one of their wonderful rose boxes. I love flowers, in general, and roses, of course. However, I was traveling so much recently and whatever flowers I would have gotten would have just simply stood there with nobody seeing them and appreciating their beauty. And so an idea came up: … more »

Swiss lemonade White Dust Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Calling all visual storytellers: get creative with Swiss Lemonade Whit...

Butterflies, lemonade and good vibes that is what our newest collaboration with Swiss Lemonade White Dust is all about. Brands have a message and the one that White Dust wants to carry into the world is #freeyourmind. But how do people see Swiss Lemonade, the brand, and what does “Free your mind” mean to them? To find out, we invite members of our community to try the drink and get … more »

Hugo Boss Prize Ralph Lemon Come home Charley Patton

Winner of HUGO BOSS PRIZE 2016 to be announced at Guggenheim Museum in...

20.10.16 Guggenheim Museum New York: Celebrating the nominated artists and the 20th anniversary of the Hugo Boss Prize This fall HUGO BOSS and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the HUGO BOSS PRIZE and announcing the winner of the award for 2016. The six shortlisted artists are: Tania Bruguera, Mark Leckey, Ralph Lemon, Laura Owens, Wael Shawky and Anicka Yi. The announcement … more »

REVITALIFTFILLER HA L Oréal Paris Day Cream - Photo Andrea Monica Hug

Revitalift Filler [HA]: Revolumising Anti-Age Skincare by L’Oré...

With age, the skin looks tired, wrinkled and flaccid because the natural hyaluronic acid content decreases steadily. The skin slumps and loses its elasticity. Volume loss is the result. With Revitalift FILLER [HA] L’Oréal Paris presents a revolumising anti-aging care with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid [HA] for visibly plumper skin. The power of hyaluronic acid [HA] Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by the body. The body’s own hyaluronic … more »

bixpy jet yachting gadget

The Latest Yachting Gadgets for 2017

It’s an exciting time in the world of yachting technology. With an increasing array of gadgets for yacht owners in the market, being on board a luxury yacht charter can be much more than simply a relaxing getaway. From high-speed water toys to extremely sophisticated underwater discovery devices, exciting new adventurous opportunities are presenting themselves. Here, we’ll provide a glimpse into the top offerings that are set to revolutionise your … more »

Influencer Swiss Blog Youtuber Itzabem

Coolbrander of the Week: Emilie, Swiss blogger aka Itzabem

In our column “Coolbrander of the week”, we put the spotlight on digital influencers and talents in our community. This week’s feature is dedicated to beautiful Emilie and her blog Itzabem. How to describe Emilie? I would say that, as a friend, Emilie is a kindhearted, loving and passionate person. She is absolutely fun to be around. Always good for a giggle and a bit mischievous, with this little French … more »

BomBom Bijoux Bracelet

#SundayGiveaway: a sugar-sweet bracelet by Bombom Bijoux

There are many good reasons to offer a beautiful piece of jewellery as a gift. For example, to say “I love you” or “Thank you for reading our blog!”, or simply because you are the coolest community of all. In the spotlight of today’s #SundayGiveaway is Bombom Bijoux. Halfway between the craft of designing jewellery and selecting precious stones and original materials from around the world, Bombom Bijoux has won … more »


Coolbrander of the week: Swiss Blogger Koschka

When I started coolbrandz in 2011, I had a pretty clear idea of what it was destined to become: a platform where brands and influencers meet. What I didn’t know is that on the way, I would meet so many talented, inspiring people and that with some of them I would even become friends. Switzerland, despite its small size, is full of originality, creativity and talents. And that in every … more »

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