Hooke Wireless 3D Audio Headphones: Because Sound Matters
Hooke Audio 3D Audio Binaural Recording Sound Music
Hooke Audio 3D Audio Binaural Recording Sound Music

Hooke Wireless 3D Audio Headphones: Because Sound Matters

Do you hear that sound? It’s the future of Storytelling calling! What if you had a wireless device that let you simultaneously listen to and record audio in 3D? Audiophiles, content producers…. prick up your ears: because Hooke headphones do just that! You can listen to your favourite tunes and capture 3D Audio at the same time! Not only does this technology allow you to hear and record your world in … more »

Alver Golden Chlorella Summer Salad

Alver Golden Chlorella: a vegan, sustainable source of protein

Spring is coming. The perfect time to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, in order to fill up on vitamins and fibre and to optimize your health and fitness! Proteins are essential for a balanced diet, but can they be found in plants? It turns out they can! Alver Golden Chlorella is the proof of it! A healthy diet is not complete without a minimal protein intake. According to the Swiss … more »

Bärli Schwänli Easter Giftideas Ostern Geschenkideen

Sweet, sweet Swissness: Bärli & Schwänli gift ideas for Easter

Timeless design instead of fast-fashion, sustainable materials instead of cheap mass-produced goods and fair production with a love of traditional craftsmanship. Everyone has a choice. Bärli & Schwänli decided on Swiss handicraft with heart. The startup from Emmental was founded in November 2017. Since then, traditional Swiss materials have been transformed into lifestyle products with numerous partners, such as mountain farms, sheep farmers, saddlers, woodturners, soap makers, wool mills, small … more »

Sipsmith Jared Brown OpticalEngineers The Birdyard Vienna Sipsmith Gin

Sipsmith: Interview with Gin Mastermind Jared Brown – The Birdya...

To most of you drinks enthusiasts out there this man will need no introduction. To those who don’t know: @mixellany2 on Instagram is no other than Sipsmith Master Distiller, photographer, award-winning author, consulting drink historian Jared Brown. For Fabdrinx, Erhard met him for a short interview at the Sipsmith Event and Blackbox Cocktail Challenge at The Birdyard Bar in Vienna. Among industry professionals and spirit connoisseurs, the name Jared Brown is … more »

Max Chocolatier Swiss Chocolate Handmade Artisanal

Max Chocolatier: gift ideas for Easter

Did you know that, according to Chocosuisse, the Association of Swiss Chocolate Manufacturers, the annual per capita chocolate consumption in Switzerland is 10.5 kg? Well, all you chocoholics out there, rejoice! Max Chocolatier crafts the most wonderful artisanal chocolate and offers a Chocolate Subscription allowing you to receive a surprise box filled with the most delicious, handmade Swiss chocolate every month. Plättli, pralines, chocolate bars… Like Forrest Gump once said, “Your box … more »

Drinkaffair Drinks Beverages Brands Getränke Zurich © by Adrian Bretscher

DRINKafFAIR: International bar and beverage trade show

In February 2018 the first edition of DRINKafFAIR took place in Glattbrugg, Switzerland. The idea behind the event: bring together bartenders, restaurateurs, beverage brands, distributors, producers and other industry professionals and allow them to network and exchange. Close to 60 different brands, brand ambassadors and producers from all over the world were attending the first edition – plus five speakers from the “50 World Best” bars, who shared their personal … more »

Steinhorn Gin Austria Gin Trophy Best Austrian Gin

Steinhorn Gin Bar Crawl: 26°EAST Bar Vienna – David Penker

Do you know fabdrinx, our new sister platform where fabulous drinks brands and drinks enthusiasts meet? We are currently in the process of developing the website and invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to not miss an update and help us grow our community. We kicked off this year with a new, cool brand in our portfolio – Steinhorn Gin – and an exciting project: a bar crawl and … more »

Valentines Day Giftideas Local Business Entrepreneurs

This Valentine’s Day: Love yourself, love the planet – Shop Local!

Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions that divide: you either love it or you don’t. Some people say that Valentine’s Day, as it is celebrated today, is just an invention of flower vendors. Others like to reminisce about its more romantic origins: Saint Valentine, patron of lovers. Saint Valentine of Rome lived in the third century AD. It is said that he was known for gifting couples with flowers … more »

Bombom Bijoux Summer Giveaway

Bombom Bijoux: sweet, Swiss made jewellery

Valentine’s Day, a romantic dinner or a weekend getaway… There are many good reasons to wear a beautiful piece of jewellery to sublime those moments that make life so precious. Bombom Bijoux creates the sweetest jewellery. It is inspired by candies and cakes and makes for a wonderful present that you can offer a loved one, a friend or yourself at any time. This year, Bombom Bijoux created a special Valentine’s collection. … more »

Bepure Natural Cosmetics Carmen Sirboiu

Bepure cosmetics: LOVE your skin

Coming home one day, I was welcomed by the most beautiful perfume emanating from a parcel I received. It sat on the sideboard and was labelled bepure. The first thing I noticed when unwrapping, was the beautiful design of the bottles. They are made of high-quality violet glass, which blocks the entire spectrum of visible light except for the violet part. This delays the ageing process initiated by visible light. … more »

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