Gtech vacuum cleaner – Win the model of your choice!
Gtech AirRam Ecofort Survey
Gtech AirRam Ecofort Survey

Gtech vacuum cleaner – Win the model of your choice!

If you follow us on Social Media you will have probably seen that selected bloggers received the new Gtech AirRam so that they may test this new, innovative, cordless vacuum cleaner. So far, the feedback we are getting is unanimous: this really is a cool gadget! Super lightweight, handy, swift and efficient… it is everything you would look for in a new vacuum cleaner. If you were not among the first … more »

Webforkifs BonneMaman Brunch

Sunday breakfast: what shall we eat? My kids: waffles! Always.

Sunday, is that not simply the best day of the week? The one day where you can really slow down… At Webforkids, we take our time; gather the whole family around the table for breakfast. Plans for the afternoon are forged; chatter and laughter are filling the house. How I love these moments! When I bring my kids to bed on Saturday night and ask them what they want for … more »

Gtech AirRam Webforkids

Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner tested by Webforkids

When we were recently given the opportunity to test the new Gtech AirRam for family friendliness, we said yes immediately! A cordless vacuum cleaner, that is lightweight, slides effortlessly from one floor surface to another, has 40 minutes runtime and does not require getting your hands dirty when emptying it? That sounds a lot like a case for Webforkids. Here we go! Founded in 2001 by Nick Grey, Gtech, short … more »

Focuswater All natural Swiss Mineral Water

Focuswater: tastes like spring!

Ready for spring, we are delighted to send you this boost of colours and positive vibes in form of FOCUSWATER, the all natural Swiss Vitamin Water. FOCUSWATER tastes good and hydrates your body. It is a functional drink that contributes to a balanced and natural daily diet. Low in calories and rich in vitamins, this modern thirst quencher procures not only a pleasant drinking experience,  but also provides vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, B7 and … more »

Hotel Crans Ambassador Terrasse Valaisanne

Hotel Crans Ambassador: an elegant sports resort in Valais

Spring is knocking on the door. The perfect time to think of a weekend getaway in the Swiss mountains: a breath of fresh air, a break from everyday life and immersion in everything that makes SWISSness. A stay at the 5* Hotel Crans Ambassador in Crans Montana procures you just that. it is a a luxurious oasis in Valais with a fantastic view of the Alps. Right upon arrival I … more »

Obrist Valentine Menu Main

Be my Valentine. Let’s stay in and dine!

Valentine’s. You either love it, or you don’t. Fact is, whatever your sentiment, there is absolutely no way around it: every shop, every hotel, every bar and every restaurant puts on a Special for the big V-Day. To escape the frenzy and spend a truly romantic evening with your beloved, why not stay in and enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal? For the occasion, we hooked up with Sara from Sara’s Healthy … more »

mood popup store 25hours hotel langstrasse joe sciacca

Save the date: March 1 – Inauguration Mood Store Zurich, Opfikon

Mood Zurich: the innovative jewelry brand from Vaud continues its tour through Switzerland and opens its first store in Zurich! Mood finally arrives in German-speaking Switzerland and settles in Zurich with the opening of a showroom next month. The Mood family is now inviting you to officially inaugurate this new arcade on March 1 with a private party. After months of patiently searching for the right spot, the company, which, … more »

Diageo World Class Championship Bartender Cocktail Championship Switzerland

Diageo searches the World Class Winner 2018

The Diageo World Class Competition, launched in 2009, is an annual highlight with bartenders and cocktail lovers alike. Bartenders can submit their entries and compete in a series of cocktail challenges. The national Diageo World Class champions will then be given the once in a lifetime opportunity to represent their country at the World Finals that will take place in Berlin this year. To apply, go here >>>   Since … more »

BomBomBijoux SwissMade Jewellery

Bombom Bijoux: sugar sweet jewellery, Swiss Made

There are many good reasons to offer a beautiful piece of jewellery as a gift for Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion for that matter! Today, we just want to remind you that our friends from Bombom Bijoux create the sweetest jewellery. It is inspired by cadies and cakes and makes for a wonderful gift that you can offer a loved one, a friend or yourself at any time. Halfway between the … more »

Garogosi Glacier Jewellery

Gift ideas for Guys

If you were to fill a gift box for your beloved, what would you put it? That was the question I got asked from a friend. Hum, not so easy, actually…. Luckily, we get lots of inspiration from our clients and partners! Here a little selection of gift ideas you may find useful. In my selection, you will find products from brands such as Bulgari, BRONX COLORS, Uppercut Deluxe, Nespresso, … more »

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