#JOBESUP: Win a standup paddle board Aero SUP 10’6

#JOBESUP: Win a standup paddle board Aero SUP 10’6

Standup Paddle is the trend. This fun activity appeals to many and trying it is loving it! Numerous are those who would like to try it out for themselves but always put it off to « next summer ». At coolbrandz, we give you a boost! It’s THIS year and that’s it. To explore the universe of standup paddle boarding, we invited bloggers to learn to SUP accompanied by pros. Result? Major … more »

Hairstyle meets fashion: Taft x Liebeskind Berlin Press Event

Here, there… because I cannot be everywhere, I sent Burcu to the press event by Drei Wetter Taft and LIEBESKIND Berlin in Zurich. The impressions she brought back say it all: a fun, girly event where participants got their hair done in the Liebeskind Berlin store. How is that for a concept? Simple: for generations, Drei Wetter Taft accompanies stylish women everywhere. The iconic hairspray is placed in their handbags, … more »

#coolplace – Parkhotel Margna in Sils-Baselgia near St. Moritz, Enga...

I have been in St. Moritz, Engadin a few times already, during winter but this was the first time for me to visit the region in summer. It may sound silly, but really I always associated St. Moritz with its picturesque mountains and fabulous skiing areas only with winter. But boy, was I wrong. It is absolutely beautiful in summer, too! Fifty shades of green, blue and yellow meet here … more »

#JOBESUP – Standup paddle fun and where to find your boards

You have probably seen it, for some time now we have a campaign with Jobe Watersports running. Throughout this adventure several shops equipped our bloggers with JOBE SUP boards and initiated them in Stand Up Paddle boarding. Here a wrap of the Who-is-Who and Who’s-been-Where 💦 Sportmania, a real Ali Baba cave for board sport fans in Saint-Sulpice, took the Stradivariusisters under their wings for their first steps on a SUP board. Technosurf, the shop that provides … more »

Five Florence must-dos (and some smart tourist tips)

When the French author Stendhal visited Florence in 1817 the poor man was so overwhelmed by all the beauty and art in the Tuscan capital that it ended up making him feel emotionally drained and physically unwell. In one of his books he says: ‘”I was in a sort of ecstasy, from the idea of being in Florence, close to the great men whose tombs I had seen. Absorbed in … more »

#coolevent – Kiko Milano Press Breakfast at QUAI 61

Not so long ago, I participated in KIKO Milano’s press breakfast event in Zurich. It was a wonderful occasion to meet KIKO’s secret heroes and a number of selected bloggers and beauty magazine editors at QUAI 61. That is a cool place as we like it, by the way! With its wonderful lake view it is perfect for a little retreat and pampering after a hectic weekday. I can’t wait … more »

Best shopping for board sports in Geneva: TechnoSurf

Providing all things surf, Stand Up Paddle boarding and sun, Technosurf is a shop that sweeps a momentous wave of summer sport over Geneva. The store’s focus is board sports and buzzing experiences, with a wide range of both inflatable and hard Stand Up Paddle boards, as well as gear for kitesurfing, windsurfing and TIWAL dinghies. If you want a breath of fresh air, to be immersed in nature and … more »

Arrive by Helicopter at these 4 Luxury Hotels in the Cote d’Azur ...

The most luxurious hotels are often located in spectacularly beautiful spots, overlooking some of the most impressive vistas in the world. The most scenic spots aren’t always the easiest to reach by land, however; a luxury helicopter transfer is the easiest and most efficient way to transport you to your hotel or business meeting in the Cote d’Azur. Not only do helicopters allow you to arrive in comfort and privacy, … more »

Win PANDORA Jewelry for International Friendship Day

The 30th July 2016 is International Friendship Day. For this occasion, PANDORA launches a collection of playful, feminine jewelry to recognize best friends. For over three decades, PANDORA celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of women. For the early fall season PANDORA delves deeply into the emotional connections that unite girlfriends, and presents enchanting new symbols of friendship. The hand finished genuine jewelry also celebrates the International Friendship Day by United … more »

Favourite board sports shopping destination in Bern: Tip To Tail

Bern’s city centre brings together a multitude of trendy stores. With the latest from food, technology and fashion, Bern is the perfect shopping destination. Its shopping arcades host an array of boutique stores so that we can all stay under cover from the hot weather or rainy days. Among our discoveries is this new firm favourite: Tip To Tail, the store for sport enthusiasts, be it skiing or surfing, Stand … more »

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