#SundayGiveaway : 3 x Percy Nobleman beard grooming travel kit

#SundayGiveaway : 3 x Percy Nobleman beard grooming travel kit

You have a beard worthy of a gentleman, wish to take good care of it and also your holidays are imminant? Good, because our friends from www.gentilhomme.ch will not let you go without the indispensable travel kit! In it you find: oil, shaving soap, a mustache wax and of course a comb. Gentlemen, make sure your beard looks its most beautiful this summer and grab this gift ! Ladies, your cheri … more »

#coolgadget – The new Dyson Supersonic: Wellness for your hair

What a cool gadget, this new Dyson Supersonic. Who wouldn’t want it? When I posted the photo with the new hair dryer, the reaction of many women was simply “Wow, I want it too!”. The colour, the design… a definitive magnet for stylish women. But this hair dryer can do a whole lot more than to just look beautiful!   I was fortunate enough to hold one of the first … more »

#coolevent: 32 years of Jazz Ascona

To satisfy our festival spirit, the answer is Ascona! From 23 June to 2 July, jazz music will take over the banks of the Lake Maggiore for the 32nd Jazz Ascona festival. The only one of its kind in Europe, Ascona is fast becoming the jazz capital with over 400 hours of music, 200 concerts and jamming sessions and more than 215 musicians hailing from Europe and New Orleans. Exciting, … more »

#ATableAvecAmélie at the Wild Girls Deli: one-to-one with Bombom Bij...

I’m already seated when I notice them. While Jess has numerous photos of herself on her Facebook profile and sometimes acts as a model for her brand, that’s not the case with her blonde counterpart at Bombom Bijoux, Ana, the designer who I’m meeting for the first time. Well, there they are! These are two coquettish young ladies with radiant smiles. Ana is sweet, sharing her laughs with Jess, with … more »

#TheGentlemanTutorials: How to look after your beard

What could be more stylish than a perfectly groomed beard? To achieve a gentleman’s allure without getting lost along the way, follow my tutorials! This first tutorial is dedicated to your beard. Whether you sport long-and-thick or designer stubble, growing a beard is still a totally current trend that has moved beyond its hipster origins. Since they need to be silky, well-defined and tidy to avoid looking unkempt, beards require … more »

#coolevent – Bronx Colors Urban Cosmetics Blogger Apero

With the motto “Professional make-up for everyone”, BRONX Colors recently hosted an event in order to introduce its new, exclusive products that will be “coming soon” and, together with other selected Swiss bloggers, Coolbrandz was invited. Of course, I was delighted to go and meet the brand at their Headquarters. It is always a pleasure to meet the people behind a brand and to feel their univers: who they are, … more »

Five reasons to fall in love with Japan – #coolplace

After visiting Japan for the first time in 2014, I never thought that just two years later I’d get to go back on a new five-week Asian adventure. But boy am I thrilled that I did. From the first moment I set foot on Nippon soil I fell in love with the boundless hospitality and kindness of the Japanese people – they truly are the sweetest and gentlest souls I … more »

#coolfoods – Japanese cooking with Akiko: Pork Rolled Rice

This “Pork Rolled Rice” can be a nibble for any party. Whenever I attend a party, I’m already very hungry, it’s always too long and requires a lot of patience to wait for the main meal! But I don’t want to fill myself up with crisps. I like to have something nice before the main dish. Maybe, you feel like me? Therefore, I thought I share this really easy to … more »

#SundayGiveaway: Caline, the natural drink with the heart of an Angel ...

What if we told you that south of the Alps, at the confluence of the Isere and the Rhone, a fruit that is unique in the world, in the shape of a heart and a divine taste, is going to be all the rave this summer? Caline is a wild plum, an explosion of taste and symbolic for the respect for traditional practices. The fruit is produced with artisanal craftsmanship, … more »


For beautiful skin: Scrub Love’s ethical, organic exfoliators

To achieve soft skin, our new go-to product comes straight from across the channel. Scrub Love, an exfoliator made from 100% organic coffee, is exclusively organic and fairtrade. Rainforest Alliance Certified, natural skincare is at this brand’s core. As such, you won’t find any artificial colours or fragrances, parabens or preservatives. Let’s take a closer look. Before becoming a must-have product in our bathrooms, Scrub Love ran on double espressos, … more »

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