Vichy Slow Age: Put the brakes on your pace – and on skin ageing

Vichy Slow Age: Put the brakes on your pace – and on skin ageing

Are you always living in the fast lane? Feel like you never have enough time? Too much information; too many emails and tweets? It’s time to slow down. Breathe in, breathe out; take your time. Living life at a hundred miles per hour has repercussions on our health and on our skin. So, what if we decided to stop running and live life to the full instead? Are you in? … more »

#coolidea – The 5 Best Child-Friendly Villa Rentals in Ibiza

There are many benefits to renting a child friendly villa in Ibiza for your 2016 holiday. Once they know that the house is safe and secure, adults can relax and enjoy all that this stunning island has to offer without worry, whilst the children get more freedom to explore and play without too much supervision. Here are some of our favourite child friendly villas to rent this year: 5) Villa … more »

Five reasons to fall in love with Japan – #coolplace

After visiting Japan for the first time in 2014, I never thought that just two years later I’d get to go back on a new five-week Asian adventure. But boy am I thrilled that I did. From the first moment I set foot on Nippon soil I fell in love with the boundless hospitality and kindness of the Japanese people – they truly are the sweetest and gentlest souls I … more »

#coolidea – JOBE: Introduction to Standup paddle boarding in 10 steps

You don’t want to lie lazily on the beach? You want to stay in shape while you are on holidays? JOBE SUP is all about standup paddle boarding! This sport is the coolest thing this summer and will conquer all holiday destinations and celeb magazines. You can lose weight in mountain ranges, on lakes and in calm seas with this fabulous sport, have fun and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries. But … more »

#coolplace – Sardinia: always worth a visit!

When I first travelled to Sardinia years ago it was love at first sight. I truly fell in love with this magical island and I can’t stop but going back every summer. Why do I love Sardinia so much? Well I think the island has really so much to offer, dreamy beaches and blue Sea but also a captivating culture, cuisine, traditions and beautiful wild nature. Let’s face it: Sardinia’s beaches … more »

Surfari: The biggest surf store in Switzerland – #coolplace

Surfari is the biggest, most comprehensive Surf Shop in Switzerland. Set up near the Stauffacher in Zurich, here you’ll find selected sports items which have all been put through their paces by Surfari staff. Their collective idea is thus: try it out to endorse it. A second shop brings fashion products together in one place. For those who don’t just ride the waves but also surf the web, an online shop is also … more »

#coolgadget – The new Dyson Supersonic: Wellness for your hair

What a cool gadget, this new Dyson Supersonic. Who wouldn’t want it? When I posted the photo with the new hair dryer, the reaction of many women was simply “Wow, I want it too!”. The colour, the design… a definitive magnet for stylish women. But this hair dryer can do a whole lot more than to just look beautiful!   I was fortunate enough to hold one of the first … more »

#ATableAvecAmélie at the Wild Girls Deli: one-to-one with Bombom Bij...

I’m already seated when I notice them. While Jess has numerous photos of herself on her Facebook profile and sometimes acts as a model for her brand, that’s not the case with her blonde counterpart at Bombom Bijoux, Ana, the designer who I’m meeting for the first time. Well, there they are! These are two coquettish young ladies with radiant smiles. Ana is sweet, sharing her laughs with Jess, with … more »


You say Lanson, I say: Let the sunshine in! – #fabdrinx

When you see this picture, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Right: White Parteyyy! Sunny beaches, a private port at Lake Geneva or chilling poolside with the beautiful people that are your friends… Lanson is the promise of summer. The ultimate summer drink in fact: elegant, refreshing and lively, Lanson White Label is the first Champagne in the world to be conceived specifically for experimenting with … more »

Perfume favorites: A profusion of pears!

Since 1995, our senses have been invaded by a whole host of fruity perfumes, much to the delight of young girls everywhere who tend to love the sweet and cheery hint of red berries or exotic fruits. Of course, Escada’s summer collections are sheer bliss, and Féérie by Van Cleef & Arpels is very agreeable, too. But as women mature, they start to look for slightly more subtle and sophisticated … more »

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