Coolbrander of the Week: Emilie, Swiss blogger aka Itzabem
Influencer Swiss Blog Youtuber Itzabem
Influencer Swiss Blog Youtuber Itzabem

Coolbrander of the Week: Emilie, Swiss blogger aka Itzabem

In our column “Coolbrander of the week”, we put the spotlight on talents in our community and this week’s feature is dedicated to beautiful Emilie and her blog Itzabem. How to describe Emilie? I would say that, as a friend, Emilie is a kindhearted, loving and passionate person. She is absolutely fun to be around. Always good for a giggle and a bit mischievous, with this little French Touch that … more »

BomBom Bijoux Bracelet

#SundayGiveaway: a sugar-sweet bracelet by Bombom Bijoux

There are many good reasons to offer a beautiful piece of jewellery as a gift. For example, to say “I love you” or “Thank you for reading our blog!”, or simply because you are the coolest community of all. In the spotlight of today’s #SundayGiveaway is Bombom Bijoux. Halfway between the craft of designing jewellery and selecting precious stones and original materials from around the world, Bombom Bijoux has won … more »


Coolbrander of the week: Swiss Blogger Koschka

When I started coolbrandz in 2011, I had a pretty clear idea of what it was destined to become: a platform where brands and influencers meet. What I didn’t know is that on the way, I would meet so many talented, inspiring people and that with some of them I would even become friends. Switzerland, despite its small size, is full of originality, creativity and talents. And that in every … more »

Etyka Luxury Box

Etyka Luxury: unboxing video

If you follow coolbrandz you probably know how much we love Etyka. It is a project born out of passion and conviction and we already had the pleasure to interview Laëtitia Berthoud, the founder – the English version of the interview is in the making. We will let you know as soon as it is up! Before we look closer at the box, let’s have a look at the concept: as … more »

WINGS Airline Bar & Lounge: ready for takeoff!

The idea for WINGS was born out of the turmoil caused by the instability of the Swiss aviation industry in the autumn of 2001. After the grounding and the collapse of their company, the former Swissair employees faced an unforeseeable future. A small group of pilots and flight attendants reached out to save the very essence that, to many employees, had made Swissair truly unique: the solidarity, the “Swissair spirit”, … more »

Taft Liebeskind Berlin Press Event

Hairstyle meets fashion: Taft x Liebeskind Berlin Press Event

Here, there… of course, I want to be everywhere but that simply not being possible, Burcu participated in the press event by Drei Wetter Taft and LIEBESKIND Berlin in Zurich for me. And the impressions she brought back say it all! In summary: a fun, girly event where participants were getting their hair done in the Liebeskind Berlin store. But what sort of concept is that? Totally logic and simple: for generations, … more »

PANDORA Jewelry: the perfect gift to celebrate your friendship

The 30th July 2016 is International Friendship Day. For this occasion, PANDORA launches a collection of playful, feminine jewelry to recognize best friends. For over three decades, PANDORA celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of women. For the early fall season PANDORA delves deeply into the emotional connections that unite girlfriends, and presents enchanting new symbols of friendship. The hand finished genuine jewelry also celebrates the International Friendship Day by United … more »


For beautiful skin: Scrub Love’s ethical, organic exfoliators

To achieve soft skin, our new go-to product comes straight from across the channel. Scrub Love, an exfoliator made from 100% organic coffee, is exclusively organic and fairtrade. Rainforest Alliance Certified, natural skincare is at this brand’s core. As such, you won’t find any artificial colours or fragrances, parabens or preservatives. Let’s take a closer look. Before becoming a must-have product in our bathrooms, Scrub Love ran on double espressos, … more »

#coolgadget – The new Dyson Supersonic: Wellness for your hair

What a cool gadget, this new Dyson Supersonic. Who wouldn’t want it? When I posted the photo with the new hair dryer, the reaction of many women was simply “Wow, I want it too!”. The colour, the design… a definitive magnet for stylish women. But this hair dryer can do a whole lot more than to just look beautiful!   I was fortunate enough to hold one of the first … more »

#JOBESUP – Standup paddle fun and where to find your boards

You have probably seen it, for some time now we have a campaign with Jobe Watersports running. Throughout this adventure several shops equipped our bloggers with JOBE SUP boards and initiated them in Stand Up Paddle boarding. Here a wrap of the Who-is-Who and Who’s-been-Where 💦 Sportmania, a real Ali Baba cave for board sport fans in Saint-Sulpice, took the Stradivariusisters under their wings for their first steps on a SUP board. Technosurf, the shop that provides … more »

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