Somersby Apple Original: “In a word? Sublime!”, says Tom

Somersby Apple Original: “In a word? Sublime!”, says Tom

Somersby was fastest-growing of the global top 10 cider brands in 2012 and it isn’t hard to see why. Manufactured by the Carlsberg brewing group, this is a welcome addition to the Swiss market and invokes memories of sunny weather and good times. Originally developed in 2008, it was intended only for the Danish market, … more »


Baselworld 2014: the world was watching

Baselworld 2014 is now over. Every year the watchmaking industry celebrates the incoming new watches that will, for most of them, literally blow your mind in terms of ingenuity, beauty and prestige. This year the international watch fair brought 150’000 visitors from 40 different countries, 4’000 journalists and 1’500 exhibitors. Basically the entire world came … more »


Somersby apero: recipe ideas from lifestyle chef Micha Schärer

Micha Schärer, a Swiss lifestyle chef and blogger at coolbrandz, is known for his recipes with a twist. Good for us! On the occasion of his birthday, we have sent him a whole load of Somersby so that he and his friends can taste the new apple drink. “Everyone was very excited about this trendy … more »


SCMA conference: the Swiss and the Web, survey results

On 10th February 2014 ​​the SCMA (Swiss Community Managers Association) made women and the web the main topic of conversation. During the conference three female speakers, for whom the Web is not only their profession but also their vocation, presented insights into gender marketing. This conference was the perfect opportunity for us to carry out … more »


Zweifel, the crunchiest of all Swiss Brands

There is a common denominator for family gatherings, barbecues by the lake, hiking, picnic, football games and spontaneous aperos: chips! They accompany us as snacks and usually disappear in a jiffy. A tribute to the potato! Washed, peeled, cut into thin slices, fried in sunflower oil, seasoned and packaged, Zweifel Chips always surprise us with … more »


Somersby Pick-up Event at The Clubhouse Geneva: it was awesome!

On 4th of March 3’000 bottles of Somersby found new owners in Geneva. We have given them for free in the loving care of our coolbranders, so that they can taste the new, trendy apple drink and organise an apero at home with their friends. The Clubhouse welcomed us with open arms and the evening … more »

Tiphaine's Cool Crushes February

Tiphaine’s cool crushes: February

Hello everyone, I hope you all had an amazing month! Here I am, back with some of my latest crushes: 1. A super cool magazine feature Thanks to Coolbrandz I got to test a new beauty routine featuring a Clarisonic brush and some Lancôme products a few months back (see my review here) and this … more »


Somersby: the refreshing apple drink for another kind of drinking pleasure

“Somersby Apple Original” conquers Switzerland We have long been waiting for it – Now the internationally successful cult drink “Somersby” arrives in Switzerland. The refreshing, lightly alcoholic apple drink is available in Swiss retail and restaurants from April 2014. “Somersby Apple Original” is the newest addition to the portfolio of Feldschlösschen Getränke AG who launches … more »


Valeur Absolue, the plus que parfums: A joyful adventure

Geneva based beauty brand Valeur Absolue launched three fragrances at the end of last year. Each designed in their own way to bring about a different mood in the wearer. First off, there is “Harmonie” which was conceived to solicit a feeling of well-being. Then there is “Joie éclat” for a boost of happiness. Finishing the … more »

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