Tablet or Smartphone? The best of both worlds…

I don’t know about you, but I always have a lot of trouble making decisions and choices… Cheese or dessert, sea or mountains, pale or brown (I’m talking about beer, of course!). Decisions, decisions, decisions… So when it comes to high-tech, it’s the same problem all over again, only this time it’s… tablet or smartphone? … more »


Is coolbrandz a Brandchamp?

As you already know, one of the aims of coolbrands is to break down the Rösti barrier and demolish the Gothard tunnel. But it’s not always as easy as you might think. As a result, any information to come out of cool German-speaking Switzerland, the trendy canton of Grisons or top-class Ticino doesn’t always get … more »


Fragrances I’ll always wear

Every year brings its batch of new fragrances for men and women, each rivalling the next to be the most up to date and capturing ever more closely the trend of the moment. They can be found in all the glossies, each with its own distinctive olfactory pyramid, description and associated images, given pride of … more »


New at The Square in Geneva: Côtelette, it’s like Colette only with steaks!

Until 28th April 2012, the pop-up store The Square becomes a luxurious butcher’s shop and welcomes more than thirty artists, creators, and all sorts of brands presenting their unique creations based on the theme of steak. The Square organizes a concept store inspired by the famous store “Colette” in Paris. This boutique is a “hype” … more »


New in Lucerne: Boutique Hip & Happy offers lifestyle products and fashion for cool kids and babies

On 21st April Hip & Happy, a new shop for baby and kids clothes, opens its doors in Sentipark in Lucerne. This cute little boutique features a broad range of Northern Style products that are colourful, cool and fun. Happy feelings guaranteed! Amongst the brands that you will find in the shop there are Brian & … more »


Pimp it out with the mood ring!

When you’re buying a ring, you want to make sure it’s custom-made and that it’s the right size! I often have trouble finding the right fit, which is why I was particularly pleased when I received my envelope from cbijoux. In fact, being a coolbrander for coolbrands, I count myself as extremely fortunate to have … more »


New Swatch Bicoloured Collection: five fun-filled designs feature fantastic colours to make the summer brighter!

For Summer, 2012, the Swatch Bicoloured Collection is unleashed in eye-poppingly bright colours, designed to create high-impact and fiercely-modern style statements. This dazzling array of five Swatch Gent Originals cheekily captures the vibrancy and vivaciousness for which the iconic Swiss watch and jewellery maker is so internationally adored. The clean, precise shapes of these gorgeous … more »


mood and me, inseparable and always in good humour, says Marilinka

Our liaison started one evening as I found a rather big envelope in my letter box: oh, a gift has arrived? As I opened it I was surprised, it didn’t contain the actual mood, but rather a test ring with which I was meant to measure the size of my finger. Absolutely coherent with the … more »


Black is back

I simply dread making gifts on prescribed dates. Christmas shopping is something I hate; and when it comes to Valentine’s day: do I need to be told when to give my sweetheart a present? Birthdays tend to be “overlooked” for other reasons – why be reminded that one has aged by yet another year? But … more »

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