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Fiat 500 Electric Range

New Fiat 500 Electric Range – Influencer Event Bellevue Palace Bern

The new fully electric Fiat 500 was first presented in Switzerland last October in the exclusive Jelmoli department store in Zurich. This year, to celebrate the arrival of its newest family member, Fiat Switzerland paired with Montblanc and organised a lifestyle event at the prestigious Hotel Bellevue Palace in Bern, to which we were invited. As for location, this hotel was the perfect choice for the event! It is the official … more »

New Year’s Eve: Dance the night away!

Hello Hipsters, meet Flipsters! Flipsters, that are super comfortable, foldable ballet flats. You can simply slip them in your hand bag and slip them on your feet when heels are not an option. Dance the night away this festive season. Flipsters will take of your feet! We have hidden three pairs of these cute ballerinas behind door N° 20 of our advent calendar. Ayche S., Jessica M. and Barbara R. : … more »

Perfume Bvlgari Man Extreme

Behind the second little window of our Advent calendar hides a men’s perfume, Bvlgari Man Extreme, a classic! With this creation, Bulgari celebrates the fresh scent of the Mediterranean, with notes of Calabrian bergamot, cactus and pink grapefruit. Its intoxicating woody character is perfectly combined with sensual oriental aromas, making it a subtle winter fragrance for the sophisticated man. Quite like a Roman emperor, this perfume lets the man who … more »

Beauty & the Beat: a coolevent by Ladylicious & White Dust

Ladylicious, that is an innovative, cool concept. As the name suggests, it is about entertainment for women: beautytainment. The trend label targets ladies with taste, style and a sense for the nicer things in life. For more than ten years this extravagant series of events has charmed the nightlife scene everywhere in Switzerland. So much so that it has already been nominated twice for the Swiss Nightlife Awards in the … more »

Popup Corner Summer Edition: we’ve been and it was cool!

From 5th -7th June the second edition of Popup Corner took place in Geneva. As media partner of the event it was clear that we had to be part o fit. We wanted to live the experience and so decided to feature some cool brands. These are the brands and products we presented on our stand: 1.    Bombom Bijoux Irresistible for those with a sweet tooth: the sweets inspired rings, … more »

Play Me, I’m yours! – The street pianos are back!

Imagine 60 pianos ready to invade the public space. Imagine impromptu concerts in the city center or ones that take place in the countryside. No need to imagine because it’s already reality! From June 8th to 21st Happy City Lab is organizing the 5th edition of “Play Me, I am yours.” It’s a not to be missed, participative event! For this 5th edition, 60 pianos are installed in popular venues, unusual, historical … more »

Zwyer Caviar: the first ever ethical caviar brand

Caviar is without doubt one of the finest symbols of gastronomic luxury. Unfortunately, the appeal of what is known as black gold has led to the overfishing of sturgeon and is now endangering the survival of the species. In the face of this controversy, it was interesting to discover that there’s a Swiss brand selling a sustainable alternative! Zwyer Caviar is a family business based in Appenzell, Switzerland. It was … more »

Remain fresh for loooooonger: with Stimorol 60 minutes of freshness – Online Sweepstake

Stimorol, the iconic chewing gum, now offers 60 minutes of freshness. 60 minutes, imagine all the things that you can do in that time! Participate in this online competition by Stimorol, for example! Until 30th April 2015 those of you seeking the ultimate in refreshment can try their luck and maybe win “60 minutes of freshness”. You are over 18 years old, live in Switzerland and are cool indeed, but … more »

SOS flat, lifeless hair: Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller

Are you fed up with thin and flat hair, with no volume to speak of? The solution: Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller. Get an instant boost, with visibly fuller, thicker hair you can see, feel and show-off! 4 products to transform your hair: a fortifying Shampoo, a Conditioner, the Ends Plumper and a spray finish Voluptuous Blow-out. Down with hair that is flat and dull! Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller lifts it up! Your … more »

Gumpert Sports Cars: emotion, performance and power

A Gumpert in his natural habitat embraces the road and combines the most refined expression of very German technical engineering with an expertise in unparalleled design. Born from a passion for racing, Gumpert Sports Cars stand for breath-taking aerodynamic efficiency, elegant curves with attractive proportions and for stunning supercars with exceptional technologies. On the roads, Gumperts are not your everyday sight. If you happen to find yourselves at the wheel … more »

Sisao, Swiss chocolate with no added sugar – and free of lactose!

Are you diabetic, lactose intolerant or simply want to indulge guilt free in some gourmet chocolate? Here’s for you: Sisao Pure Swiss Chocolate, the result of two savvy foodies who joined efforts to create a crunchy chocolate with no added sugar added and free of lactose. Heaven! To create a new chocolate brand in Switzerland, with its annual output of 180,000 tons (tonnes, oh yes!), in a market stuffed to … more »

Health and good looks – with Smoothies ADDICT

Behind Smoothies ADDICT hides a specialist in healthy foods. Very conscious about health, Marie launches her blog and e-shop in Geneva in March 2014. When it comes to fabulous food, smoothies are her thing. I mix, you mix, we mix – fruit and vegetables, seeds and oilseeds. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what smoothies are about. Instead of eating foods separately, they are mixed and savoured in a perfect … more »

Bulgari Man Extreme virility in a bottle

Behind the nineteenth window of our Christmas calendar hides a masculine fragrance, the iconic Bulgari Man Extreme. With fresh, Mediterranean notes of Calabrian bergamot, cactus and pink grapefruit, this scent reveals an intoxicating woody, oriental character. A fragrance that is subtle, sophisticated and sensual. Like the magnificent Roman Empire, Bulgari Man Extreme exudes vitality and power. Ladies, the best gift for him is your passion and love, of course, and … more »

Heels Kitchen with Diana Krauss: a kitchen party like no other

Ladies, it’s time to pop open the bubbly! This coming Saturday, 22th November 2014 in the evening we would like to invite you and a friend to join the hottest event on the calendar in Zürich! Hosted by celebrity chef Diana Krauss, this first edition of Heels Kitchen is bound to be a delicious affair! Diana Krauss is the founder of FoodCouture, and has worked alongside the famous German Michelin … more »

Montagne Jeunesse: an outstanding company, unique beauty products

Montagne Jeunesse is a global beauty brand that is selling products in eighty-seven countries worldwide. Their iconic face masks are a weekly beauty essential for many women, who love the brand for its quirky packaging, vegetarian ingredients and, of course, its cruelty-free credentials. The brand’s story The Montagne Jeunesse brand straddles two worlds; it falls into a consumer desire for escapism and fantasy whilst at the same time tapping into … more »

Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara. Totally kawaï!

L’Oréal promises an intense, seductive look behind eyelashes that are long and perfectly curved from root to tip. The ultimate XXL kawaï look for Miss Manga! We’re giving away 2 x 1 Mascara L’Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume (1 x black and 1 x indigo). To enter our Christmas giveaway, simply leave a comment below until 24.12.24. The lucky draw will take place on Christmas Eve! The kawaï universe You … more »

Flik Flak, the first wrist watch for cool kids

What time is it? Tick tack, Flik Flak, it’s Christmas time! And today we put a sweet gift for little ones under the Christmas tree. Since 1987, Flik Flak watches delight children with their original, colourful models and help them learn to read the time. For Christmas, we’re giving away 2 x 1 funky Flik Flak “Cute Size» watch. If you would like to win one of them as a gift, … more »

71% of Swiss consumers say they are perfume collectors

More than 300 Swiss consumers have participated in a survey about perfume that coolbrandz conducted as part of a mandate for the young and innovative perfume brand Valeur Absolue. The insights generated range from: brand notoriety before the national word-of-mouth campaign, the role of online in spreading the word, Swiss consumer habits and attitudes with regards to perfume, well-being and lifestyle. coolbrandz important for brand awareness When asked if they … more »

L’Oréal Men Expert

3-day stubble? No trouble. We put the perfect gift under the coolbrandz Christmas tree for you! Men Expert Hydra Energetic Skin & Stubble is L’Oréal’s first moisturising gel specially designed for your skin and beard. Rich in vitamin E and with an integrated moisturising fluid, L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Skin & Stubble Moisturising Gel says bye bye to itchy stubble. Your skin looks energised and feels hydrated. Your beard … more »

Hendrick’s Gin Valentine’s Special: L’Amour Fou Cocktail

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Hendrick’s has devised the ultimate accompaniment to the Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic – Hendrick’s Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Cucumbers. Gin aficionados can surprise their lovers with a cocktail special featuring slices of these cute Valentine’s cucumbers. Developed especially for the most romantic day of the year, the heart-shaped cucumbers are an ever so slightly eccentric way to express you most wondrous love. Hendrick’s loves a touch of the … more »

A balanced breakfast with Nestle Fitness cereals

For generations, Nestlé Fitness cereals accompany us when we wake up in the morning. They are an ideal part of a healthy, balanced breakfast and strengthen us for the day. The yuletide is often synonymous with family gatherings. That’s why we put a gift set of Nestlé Cereals and goodies under the Christmas tree so you can enjoy breakfast with your family and friends. So while you are waiting for … more »

For a toned body, even in winter!

When Garnier decides to tackle cellulite, then it is with the essential oils of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit, because their active substances contribute to the firmness oft he skin. Applying these simultaneously with a massage routine leads to even more effective results. You can find a tutorial here under. We have the perfect gift for soft, firm skin for you: a Garnier Body Tonic Anti Cellulite Oil. To enter, simply … more »

Your skin in its Comfort Zone, even when you are travelling!

Skin Regimen offers a complete and compact range for mature skin and younger skin showing the first signs of ageing. Comfort Zone Skin Regimen is advanced skin care that combines active ingredients with the latest generation of food supplements and lifestyle recommendations. Spinach, Maqui berry and its antioxidant effects, Chia seed that is rich in Omega 3 against inflammation: an innovative skin diet that is created by a multidisciplinary team … more »

Toni & Guy, for beautilicious hair

Toni & Guy, a pioneer in professional hair care and styling and Official Sponsor of London Fashion Week is also available in Switzerland! coolbrandz is delighted to be able to put a beautiful starter kit under this year’s Christmas tree for you. The timing is perfect for those wishing to discover this cool, innovative brand. The kit contains a Toni & Guy Cleanse shampoo, conditioner and a salt spray for … more »

Core150, the coolest of all fitness shakers

The Core 150 shaker is a clever little power pack! It is designed specifically for athletes and super easy to take with you everywhere you go. The concept is really cool: integrated in the shaker are three individual, removable compartments that assure the safe, secure and hygienic transport of several, individual portions of food or food supplements. Perfect! Not only for athletes, but also for everyone who leads an active … more »

coolbrandz WoM campaign for Nestlé Fitness wins Meilleur du Web – Category Branding

It is with pride and happiness that we conducted, for the second year running, a national WoM (Word-of-Mouth) campaign for our client Nestlé Cereals. In 2013 already, at the occasion of the launch of its breakfast cereals with new, sugar reduced formula, Nestlé Cereals dialogued with Swiss consumers via the coolbrandz platform. An integrated communication campaign, part of which was the engagement of 1’000 coolbranders in product trial, resulted in … more »

Kérastase, protecting hair against damage

Nourishing hair without weighing it down, that is Kérastase’s mission for the winter season. And so, the professional hair care specialist sets out to protect hair against cold and damage with a silken veil. Kérastase Elixir Ultime Crème Fine is the first protective day-care treatment for your hair. Enriched with white flower oils and pomegranate extract, this hair care product is suitable for all hair types and envelops your hair … more »

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