Author: Akiko Ames

Akiko is Japanese, born and raised in Japan. She now lives in Switzerland (Canton Vaud) with her family. She loves to eat and cook and is interested in all foods. The meals Akiko prepares at home are what is eaten in Japan today. They include traditional and contemporary cuisine. Akiko is the winner 2015 of Swiss cooking competition Championnat Romand des Cuisiniers Amateurs. She shares her passion on her own blog where you can also book workshops! Here on coolbrandz, she shares easy to make Japanese dishes for you to try at home!

Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Beef Salad

Japanese cooking with Akiko: Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Beef Salad

When it is cold outside, you need some hot food to warm you from the inside, right? If you  just feel a little peckish, try this Japanese recipe for sweet & sour beef salad. The sour vinegar and hot chili flavors will awaken your appetite. The citric acid works on your tiredness, and the capsaicin in the chili also helps you to sweat and burn calories! This sweet & sour beef salad … more »

Japanese cooking with Akiko: Pork Rolled Rice

This “Pork Rolled Rice” can be a nibble for any party. Whenever I attend a party, I’m already very hungry, it’s always too long and requires a lot of patience to wait for the main meal! But I don’t want to fill myself up with crisps. I like to have something nice before the main dish. Maybe, you feel like me? Therefore, I thought I share this really easy to … more »

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