Author: Ana Ledermann

Ana is a Swiss based jewellery designer. Together with a friend, she set up her own brand of handcrafted jewellery, Bombom Bijoux. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings… the precious and semiprecious stones come from every corner of the world and represent a selection that Ana makes during her travels. For coolbrandz, Ana blogs about events, press trips, and lifestyle topics.

Hotel Neu-Schönstatt Quarten St. Gallen

Now Open: Hotel Neu-Schönstatt – Quarten

Right after an event in Interlaken, I went to discover the newly opened Hotel Neu-Schönstatt. The road is very curvy and usually, I am not taking that too well. This time, however, I was lucky enough to be brought there by a driver in a Genesis car. So I had the chance to enjoy the amazing views. Trust me, the landscapes are gorgeous. It really looks unreal! I arrived and … more »

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