Author: Alver Golden Chlorella

Alver Golden Chlorella is a Swiss startup founded in September 2016 by Mine Uran, CEO (previously Nestlé's Protein R&D Manager, over 20 years of scientific research to find the ideal protein from a non-animal source) and Majbritt Byskov-Bridges, COO (recognized economist in the field of financial strategy). The company is active in the food industry and develops foods based on a yellow powder called Golden Chlorella, a source of sustainable, 100% natural protein from microalgae. Alver's mission is to provide high-nutritious, tasty, healthy foods to help feed the world's growing population while respecting the environment. Grand Prix Generation Entrepreneur 2018, Switzerland, 1st prize. Switzerland Mass Challenge Acceleration Program 2018, EIT Food Award. Agri & Co 2018, Fribourg (finalist). Best Natural Ingredient 2017, Start-up innovation challenge, Frankfurt.

Alver Golden Chlorella Vegan TexMex

Recipe: Vegan Tex Mex Nourish Bowl with Supercharged Dressing

Alver Golden Chlorella Vegan TexMex: Wow, look at this amazing bowl full of colors and flavors! Makes us want to poke in and crunch away these fresh, tasty veggies right away! This recipe was developed in collaboration with Christine Bailey, an award-winning Nutritional Therapist, Chef, Author and Broadcaster with over 18 years of experience. We hope you will feel inspired to recreate this at home! If you do, we invite … more »

Alver Golden Chlorella Vegan Protein BlissBalls

Recipe: Citrus Immune Boosting Bliss Balls

So Monday, huh? Maybe you are lucky and on vacation, maybe you are not… Either way, we wish you a blissful start into the new week with the recipe for these Citrus Immune Boosting Bliss Balls. They are perfect for perking up flagging energy levels, supporting your immune system and aiding recovery after a workout! The combination of Alver Golden Chlorella, goji berries and orange gives these bites a wonderful … more »

Alver Golden Chlorella Orange Popsicles

Recipe: Healthy Orange popsicles

What have sweet potato puree, frozen banana, orange juice, Alver Golden Chlorella, almond milk, and agave nectar all in common? When you mix them together they all scream “Icecream”! Well, “popsicles” in fact, because it is with these few ingredients that you can make the most delicious refreshment at home. These are the quantities you need: ½ cup sweet potato puree ½ large banana (frozen) 100 ml orange juice 100 ml almond milk 1 tsp Golden … more »

Alver Golden Chlorella Tomato Thyme Soup

Recipe: Roasted tomato and thyme soup with Alver Golden Chlorella

Alver Golden Chlorella Tomato Soup: when the temperatures drop or when you simply prefer a hot meal at lunch, we have a fantastic, quick to make and healthy recipe for you: roasted tomato and thyme soup. It transports you to the Mediterranean, even on a rainy day! Instead of potato and cream, the powder from amicroalgae  is used to give the Alver Golden Chlorella tomato soup a rich texture. The … more »

Alver Golden Chlorella Protein Hummus

Recipe: Alver Golden Chlorella Protein Hummus

Who says summer, says light meals, veggie BBQs, and homemade dips. This recipe for a healthy protein enriched hummus that is packed with beta-carotene and Golden Chlorella has been elaborated in collaboration with Christine Bailey, an award-winning Nutritional Therapist, Chef, Author and Broadcaster with over 18 years of experience. If you would like to try this at home, feel free to share your photos and experience with us using hashtag #myalver. We … more »

Alver Golden Chlorella Roasted Vegetables

Recipe: Roasted Veggies with Sweet Mango, Golden Chlorella & Miso Dressing

The thing we love most about summer? That there are so many fresh, seasonal, regional vegetables and fruit available… Who doesn’t love strolling the local markets, feeling and tasting all that delicious produce! Summertime and the livin’ is easy… Oh yeah! We spend most of our time outside and are looking for healthy, tasty dishes that are quickly prepared on the grill or as a roast. Take this one for … more »

Alver Golden Chlorella Veggie Burger

Recipe Inspiration: Chickpea & Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Creamy Golden Dressing

What’s for dinner tonight? How about these absolutely delicious veggie burgers? They are packed with protein, full of flavor, juicy and with the same mouthfeel as regular burgers. That is thanks to the many ingredients contained in the recipe. Beyond the flavor, they bring a wonderful texture to the mix. Perfect for anybody appreciating the pleasure of biting into a burger. By adding Golden Chlorella to the burger and the … more »

Alver Golden Chlorella Vegetarian Sweet Potato Dahl

Recipe: Vegetarian Sweet Potato Dahl with Alver Golden Chlorella!

For a quick but hearty lunch, this Sweet Potato Dahl is a fabulous, lightly spiced variation on the traditional Dahl. Inexpensive, super easy to make, healthy and packed with protein… it’s a simple dish that will fill you without weighing you down. Dahl is a thick, spiced stew that is made from dried, split lentils, peas or beans. These pulses are an important food staple in South Asian cuisine. In … more »

Alver Golden Chlorella Protein Bar

Press Release: Alver Golden Chlorella Protein Bar

Concerned about the impact of what we eat on the environment, the start-up Alver Golden Chlorella from the Swiss canton of Vaud pursues its quest for protein-rich foods that generate a minimum level of greenhouse gas emissions and a low carbon footprint. After the Golden Chlorella and Golden Bean protein powders, pasta, soups and sauces, the company now adds a new product to its range: the Alver Protein Bar. This … more »

Alver Golden Bean Plant Protein

Getting ready for summer: -20% on Golden Bean orders

What we eat has an impact on the environment. In the quest for sustainability, the startup Alver Golden Chlorella from the canton of Vaud continues the development of foods containing plant-based protein. The aim is to reduce the carbon footprint and to produce an absolute minimum of greenhouse gas emissions. Following the launch of Golden Chlorella Protein Powder in 2016, the company recently enlarged its range with a new, 100% … more »

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