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All bepure products are vegan, no ingredients of animal origin are used in the process. Bepure is the first Swiss natural cosmetics brand that has all its products vegan-certified by Swissveg with the V-label. The products are developed, tested and manufactured in collaboration with selected producers in Morocco. They are bottled in Switzerland. Labeling and packaging are done by the center for work integration in Winterthur. Via products are delivered within Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Via products are shipped in the EU and worldwide.

Bepure Natural Vegan Skincare Glass Recycling

Bepure natural cosmetics: now even more sustainable through bottle recycling

At the beginning of this year, bepure announced the introduction of a cleaning and recycling concept for its empty bottles. The test phase has now been completed and the recycling concept successfully introduced. From now on, customers of the brand can return their empty bepure bottles or cans. In collaboration with the work integration center Winterthur, the empty recipients are collected and cleaned for reuse. With this, bepure takes another … more »

Bepure natural Vegan Skincare Founders Kathleen Krug Fabian Isaac

Think globally, act locally: why every day should be EARTH DAY

Every year, for the last 42 years, World Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on 22 April. Many even talk about the Earth Month of April. But what exactly does that mean? The idea behind this initiative is to promote an ecological and environmentally conscious lifestyle and to create more awareness for our increasingly fragile planet. Originally issued by a US student movement, there are now more than a billion participants around … more »

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