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Absolut and Belvedere: Two Vodkas, Two Tastes.

Vodka. Say that word and people conjure up visions of drunken Russians or tipsy Poles. Vodka is mixed with tomato juice or orange to make a cocktail right? Vodka is seldom drunk straight, and by straight I mean without ice. To the uninitiated, vodka all tastes the same. Vodka is a “neutral spirit.” There’s no aging involved. No sitting and maturing for years in oak caskets. It is distilled to … more »

Bill’s Slap Watch: a “must have” for the fashion conscious

We’ve all seen those spring loaded reflective bands that cyclists wear on their arms and ankles to provide visibility right? Well the technology in the spring mechanism has been improved upon and applied to the wonderfully named Bill’s Slapwatch. Bill’s Technologies (the brains behind the idea) was founded by 3 young businessmen who had the desire to launch their own creative and innovative brand. They then decided to go into … more »

Somersby Apple Original: “In a word? Sublime!”, says Tom

Somersby was fastest-growing of the global top 10 cider brands in 2012 and it isn’t hard to see why. Manufactured by the Carlsberg brewing group, this is a welcome addition to the Swiss market and invokes memories of sunny weather and good times. Originally developed in 2008, it was intended only for the Danish market, but such was its popularity that it is now sold in about 35 countries. Although … more »

Baselworld 2014: the world was watching

Baselworld 2014 is now over. Every year the watchmaking industry celebrates the incoming new watches that will, for most of them, literally blow your mind in terms of ingenuity, beauty and prestige. This year the international watch fair brought 150’000 visitors from 40 different countries, 4’000 journalists and 1’500 exhibitors. Basically the entire world came to Basel. Brands, the annual sales are at stake. Let’s not forget that Baselworld is … more »

Ovomaltine Petit Beurre: got a thumbs up from everyone who tried them

You like biscuits right? You also enjoy chocolate and Ovomaltine? If you’re from the UK or the US, you will know it as Ovaltine. A staple of bedtime drinks for kids and a great source of energy. Well now they’re making biscuits. Or to be precise, a “petit beurre” with a slab of malty chocolate fastened on top. All the folks in my particular household absolutely loved these snacks. In … more »

Rekorderlig: a Cider to go front stage!

If there is a drink that merits our attention right now, it’s cider. Small wonder: There’s so much to love! Halfway between the freshness and vivacity of fruit and the delicacy and complexity of craft beer or wine, cider is a real treat! Rekorderlig, the Swedish word for reliable, (trustworthy or down to earth in English), differs greatly from traditional apple cider. Open a can – and find yourself on … more »

From Switzerland with love: Design carries the flame far beyond the Olympic Games!

In London, design is igniting the flame with a major summer exhibition at the Barbican Centre, exploring all aspects of James Bond’s elegant and cool style. Aptly titled “Designing 007: fifty years of Bond Style”, this cultural centre in London is exhibiting some 400 items from the Bond archives to create a unique exhibition showcasing the inside story of the design and style of the world’s most influential and iconic … more »

Bvlgari Man Extreme

Bulgari Man Extreme: A welcome addition to my bathroom cabinet

Bulgari, like all the great fashion names, they have a wide product palette. Jewellery, leather goods, watches, fragrances and even hotels! Say the name “Bulgari” and it conjures up visions of luxury and tasteful elegance. This is the successor to the “Bulgari Man” and “Bulgari Man (Silver edition)” all conceived by master perfumer Alberto Morillas. I am rather unadventurous in my choice of fragrances and tend to stick to the … more »

The Truffle Pig always rings Twice

When my collegues from asked me to have a look at a new website they had created, I easily obliged – we often share feedback. What I never expected: That I was going to be the very first client of the new web shop! The guy who seduced me to splash out was Reto Mathis, a chef who says about himself:  «I am a passionate  cook  and truffle pig. » Well, … more »

Montagne Jeunesse – The ladies loved them!

I was recently sent beauty product face masks from Montagne-Jeunesse to test. They do a range of products designed for just about any skin type and I tested “Passion Peel Off ” and the “Dead Sea Mud Spa” products. The products themselves are packaged with eye catching bright and colourful designs. The type of design that really stands out on the shop shelves. Being a mere man* and therefore unaccustomed … more »

Valeur Absolue, the plus que parfums: A joyful adventure

Geneva based beauty brand Valeur Absolue launched three fragrances at the end of last year. Each designed in their own way to bring about a different mood in the wearer. First off, there is “Harmonie” which was conceived to solicit a feeling of well-being. Then there is “Joie éclat” for a boost of happiness. Finishing the collection is “Sensualité” which is based around the power of seduction. A nice touch to … more »

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