Author: Eileen Schuch

Eileen is the founder of coolbrandz, the first Swiss Word-of-Mouth platform (since 2011), and founder of liferox llc., the influencer agency (since 2014). Curious by nature, she perpetually sources new stuff, loves to try out everything and meet cool people. Eileen loves brands and blogs about them in German, English and French. She can also be booked as a consultant, business coach, content producer and conference speaker. Contact:

Caran d’Ache Claim Your Style Summer Collection ©RachelLiechti

Claim Your Style: Caran d’Ache capsule collection

Caran d’Ache voyages near and far with six new shades as it reveals the latest limited-edition Claim Your Style collection. Charged with creative flair and bold design, the timeless yet bold collection speaks to lovers of colour all over. Caran d’Ache re-invents the iconic 849 ballpoint pen once more with the all-new monochrome Claim Your Style collection in six glossy shades. Invoking the rich palette of the natural world with … more »

Tiki Match Angostura Old Judge Spirits Rum

Tiki Match 2021: Celebrating the Island Life – Vienna, Nuremberg, Berlin, Graz

You want to escape the grey but, for known reasons, are constrained to stay put in your hood? All that’s in the cards right now is a virtual trip to the Caribbean? Escape the dull, one tiki cocktail at a time! Some like to drink them, some like to make them, and some even like to show off their skills! If the spirit of tiki is strong with you and … more »

GELINAZ Silent Voices Shuffle Tour Vienna Wien Event Food ©Gruenwald

Gelinaz Performs Food – Silent Voices Shuffle Tour, Vienna 11 July

The GELINAZ! Chefs Collective comes to Vienna! On 11 July 2021, the Silent Voices Shuffle Tour opens its second chapter with an artistic culinary performance like no other: in answer to the lockdown situation, Gelinaz Silent Voices Shuffle Tour unites 200 chefs from every corner of the globe who remix, play, and perform ideas, menus, and recipes… it is the loudest dinner on Earth! Forbes describes Gelinaz as “An unprecedented dining experience.”, … more »

Yellow Camper Ludonix Camping Holiday Camping Urlaub Spieleabend Game Night

Yellowcamper x Ludonix: all you need for a fun camping holiday

Where to next: mountains or beach? Why not both! Go anywhere, do anything: Camping! A camping holiday is ideal if you do not want to be stuck at the same place for several days. Pack your stuff, grab your bestie and off into the wild! The next adventure is just one road trip away… From the beautiful Caumasee, via Interlaken, to the vineyards in Lavaux, the French Riviera, along the Mediterranean coast, … more »

Ludonix Crimetime Krimispiel

Now at Ludonix: Crimetime – The crime game from Switzerland

You like challenging games, murder mysteries, solving riddles, and escape room atmosphere? If you and your squad like to team up, act as investigators and track down the criminal, Crimetime, the Swiss crime game is for you! A murder without a witness; the perpetrator: unknown. Your team takes on the role of the detectives. Will you manage to solve this authentic case? Or will the murderer strike again and scare … more »

Geneva Switzerland Lake Geneva Visit Geneva Geneva Tourism

Weekend Escape to Geneva: Cool things to do, see, eat and drink

Are you planning to spend time in Geneva? The beautiful city located on the shores of Lac Léman and close to the Alps is easy to reach by plane, train, or car. Its hotel offer is excellent and particularly advantageous on the weekends. In addition, numerous innovative services make Geneva an ideal destination for a city break: free public transport, the Geneva Pass, which offers discounts on many activities; an extremely diverse … more »

Croatia Yacht Charter Korčula

In the mood to travel: 7 Days in Croatia – Explore the Adriatic Islands

Croatia is situated south of Italy and about five times bigger than Switzerland. Its coastline on the Adriatic Sea is stunning. There are 1246 islands, of which 47 are permanently inhabited. Hvar, Krk or Rab are among the better known. The capital is Zagreb and its medieval upper town, Gornji Grad, is a major tourist attraction. You can also find very interesting museums there. The museum of illusions, for example, or the museum of broken … more »

Ludonix Gesellschaftsspiele Family Familie Brettspiele Kartenspiele Board Games

Ludonix: 10 cool games to play with the family every day

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Children’s Day … the best gift we can give our loved ones is spending time together. In our day and age, time seems the most precious commodity.Everyone is always so busy. But it is during the time we spend with our loved ones that the most precious memories are created. Never mind the fun and laughter that we share during these moments. Playing games is … more »

Estrella Damm Heart Ibiza

Inside HEART Ibiza with Estrella Damm

As we welcome autumn, it is with slight melancholy that I look back at summer and all the wonderful events, trips and encounters that made it particularly memorable this year. The biggest revelation was definitely Ibiza. Before this summer, I have never been and then – suddenly – three times in a row! Maybe this is a sign? In all honesty, Ibiza is one of the places I could see … more »

Hotel Bristol Geneva Restaurant Cote Square

Hotel Bristol Geneva: Gourmet Dinner at Côté Square and 2-Day Stay

Since the dawn of time, Geneva has been a multi-cultural melting pot. Be it for business, a romantic getaway or a longer stay, the city is renown for its hospitality and knows how to entertain. 1851 marks the beginning of the story of the Bristol Geneva, a plush, elegant hotel of subtle British charm. It is home to Côté Square, a gourmet restaurant. We had the pleasure to participate in its grand … more »

Ludonix Swiss Startup Schweizer Startup Founder Team Gründer Team

New Swiss Startup: Ludonix, the digital game druid – Meet the Founders

Ludonix is Switzerland’s new game druid, a data-based recommendation algorithm that generates personal recommendations for board or card games. The team behind Ludonix are founders Adrian Kölliker, Rainer Müller, and Lena Gisiger. Enthusiastic players who challenge each other week after week at various games, they have decided to found a startup that specialises in curating games and making it easier for other game enthusiasts to find and buy them online: “Via … more »

Game Night Board Games Dominos Spieleabend

Game Night: 5 Cool games to play with family or friends

Playing games has always been an integral part of human civilization. In recent years however, and particularly during the COVID pandemic, there has been a real resurgence in the popularity of board games. Entertaining, fun, and educative, it brings people together and reconnects us with our own childhood. Competitive or compassionate, everybody against everybody or all for one, one for all… playing strengthens our relationships and helps us reconnect with … more »

Obrist Valentine Menu Main

Recipe: a colourful dinner for two ♥

Having food delivered or cooking at home … that is often the question. What if you could stay in and dine as you would in a restaurant? Why not surprise your favorite person with a home-cooked 3-course meal and spend a really romantic evening à la casa? Here is a healthy three-course menu full of flavours and colours… We hope it inspires you to get creative in the kitchen yourself. In … more »

Breakfast Coffee Smoothie Sofia.Clara

Breakfast smoothie: it’s delicious and a happiness booster!

In 2017, we helped Nespresso with the launch of their brand new, super small coffee machine, the Essenza Mini. Part of the project was the elaboration of a delicious, healthy breakfast smoothie. Who better to ask to help us with that than our favorite foodie, Sofia Clara? Her blog is full of inspiration for a healthier, happier life. Happiness is always a good thing. We all strive for it and … more »


YouMo eCruiser: the statement bike for individualists

Like all teenagers, Jon one day had the desire for freedom and mobility and a vehicle that enabled him to get around. You know what it is like to be young and to just want to get out there… At this age you want to be motorized: scooter or moped, anything else is just not cool, right? Fine. BUT: at our day and age, does it really have to be … more »

Valentines Day Giftideas Local Business Entrepreneurs

This Valentine’s Day: Love yourself, love the planet – Shop Local!

Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions that divide: you either love it or you don’t. Some people say that Valentine’s Day, as it is celebrated today, is just an invention of flower vendors. Others like to reminisce about its more romantic origins: Saint Valentine, patron of lovers. Saint Valentine of Rome lived in the third century AD. It is said that he was known for gifting couples with flowers … more »

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last minute gift ideas for the spontaneous

Valentine’s Day in February, Easter in April, Mother’s Day in May … the beginning of the year is blessed with many festive occasions. You can hardly catch a breath! What if you forgot to get a present or – oops – all the shops are closed? Hello Internet and DIY! Fortunately (?) we live in an era where 24/7 shopping online and with a credit card is possible almost always … more »

Champagne Deutz: Be mine, for all the time, not just this Valentine!

This February, I am celebrating the eleventh anniversary of my love encounter with Champagne Deutz. It was at a picnic on top of Mont Pèlerin in Switzerland that my epicurean boyfriend at the time organized at the occasion of Saint Valentin. Here, surrounded by the astonishing views 700 meters above Lake Geneva, it was the first time I took a sip of this heavenly nectar. Refreshing, surprising, crisp and clear… with its distinctive … more »

swiss made jewellery mood diamonds

Mood: rings that are interchangeable, customisable and fun

mood is more than just a ring. It is a piece of contemporary jewellery and simultaneously a medium to express yourself in an original way. The idea is simple yet fundamentally innovative: a ring of minimalistic styling but infinite possibilities for personalisation. With one simple operation, your mood can be modified in accordance to your feelings and desires. Urban and androgynous, mood is intended for both men and women. It is via the different materials that the … more »

Just in time for Valentine’s Day – Joanna Buchanan celebrates love with a bee collection

Press Release: Just in time for Valentine’s Day – Joanna Buchanan celebrates love with a bee collection

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, accessory designer Joanna Buchanan presents a nature-inspired collection celebrating love and her fascination for bees. The US-based designer pursues creating joyful interior accessories for the daily life and special occasions, a value she now incorporated in thoroughly curated pieces to epitomize the message of love and generosity inherent to Valentine’s Day celebration. Joanna Buchanan’s vision for luxury, color, texture and pattern relies on her … more »

WeWood Wooden Watches Model Alpha

WeWood: Sustainable wooden watches and accessories

WeWood, an Italian brand, was founded in 2009 in Florence, a city known for its art, beauty and creativity. WeWood combines the Italian ability to build unique objects with the need to focus greater care and attention on our planet. The first brand to create wristwatches using wood, WeWood is completely free of toxic and artificial materials. Instead, raw materials are sourced from old boats and damaged huts. For each … more »

Luminox ICE-SAR Swisswatch Iceland Search and Rescue Watch

Iceland Trip with Luminox for launch of ICE-SAR Arctic Series 1000

Those of you who follow us in Social Media will have seen that earlier, I spent a couple of days in Iceland with Luminox. The reason: Luminox partnered with ICE-SAR, the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association and launched a special series of watches. We got to participate in various rescue drills involving all the elements: Land, Air and Sea. To get a glimpse at how ICE-SAR works in the toughest … more »

Qwine Grand Cru Mr Qwine Benoît Charache

Qwine Grand Cru: the new QoQa vertical for top-class wines

For 15 years, the Swiss online portal has surprised its 700,000 member strong community with new offers every day. A team of 120 otters – that’s what the QoQa employees call themselves – finds the best deals for its customers and negotiates the most favourable terms and conditions. Over time, QoQa aggregated its offers in specific verticals like Qooking, Qsport, and Qwine. The wine sector was developed in collaboration … more »

The Rayy Rings Diamond Rings Gold Jewellery Swiss Made Technology Design

Press Release: The Rayy – What better way to start 2021 than with a little magic? 

THE RAYY, a pioneering and unique jewellery brand combining science and design, presents rings that will brighten up the beginning of this promising year! Thanks to the brand’s special technology, developed at the EPFL for more than eight years, each ring carries a hidden message. When sunlight shines on the ring, it is projected as an intense light reflection, as if by magic. With a refined “snow” setting technique, each … more »

neotus spice mill

neotus spice mill: singular, artisanal, Swiss Design

Bring singularity to your dining room and kitchen with a beautiful, one of a kind spice mill from neotus! Unconventional by design, made from the best materials and crafted by master artisans these stunning creations are true objects of desire. neotus was created by Michael Eich and his story is one of those that inspire you to go ahead and follow your dreams! One day, Michael stands in the department … more »

Alver Golden Chlorella Vegan Protein BlissBalls

Recipe: Citrus Immune Boosting Bliss Balls

Maybe you are lucky and on vacation, maybe you are not… Either way, we wish you a blissful start into the day with this recipe for Citrus Immune Boosting Bliss Balls. They are perfect for perking up flagging energy levels, supporting your immune system and aiding recovery after a workout! The combination of vegan protein, goji berries and orange gives these bites a wonderful vibrant colour while helping to lower … more »

Smartwatcher PEARL Emergency Call Watch

SmartWatcher safety watch – Swiss Design. Swiss Software.

Imagine being able to call for help by pressing a button on your watch. That is the basic premise of SmartWatcher. The Zurich based company created a discreet and elegant safety companion, that looks just like a watch. It has all the functionalities of a normal wristwatch but comes equipped with an interesting extra feature: a software-enabled alarm button that you can press should you feel the need. Pushing it … more »

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