Author: Mica Lopez

Mica was born in Argentina and now lives in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Most of her time, she spends traveling though: by plane, by boat, or by train all throughout Switzerland, Europe, and beyond. After finishing her degree in hospitality and tourism in Buenos Aires, she left Argentina to train in the field of international tourism. Now, she is a full-time content creator and digital marketing strategist. Mica has her own blog: Here on coolbrandz, she will share travel stories and foodie adventures.

Geneva Resort City Anokhi de Silva

Geneva Resort City: What to see and do in a weekend? – Travel Guide

Switzerland has been my home for the last three years and have been several times to Geneva before, but only passing through on my way to the airport. So this time, when I was invited to stay a weekend and explore Geneva, I happily accepted, of course! Two days… that is not a lot to try out everything that this beautiful city has to offer. Our program was packed with … more »

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