Author: Nancy Peyer

Nancy is an 80s girl and lives the beautiful city of Zurich. She is a gourmet and loves the beautiful things in life. These include traveling, good food, cosmetics and music. On her own blog "cookiessecrets" she shares her everday adventures. Here on coolbrandz she mainly writes about events in which she participates for us.

Hotel Crans Ambassador Terrasse Valaisanne

xMas Calendar N° 03: Hotel Crans Ambassador, a stay in Winter wonderland

The Christmas holiday is imminent. Halleluja! We really do deserve this break, you agree? It’s the perfect time to think of a weekend getaway in the Swiss mountains: a breath of fresh air and evasion from everyday life. Where better than Crans Montana for a total immersion in the winter magic so typical for Switzerland! How about a stay at the Crans Ambassador, a magnificent 5-star hotel in Crans Montana? It … more »

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