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The London tea house Newby Teas was founded in 2000 by Mr. Nirmal Sethia. Newby Teas is the most awarded international tea brand in the world. To date, 143 awards have been awarded to Newby teas by various professional groups, including 68 by the prestigious Global Tea Championship. Among these awards, several "first place of honor" were awarded to the delicate Silk Pyramids. The Newby Tea packaging design has also been awarded six times. At Newby, quality is the first priority. Only the best leaves from various tea gardens, collected during the high season, are selected. When Newby Teas was created, Nirmal Sethia was determined to solve the problem of the negative impact of tea transport on its quality. To remedy this, a unique plant was developed in India in 2005 to store, blend and pack the leaves. Once picked, the tea leaves are immediately shipped to the Newby plant, strategically located in the heart of all tea producing areas in Calcutta.

Newby Teas Matthew Williamson Maharajas Breakfast Tea Mix

Newby Teas: exclusive collaboration with Matthew Williamson

Newby Teas Matthew Williamson: In the first collaboration of its kind, the world’s most awarded luxury tea company – Newby Teas – has partnered with iconic British designer Matthew Williamson to produce a capsule collection of designer tea caddies featuring beautifully bespoke tea blends. This collaboration offers tea and design enthusiasts the opportunity to bring some of Matthew Williamson’s irresistible joie de vivre to their home! This project is the … more »

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