Author: Nicole Richmond

Nicole Richmond, a native of Washington, D.C., majored in Political Science. She also dabbled in Mass Communication, before following her passion and earning a B.A in Fashion Merchandising. After which, she worked exclusively in the fashion industry for some of the world’s top luxury brands. Nowadays, Nicole wears many hats. She has been an on-air-contributor to The Style File on World Radio Switzerland. When she is not adding more shoes to her shoe collection, she can be found creating content for Coolbrandz, writing, and hosting her podcast, Making A Stylish Exit. However, her most important job is raising her sons to be nothing like the men she writes about.

Maserati Geneve New Showroom Caravenue Levante

Maserati: new showroom in Geneva and Levante test drive

Maserati announced the appointment of the new CAR Avenue dealership in Geneva on August 31, 2021 and we were invited to come to the showroom, meet the team and take the Maserati Levante for a test drive. Of course I jumped at the invitation from Maserati to their newly opened showroom in Geneva. How could I miss a chance to live out my Desperate Housewife dreams – well one of … more »

Genesis Europe Launch Event Interlaken 3D Projection

Genesis Europe: Launch Event in Interlaken

As the name implies, Genesis is all about creation and this Korean car brand is aiming to create a distinct experience for its clients. To that end, we were invited to take part in the official launch of Genesis Europe in Interlaken at the renowned Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel. Of course, I readily accepted the invitation and much to my delight was informed that a driver would pick me up in … more »

Ferrari Roma La Nuova Dolce Vite Driving Experience Nicole Richmond ©Lennen Descamps

La Nuova Dolce Vita: Ferrari Roma Driving Experience

When you get invited to spend the day in a magnificent location enjoying La Dolce Vita… you say YES! I had the extreme pleasure to test the Ferrari Roma and to get a private golf lesson at the prestigious Golf Club de Bonmont. As I walked up the stone path to meet my hosts for the day, my eyes were immediately drawn to the exquisite cherry red super car a few … more »

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