Author: Olivia Fey

Olivia has her own blog and is also on FB and Insta (@Liviesnotes). Her passions are music, travel and surfing. For coolbrandz, she will produce concert and album reviews, travel and event stories and live PR from festivals and concerts.

Natalie Imbruglia Male Album

Natalie Imbruglia – Male – Album Review

Hello, Nathalie! She is back. After a break of six years from the music industry, the Australian singer-songwriter, model, actress, Grammy Nominee (no less!), sweet crooner and general superwoman extraordinaire, released a new album that is called Male. Why? Because every song on this cover album has previously been recorded by a male artist or band and focuses on love and relationships. Who does not remember “Torn”, her first international single … more »

Seafret Mascotte Zurich

Concert Review: SEAFRET at Mascotte in Zurich

What a sweet and sunny evening in Zurich it was, when I headed over to Mascotte, which was already packed! Not only was it sunny outside, the hearts of the people inside the club also got kissed by the sun as soon as they heard the clean, deep male voice that is so typical for Jack, the lead singer of Seafret. Before the main gig, there was another great duo on … more »

Zermatt Unplugged Marius Bär

Zermatt Unplugged with Marius Bär and Band

What a festival, what a journey! I had the pleasure to accompany Marius Bär and his band for four days while they were preparing and participating in Zermatt Unplugged, probably one of the most impressive Swiss festivals. My job: band mum. Meaning as much as organizing, seeing to everyone’s wellbeing, producing photos and videos for social media and blog posts. It really was about relaying the bands experience to their … more »

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