Author: Raquel Monteiro

JOBE: Introduction to Standup paddle boarding in 10 steps

You don’t want to lie lazily on the beach? You want to stay in shape while you are on holidays? JOBE SUP is all about standup paddle boarding! This sport is the coolest thing this summer and will conquer all holiday destinations and celeb magazines. You can lose weight in mountain ranges, on lakes and in calm seas with this fabulous sport, have fun and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries. But … more »

Vichy Slow Age: Put the brakes on your pace – and on skin ageing

Are you always living in the fast lane? Feel like you never have enough time? Too much information; too many emails and tweets? It’s time to slow down. Breathe in, breathe out; take your time. Living life at a hundred miles per hour has repercussions on our health and on our skin. So, what if we decided to stop running and live life to the full instead? Are you in? … more »

#SundayGiveaway : 3 x Percy Nobleman beard grooming travel kit

You have a beard worthy of a gentleman, wish to take good care of it and also your holidays are imminant? Good, because our friends from will not let you go without the indispensable travel kit! In it you find: oil, shaving soap, a mustache wax and of course a comb. Gentlemen, make sure your beard looks its most beautiful this summer and grab this gift ! Ladies, your cheri … more »

#coolevent: 32 years of Jazz Ascona

To satisfy our festival spirit, the answer is Ascona! From 23 June to 2 July, jazz music will take over the banks of the Lake Maggiore for the 32nd Jazz Ascona festival. The only one of its kind in Europe, Ascona is fast becoming the jazz capital with over 400 hours of music, 200 concerts and jamming sessions and more than 215 musicians hailing from Europe and New Orleans. Exciting, … more »

Wicard, la nouvelle appli must have des vacances.

Qui nous suit depuis quelque temps maintenant sait que notre mot préféré est le bouche-à-oreille. Une affection que nous partageons avec une toute jeune startup lausannoise, Wicard. Jamais entendu parler ? Ça tombe bien ! Parce que Wicard se prépare pour devenir la petite révolution technologique de l’été et se lira bientôt sur toutes les lèvres. Mais de quoi parle-t-on concrètement ? De vacances et d’évasion rythmées par une appli … more »

Horizontes, a documentary of ballet slippers and bone – Portrait of Eileen Hofer

Beautiful, packed with talent and unparalleled energy, that is Eileen Hofer. As a blogger, journalist and filmmaker, she juggles her various vocations. With her  film, Horizontes, Eileen Hofer, of Turkish-Lebanese origin and now living in Geneva, flew to Cuba to capture the intertwined portraits of three generations of classical dancers. Alicia Alonso, a nonagenarian with the status of absolute goddess, former prima ballerina assoluta who lost her sight at the … more »

#SundayGiveaway: Caline, the natural drink with the heart of an Angel and a unique taste

What if we told you that south of the Alps, at the confluence of the Isere and the Rhone, a fruit that is unique in the world, in the shape of a heart and a divine taste, is going to be all the rave this summer? Caline is a wild plum, an explosion of taste and symbolic for the respect for traditional practices. The fruit is produced with artisanal craftsmanship, … more »

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