Author: Yvonne

Yvonne is a 40 something Kiwi, based in Zurich, Switzerland. With a love for fashion, travel, shopping and food. She believes that chocolate will cure (almost) anything! Yvonne also is the mum of a cute teenager. On her own blog - - she shares style tips and ideas as well as positive energy. She is visiting Milan and Paris Fashion weeks each season and reports on the latest trends.

Z’Menu Vo Hie, Dinner for Two at Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa – Interlaken

What if everything you find on your plate came not from miles away but from very close to where you live? “Warum in die Ferne schweifen, wenn das Gute liegt so nah?”, once said Goethe. And it is true: eating seasonal and regional not only stimulates the local economy but helps the planet, too! We share this mindset and are therefore in total favour of Executive Chef Stefan Beer’s newest … more »

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