New in our portfolio of cool brands: Kona, the fresh, local craft beer from Hawaii
Kona Brewing Craft Beer Hawaii
Kona Brewing Craft Beer Hawaii

New in our portfolio of cool brands: Kona, the fresh, local craft beer...

Kona Brewing Company was started by father and son team Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa. The pair had a dream to create fresh, local island brews made with spirit, passion and quality. Their love of Hawaii, and a desire to protect its pristine environment, brought them to the Big Island to fulfill their vision. Kona Brewing continues to be headquartered right where it began, in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island. … more »

Focuswater All natural Swiss Mineral Water

Focuswater: new in our portfolio of cool brands

Ready for spring, we are delighted to send you this boost of colours and positive vibes in announcing our collaboration with FOCUSWATER, the all natural Swiss Vitamin Water. FOCUSWATER tastes good and hydrates your body. It is a functional drink that contributes to a balanced and natural daily diet. Low in calories and rich in vitamins, this modern thirst quencher procures not only a pleasant drinking experience,  but also provides vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, … more »

Swiss & Land Maulies Sauce Champignon

Maulies, Swiss Gourmet Pockets: new in our portfolio of cool brands

Maulies, that is first of all the story of three friends – Pascal, Christian and Mark – who love authentic cuisine and quality regional products. When they visited Southern Germany, they discovered a local specialty, Maultaschen, also known as Swabian Pockets. These traditional German pasta squares commonly contain a filling of minced meat, breadcrumbs, onions and spices, although vegetarian declinations exist, of course. The friends were seduced by these tasty pasta pockets … more »

Estrella Damm Beer of Barcelona

Estrella Damm: new in our portfolio of cool brands

The story of Estrella Damm is one of immigration, love, passion and the sun kissed Mediterranean: over 140 years ago, August Kuentzmann Damm, a young master brewer from Alsace, flew the Franco-Prussian War with his wife Melanie and immigrated to Spain. Here, at the Mediterranean coast, they settled down and realized their dream: brewing beer. In 1876 they set up their own brewery and created a beer that was adapted to … more »


Champagne Deutz: Be mine, for all the time, not just this Valentine!

This February, I am celebrating the eleventh anniversary of my love encounter with Champagne Deutz. It was at a picnic on top of Mont Pèlerin in Switzerland that my epicurean boyfriend at the time organized at the occasion of Saint Valentin. Here, surrounded by the astonishing views 700 meters above Lake Geneva, it was the first time I took a sip of this heavenly nectar. Refreshing, surprising, crisp and clear… with its distinctive … more »

Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Beef Salad

#coolfood – Japanese cooking with Akiko: Sweet & Sour Stir ...

When it is cold outside, you need some hot food to warm you from the inside, right? If you  just feel a little peckish, try this Japanese recipe for sweet & sour beef salad. The sour vinegar and hot chili flavors will awaken your appetite. The citric acid works on your tiredness, and the capsaicin in the chili also helps you to sweat and burn calories! This sweet & sour beef salad … more »


Advent Calendar N° 17: Focuswater – Hello vitamins, goodbye calories!

Oh dear, how we will be indulging in food and drinks again during the Year End celebrations. So many pies, so many roasts need to be eaten, so many glasses of champagne enjoyed. Come January, we all will be climbing the scales with fear of having put on extra weight. It’s the same procedure as every year, really. BUT! We have put something super healthy and slimming behind the door … more »

Newby Teas

Advent Calendar N° 7: Baby, it’s cold outside!

Is there something nicer than to come home after a walk through the winter wonderland and to snuggle up on the couch with a good book and a cup of delicious tea? Or maybe, you spent all day on the slopes and all you grave is taking of the ski gear, sit by the fireplace and chill? To warm you up, we put an exclusive Silken Pyramids Gift Box of … more »

Champagne Lanson #ThePerfectStart

Advent Calendar N° 6: Naughty or nice… you deserve a surprise!

We celebrate St Nicholas’ Day with a sparkling surprise: a gift set from Champagne Lanson containing a bottle of Rosé and two glasses! Around the world Saint Nicholas’ Day is a tradition that children look forward to all year. But did you know that is celebrated on different dates? In most Western countries, it is on 6th December, but in the Netherlands on 5th December and in many Eastern countries … more »

#mylindormoment Christmas with Lindor Swiss Chocolate by Lindt

Advent Calendar N° 5: #mylindormoment, sublime the Yule Tide with Lin...

Oh the excitement before Christmas! The hustling and bustling: quick – a project that needs to be finished before the holidays, run – all the gifts for all the loved ones need to be purchased, wait – did you book the plane tickets? The Yuletide is both magical and stressful and it is important to slow down and get your fair share of me-time in! A moment of self-reflection, tranquility … more »

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