Breakfast smoothie inspiration by Sofia Clara: it’s delicious and a happiness booster!
Breakfast Coffee Smoothie Sofia.Clara
Breakfast Coffee Smoothie Sofia.Clara

Breakfast smoothie inspiration by Sofia Clara: it’s delicious and a ...

In 2017, we helped Nespresso with the launch of their brand new, super small coffee machine, the Essenza Mini. Part of the project was the elaboration of a delicious, healthy breakfast smoothie. Who better to ask to help us with that than our favorite foodie, Sofia Clara? Her blog is full of inspiration for a healthier, happier life. Happiness is always a good thing. We all strive for it and … more »

Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Beef Salad

Japanese cooking with Akiko: Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Beef Salad

When it is cold outside, you need some hot food to warm you from the inside, right? If you  just feel a little peckish, try this Japanese recipe for sweet & sour beef salad. The sour vinegar and hot chili flavors will awaken your appetite. The citric acid works on your tiredness, and the capsaicin in the chili also helps you to sweat and burn calories! This sweet & sour beef salad … more »

Focuswater All natural Swiss Mineral Water

Focuswater: tastes like spring! Get your vitamins in…

Ready for spring, we are delighted to send you this boost of colors and positive vibes in form of FOCUSWATER, the all natural Swiss Vitamin Water. FOCUSWATER tastes good and hydrates your body. It is a functional drink that contributes to a balanced and natural daily diet. Low in calories and rich in vitamins, this modern thirst quencher procures not only a pleasant drinking experience but also provides vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, B7 … more »

Ladurée Easter Bunny

Les lapins Ladurée: Easter has never been sweeter

This year, Easter is especially sweet because Ladurée surprised us with an Easter collection that makes our heart melt like chocolate in the sun! Cute, playful creations full of poesy… a nod to Japan where Claire Heitzler, Laduree’s new Head of Patisserie Creation, practiced for three years. Last spring, Joe Milk and Lolly Pink already enchanted lovers of Ladurée. Now the family has grown! Baby bunnies Jules, Arthur, Lili, Elsa, … more »

Obrist Valentine Menu Main

Recipe: a colourful Easter dinner for two ♥

Going out or eating at home … that is often the question. What if you could stay in and dine as you would in a restaurant? Why not surprise your favorite person with a home-cooked 3-course meal and spend a really romantic evening à la casa? We asked Sara from Sara’s Healthy Kitchen to create a “Dinner for Two” recipe for us. Unbelievable, what she came up with! A healthy … more »

Webforkifs BonneMaman Brunch

Sunday breakfast: what shall we eat? My kids: waffles! Always.

Sunday, is that not simply the best day of the week? The one day where you can really slow down… At Webforkids, we take our time; gather the whole family around the table for breakfast. Plans for the afternoon are forged; chatter and laughter are filling the house. How I love these moments! When I bring my kids to bed on Saturday night and ask them what they want for … more »

Obrist YOLO Gamme Vins Suisse

Obrist YOLO, uncomplicated Swiss wines

Obrist YOLO is a trendy line of Swiss wines that goes with the times: uncomplicated and unconventional. YOLO stands for “You Only Live Once!” And because we only live once, it would be a pity to miss out on the variety of wines from our beautiful, beloved Vaud. With Obrist YOLO you surf into a colorful world, you fly to the stars and dance with the flavors. YOLO is a … more »

Glenfiddich Winterstorm

Glenfiddich Winter Storm: Exclusive to Swiss Deluxe Hotels

Just in time for the holidays, Glenfiddich Winter Storm was launched. This is the third release in a series of experimental editions following Glenfiddich IPA (India Pale Ale), and Glenfiddich Project XX.  We had the pleasure to be invited to the launch event: a lunch at Widder Bar & Kitchen at the luxurious 5-star Widder Hotel in Zurich, one of the 42 most exclusive Swiss Deluxe Hotels. Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador Markus … more »

Obrist Wines

xMas Calendar N° 7: Three gift boxes from Obrist

For about five years, I lived in the Riviera, the region around Vevey and Montreux, and every day I felt amazed by its beauty. The Alps as a backdrop, a stone throw away from the lake and sublimed be the vineyards terraces, this region of Switzerland truly is a little paradise on earth. Here, where the elements meet, some of the best Swiss wines are produced. Soil and people; these … more »

Budweiser Budvar Influencer

New in our portfolio of cool brands: Budweiser Budvar, the original

Budweiser, Bud…. there is only one true Budvar and that is brewed in the Czech Republic, more precisely a little town called České Budějovice or Budweis (in German). The uniqueness and originality of České Budějovice beer is recognized by the European Union, which entitled Budweiser Budvar in 2004 to use the “Protected Geographical Indication” logo, a seal that guarantees that the beer is genuine as it can only be granted … more »

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