The Loving Spoon: for the love of vintage items

The Loving Spoon: for the love of vintage items

A passion for vintage, mixed with a creative spirit, that’s the magic potion from Zurich that led to the creation of The Loving Spoon. The Maxim: re-purpose. re-value. re-love. Across Europe, in the United States and Canada, Maya Chelmis hunts the flea markets and unearths great finds of the last century. Obsolete in public homes, abandoned in attics and tarnished old-fashioned by time, she rekindles these antiquities for a second life. … more »

Gandys London Orphans for Orphans

Gandys: footwear and fashion to help the orphans of the Tsunami

Gandys is more than just a fashion brand. Created by Rob and Paul Forkan, it endorses a humanitarian mission: helping Tsunami orphans and other orphans around the world. How can anyone take this incredible drama and transform the experience into something positive that eventually leads to an amazing philanthropist business? Let’s have a look at what we know. It’s 2004, just after Christmas. A devastating wave surprises Rob, Paul, the … more »

Propercorn Popcorn Done Properly

Propercorn, the healthy snack: lowcal, natural and utterly delicious

Propercorn is a low-calorie popcorn, certified vegan, wheat free and gluten free! Cassandra Stavrou has brought a youthful look to the long known corn grain. The new generation of popcorn is healthy and can be enjoyed by all. This is not just a snack to attack cravings or accompany aperitifs: Propercorn, as the name suggests, is popcorn crafted correctly. A healthy and crunchy snack! Today, the trend goes towards upscale … more »

Lanson Valentines Giveaway Lanson Rose Label

Loving life with Lanson: Valentine’s Day Giveaway – #theperfectstart

This is lovely! Thanks to Champagne Lanson, we can offer you an extra gift for Valentine’s Day. It’s just a little something something to add to the anticipation and fun around the day that celebrates LOVE. We <3 You. You know it. And if there is an occasion to give you something back, we seize it. This is one! If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day you probably got all your … more »

swiss made jewellery mood diamonds

In the mood for L.O.V.E. – Jewellery, always a sweet gift idea!

We are friends with mood, the swissmade jewellery, you know it; and we love Valentine’s, too. Although, of course, showing love and showering your loved ones with attention and gifts shouldn’t be a question of just one day. It’s a year around thing, right? For some it even is for a lifetime. However, any occasion to celebrate romance is a good one, I think. A day just for the two of you, … more »


Sisao, Swiss chocolate with no added sugar – and free of lactose!

Are you diabetic, lactose intolerant or simply want to indulge guilt free in some gourmet chocolate? Here’s for you: Sisao Pure Swiss Chocolate, the result of two savvy foodies who joined efforts to create a crunchy chocolate with no added sugar added and free of lactose. Heaven! To create a new chocolate brand in Switzerland, with its annual output of 180,000 tons (tonnes, oh yes!), in a market stuffed to … more »


Health and good looks – with Smoothies ADDICT

Behind Smoothies ADDICT hides a specialist in healthy foods. Very conscious about health, Marie launches her blog and e-shop in Geneva in March 2014. When it comes to fabulous food, smoothies are her thing. I mix, you mix, we mix – fruit and vegetables, seeds and oilseeds. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what smoothies are about. Instead of eating foods separately, they are mixed and savoured in a perfect … more »


Sol Maté: my soul mate when it comes to energy drinks

Recently, we spotted a new, cool drink: Sol Maté! Here is how it is different from other energising beverages! Energy drinks very often have quite some drawbacks with regard to their consumption: with their high level of taurine, glucuronolactone and other components with potentially harmful side effects, and their accumulated doses of caffeine and sugar, they are not top of the list when it comes to welfare and health. Which … more »


10 good reasons to enjoy the new Ricola Glacier Mint candy!

Ricola, the leading Swiss manufacturer of sugar-free candies, launches Glacier Mint, the fourteenth flavor it’s portfolio. Tip for the palate: prepare for a refreshing flavor blast! The small, sweet oval candy engraved with the symbolic R leaves no doubt: here I am and that’s good! To refresh people is my job and I am taking it very seriously! The pleasant fresh scent emanating from the pack is one proof of … more »

Cosmo, Metro, Boxmopolitan: all the urban goodness in one subscription...

Not long ago, I received my very first, utterly beautiful parcel from Boxmopolitan. All black and wrapped with love, the box contains the latest finds that the curators at Boxmopolitan chose and compose to bring us fresh brands and products to the doorstep. Beauty, wellness, fashion, gourmet, art and design items… this box is a gift to make yourself or to surprise someone. And if something is cool like that, … more »

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