Montreux Moda: bepure, 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free, Ecocert labelled cosmetics
bepure founders
bepure founders

Montreux Moda: bepure, 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free, Ecocert labe...

Coming home one day, I was welcomed by the most beautiful perfume emanating from a parcel I received. It sat on the sideboard and was labeled bepure. The first thing I noticed when unwrapping, was the beautiful design of the bottles. They are made of high-quality violet glass, which blocks the entire spectrum of visible light except for the violet part. This delays the aging process initiated by visible light. … more »

Realtrue Fishskin NATAL BRONZE GOLD


“Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it last.”, once said Vivienne Westwood. And I could not agree more! I am leading a very minimalistic lifestyle: no car, not a lot of other possessions. I am a nomad and I love to travel light. Too many things, I feel, just weigh me down. My mantra: the less you have, the less you can lose. Freedom is in not letting your possessions take … more »

Garogosi Glacier Jewellery

Gift ideas for Guys

If you were to fill a gift box for your beloved, what would you put it? That was the question I got asked from a friend. Hum, not so easy, actually…. Luckily, we get lots of inspiration from our clients and partners! Here a little selection of gift ideas you may find useful. In my selection, you will find products from brands such as Bulgari, BRONX COLORS, Uppercut Deluxe, Nespresso, … more »

Panda cow Switzerland China Onesie Premium Quality Garments

Snug as a bug with Pandacow

This is the story of a Swiss cow and a Chinese panda: Pandacow. It is the coming together of two symbolic animals, two countries, two cultures… the birth of a new garment brand that is devoted to one thing and thing only, the Onesie: a jumpsuit that procures ultimate comfort. Far more than an outfit, Pandacow is a beautiful way of life that gives you an experience of extreme wellbeing. … more »

swiss made jewellery mood diamonds

In the mood for L.O.V.E.

Coolbrandz is friends with mood, the fun & fabulous jewellery made in Switzerland, you know it. What we also know is: the 14th February is the day that is symbolic for love. For Valentine’s Day, jewellery is always a good idea. Although, of course, showing love and showering the person you love with attention and gifts shouldn’t be a question of just one day. Still, Valentine’s is a popular occasion … more »

Influencer Campaigns 2012 Coolbrandz Switzerland

Coolbrandz Influencer Campaigns 2012

A new year is always an occasion to reflect on the past and to prepare the future. Coolbrandz, founded on 11.11.11, will celebrate its 7th anniversary this year. Seven years… when I say that out loud, I almost cannot believe it. It seems time just flew by. Which is funny actually, because it took me about seven years as well to finally start the project. I had the idea in … more »

Eisplanade Web

Until end of January 2018: Eisplanade, largest outdoor ice skating rin...

The Esplanade, that is the big square between the Kongresshaus and the “Coupole” in Biel, would normally be an empty space. Not so during the winter months! Until the end of January, Biel is home to Eisplanade, Switzerland’s largest mobile outdoor ice rink. Visitors can enjoy 2’450 square meters of pure winter magic: skating with friends and family, enjoying mulled wine, fondue, music, and other animations. There is no entry … more »

phibio haircare

Phibio, 100% organic hair care

Recently, I got to test products from phibio. They are natural, organic hair care products and very efficient! I am not the only one who thinks so, other bloggers have tested the products and agree… Phibio focuses on natural compositions to ensure the high quality of its care. Some of the ingredients used are produced in phibio’s own farm. An ethical and sustainable approach to hair care is paramount at phibio. … more »

AdventCalendar 2017

6 years coolbrandz, CHF 6000 worth of gifts – Thank You!

We hope you all spent a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Seeing you all share your trees, your dinners and your gifts, we trust you had a great time and Father Christmas was generous! Speaking of generosity, I would like to thank all our partners who contributed gifts to our Advent Calendar. Merci, Vielen Dank for letting us share the Christmas joy and spoil our community with fabulous … more »

Hennessy Fine de Cognac Cocktail Kit

xMas Calendar N° 22: Gentleman’s Hennessy Cognac, Cocktail & C...

We can see you all hustling and bustling on Social Media, and to be honest, we are too! Puh, this time of the year is meant for us to slow down and yet, for many, it is the busiest period! Today, Friday, we are nearly there. The workweek is over – for most of us. Finally, we can enjoy some well-deserved me-time. Time to indulge in the pleasures that life … more »

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