Time for sustainability: tick-tock tick-tock, it is the eleventh hour!
Mondaine essence Sustainability Renewable Ressources
Mondaine essence Sustainability Renewable Ressources

Time for sustainability: tick-tock tick-tock, it is the eleventh hour!

Authentic, timeless and original, this is Mondaine, the popular Swiss watch brand. Functionality is in focus; style and elegance are always a trend for this label. Mondaine is a Swiss icon, their design unmistakable: the contrast of black and white with red accents, no frills and reduced to a minimum. What makes a watch a watch? Exactly, it displays the time. And that is something that Mondaine is doing so … more »

Yogurt Community Switzerland

Swiss Yogurt Community: together towards less sugar

Recently, we invited the Coolbrandz Community to join our team of Yogurt Tasters, a project whereby selected bloggers and consumers from every part of Switzerland help Hirz and LC1 to keep their promise concerning the reduction of refined sugar in their fruit yogurts. Too much sugar intake can impact on our health. Any initiative towards a healthier lifestyle deserves our support. That is why we are delighted to be part … more »

Mood Summer Giveaway

In the mood for… summer! – Giveaway

Hello cool people of the Internet, spirits are high, mood is good? How is this summer getting along for you so far? Have you already been on vacation or are you still planning to go? Or, as for most of us, is it back home, back to work, back to school…? Yeah, thought so! 😉 Here is the good thing: summer isn’t over yet! About another month of sun and … more »

Bonne Maman Flowers

Life is outside! Wildflowers make for wonderful deco or a gift.

From our series “DIY and recipe ideas with BonneMaman” : summer is synonymous with playing in the garden, walking through woods and meadows because we are yearning to be outside, to soak up the sun, to breathe fresh air… to simply enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds us. If you are going for a walk with the family, there is always something to discover. Especially for kids it is important … more »

Bonne Maman Kitchen DIY

Kitchen utensils beautifully stored and presented in style

What if Knife, Fork, Spoon & Co. would not have to hide in dark drawers? Then they could live very colorful lives and make for beautiful decorations on our shelves, cupboards and kitchen tables. One of the simplest and at the same time most ingenious DIY ideas! The Bonne Maman glasses have a very nice shape and are large enough to store and present various small kitchen utensils in an original … more »

Bonne Maman Upcycling Kitchen

Give a second life to your empty Bonne Maman jars

If you are following me in Social Media you will have probably seen that we recently started to work with Bonne Maman on recipe and DIY ideas. I am very delighted to be part of this project because recycling – or upcycling – and eating well are subjects that are very important to me. Both concern everyone on the planet and thus I am happy to support any initiative that contributes … more »

Nestea Natasha Bedingfield

Nestea and Natasha Bedingfield team up to bring you Let Go

Monday is the day that many associate with having the blues. Weekends just feel better. True. But: just as the sun is always shining, even when we have rain; just as it is always day somewhere, even when we have night… at the end of the tunnel that is the working week, there is always light. Particularly if it is short like the one ahead. Long weekend, who doesn’t like … more »

les laboratoires culinaires gourmet cooking class neuchatel switzerland

Les Laboratoires Culinaires: learn how to cook like a Michelin Star Ch...

Foodies and aficionados of fine cuisine, this is for you! You love cooking and sharing your knowledge and experience with others? You are not completely helpless in the kitchen and want to just add an edge to your skill? Or maybe you are completely helpless in the kitchen and wonder if there is life after pizza…? Les laboratoires culinaires in Neuchatel is a gourmet cooking school that caters for all … more »

ticketfrog team

Startup Ticketfrog is Master of Swiss Web 2017

I wanted to write up about Ticketfrog for a long time: friends said that they are the hottest thing right now, that what they do is so cool, that I should feature them… and, I know Rahel, a fellow marketer, who is part of the Ticketfrog team. She sent me some info through in February… As time is flying so much when you are having fun, I never got around … more »

Krug LausannePalace & Spa Carnotzet

Krug x Lausanne Palace: it’s always fondue o’clock

I missed all the action this winter because I spent most of the Yuletide with my family abroad. So I never got to enjoy a fondue at the super cosy Krug Carnotzet in front of Lausanne Palace. The good news: it is not over yet! Until the middle of April this gourmet parlour is still open. I am already counting the days until I am back in Lausanne and get … more »

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