Horizontes, a documentary of ballet slippers and bone – Portrait of Eileen Hofer

Horizontes, a documentary of ballet slippers and bone – Portrait...

Beautiful, packed with talent and unparalleled energy, that is Eileen Hofer. As a blogger, journalist and filmmaker, she juggles her various vocations. With her  film, Horizontes, Eileen Hofer, of Turkish-Lebanese origin and now living in Geneva, flew to Cuba to capture the intertwined portraits of three generations of classical dancers. Alicia Alonso, a nonagenarian with the status of absolute goddess, former prima ballerina assoluta who lost her sight at the … more »

Sébastien Buemi Influencer Ambassador Mood

Who is: Sébastien Buemi? Swiss racing driver, influencer, ambassador

Sébastien Buemi was born on 31st October 1988 in Aigle, in the canton of Vaud – my home for the last 16 years. So we have that in common. And this: an attraction to fast cars and strong sensations! And then, there is one more thing: our friendship with mood! Sébastien Buemi: Swiss professional racing driver Drawn to motor sports from a very early age, Sébastien soon felt very much … more »

Estrella Damm Dakota Johnson Vale

Fifty Shades of Friendship: Dakota Johnson x Estrella Damm, the beer o...

In time for Valentine’s Day Fifty Shades Darker is released and hits cinemas around the globe. We see a super sexy Dakota Johnson aka Anastasia Steele in hot and steamy scenes with Christian Grey, impersonated by Jamie Dornan – otherwise called “The Golden Torso” (and if you have seen the first part of the trilogy, you will know why). Filming these hot scenes must have gotten Dakota quite thirsty, because … more »

TessaBall Swissblogger Influencer Photographer Travelblogger

Travel.Eat.Love.Repeat. – Meet Tessa, our new travel editor

One thing I absolutely love about the coolbrandz experience is the fact that I can connect with so many cool people on so many different levels: entrepreneurs, startups, digital strategists, consultants, PR agencies, brand managers, other influencers, designers, beauty, food, fashion, gadget, travel bloggers… Since I started blogging my network has expanded enormously. We now count over 55’000 registered users on coolbrandz and although I do not know everyone personally, … more »


Eva Green, the new ambassador for Pro Fiber by L’Oréal Professionnel

Eva Green, the former Bond girl, stretches her femme fatal image to split ends and hair in distress. Coming soon in the next cinematic gem by Tim Burton, she has been elected by L’Oréal Professional as an ambassador for haircare. How come? Well, because her abundant brown hair, like ours, seeks Pro Fiber and its long-lasting, rejuvenating qualities. Who could better demonstrate the benefits of L’Oréal Professionnel’s newest innovation than … more »

Kempinski Geneva cominmag

#ATableAvecAmélie: Victoria Marchand, Editor-in-Chief of Cominmag

Here we are for a new edition of “A Table Avec Amélie”. My guest today is Victoria Marchand, Editor in Chief of Cominmag Magazine. Comingmag is THE “transmedia” magazine of reference in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Here, for over 10 years now, Victoria is shining the light on the Marketing talents in the Romandie, through a variety of in-depth, expert publications, in particular in the area of digital marketing. Victoria, herself … more »

xMas Calendar Coolboxes

Advent Calendar N° 12: twelve coolboxes filled with surprises

Today is a wonderful occasion to thank you all. To say thank you for being part of our super cool community, for participating in our campaigns, for helping small and large brands to more notoriety, for co-creating with our partners, for being YOU. Coolbrandz was founded five years ago, on 11.11.11 to be precise. It started as a personal blog but was always destined to grow into Switzerland’s first influencer … more »

Laëtitia Berthoud Etyka Luxury

At the table with Amélie: Laëtitia Berthoud, the founder of Etyka Lu...

When I met the brilliant Laëtitia Berthoud it was the very first edition of my column “A table avec Amélie”. I was pretty nervous to be honest but this first lunch meeting promised to be wonderful. And so it was! A young lady came up to me, slender and elegant, with a bright smile, a chic hairstyle, and dressed in delicate pink. Everything perfectly fitted the beautiful box, which she … more »

Olivia Byrne Mandarain Oriental Geneva

#ATableAvecAmélie: Olivia Byrne, Director of Eccleston Square Hotel i...

Olivia Byrne is London’s youngest hotelier and recently received the Best Professional Success prize for her work at Eccleston Square Hotel (www.ecclestonsquarehotel.com) at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards 2016. Olivia was back in Switzerland for a few days and as there are some opportunities in life that should not be missed, we organized a small express meeting at the Mandarin Oriental. Since I met her, Olivia Byrne celebrated her 29th birthday. … more »

Taissa Charlier Women in Digital Switzerland

#ATableAvec Amélie: Taissa Charlier, founder of Women in Digital Swit...

There are encounters that mark more than others, even if they take a long time to be realized. We pushed back the date of our meeting, changed the location, then postponed again, but… here we are. We managed, despite our uber busy schedules, to meet… in person. Finally! My guest today is Taissa. She is a really nice girl and truly radiant in her coral dress. Her light blue eyes … more »

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