Givenchy Dahlia Divin: the Haute Couture fragrance
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 02.15.32
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 02.15.32

Givenchy Dahlia Divin: the Haute Couture fragrance

Givenchy, the iconic oasis of modern luxury, surprises us again and again. Just in time for fall, Maison Givenchy unveils a brilliant, opulent elixir. Dahlia Divin has the grace of an Haute Couture dress, which was woven of gold threads. Inspired by the fascinating garments that are created ​​each season in Givenchy’s ateliers, Dahlia Divin … more »


Micha Schärer and André Scheidegger: fantastic food and fabulous photography

When I started coolbrandz, the idea really was to help cool brands and people connect in more original ways, to provide a playground for them to explore, to test, to have fun and create long-lasting, meaningful relationships. The whole coolbrandz experience has afforded me to discover wonderful brands and projects and to meet incredible people. … more »


Ebuzzing: 8 minutes with CEO Pierre Chappaz on trends in the online video advertising industry

The world is currently observing a boom of online video. Industry specialists predict video and social media to drive 20% of annual global growth in internet display over the next 2 years. Ebuzzing is a video advertising distribution platform, distributing online video campaigns through an extensive network of media, websites, blogs, apps and social media, … more »


A young internet video company that is So Money!

I met Avik and Jon at my first ever Brits in Business event in April this year where they presented their company to an amazed public: two finance guys that quit their highflying jobs to do what again? Yeah, that’s right! Left their banking careers to “do video”. It’s a story quite to my taste … more »


Swiss rock, Kiki Crétin style

It’s 10.30 p.m., Saturday 25 February, and the venue is the small music room known as the Rocking Chair in Vevey. I await the arrival on stage of Kiki Cretin, the Jura-based rock band, whom I’ve come to support at the invitation of a friend. I’m a bit confused as the turnout is not great. … more »


Kitesurfing and rings, how does that go together? It all depends on the mood!

So, there is a connection between kite and rings, then? “Um, no. Not really.” You may say. However… having cast off their sporting vestments, our wicked cool riders can’t wait to slip into a little something unique and stylish that simply wouldn’t be complete without a mood ring. mood has, in effect, cornered a very … more »

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