xMas Calendar N° 06: Coolbox with products worth CHF 200!
Coolbox Surprise xMas
Coolbox Surprise xMas

xMas Calendar N° 06: Coolbox with products worth CHF 200!

Today is St. Nicholas’ Day and a wonderful occasion to thank you all. To say thank you for being part of our super cool community, for participating in our campaigns, for helping small and large brands to more notoriety, for co-creating with our partners. Thank you for being YOU! As a surprise, we have a Coolbox filled with products in the value of CHF 200 to give away. Coolbrandz started six years ago, on … more »

Mondaine Essence Influencers Female Entrepreneurs Sustainability

Best of “essence” stories: our nominees – 5 Swiss influencers yo...

At the recent launch of its “essence” collection made from renewable materials, Mondaine, the iconic Swiss watch brand, invited our community to join the dialogue about sustainability. For a chance to win 1 of 2 essence watches, you can submit your own story until 19.11.17, at midnight! Simply insert hashtag #mondaine_essence and tag @mondaine_watch and @coolbrandz in your blog and Social Media posts related to the subject. We have also … more »

Olivia Byrne Mandarain Oriental Geneva

Olivia Byrne, Director of Eccleston Square Hotel in London

Olivia Byrne is London’s youngest hotelier and recently received the Best Professional Success prize for her work at Eccleston Square Hotel (www.ecclestonsquarehotel.com) at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards 2016. Olivia was back in Switzerland for a few days and as there are some opportunities in life that should not be missed, we organized a small express meeting at the Mandarin Oriental. Since I met her, Olivia Byrne celebrated her 29th birthday. … more »

Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award

3 Swiss Female Entrepreneurs you should know – Nominees Veuve Cl...

On 30th November, Veuve Clicquot, the prestigious Maison de Champagne, organizes its Business Woman 2017 Award Ceremony at Hotel Park Hyatt in Zurich. Since 1972 the Award Ceremony is an annual rendez-vous that recognizes female entrepreneurs. This year’s finalists are: Alisée de Tonnac from Seedstars, Barbara Lax from Little Green House and Kamila Markram from Frontiers. The reason why Veuve Clicquot is so committed to showcase and reward businesswomen is deeply … more »

Laëtitia Berthoud Etyka Luxury

Laëtitia Berthoud, the founder of Etyka Luxury

When I met the brilliant Laëtitia Berthoud it was the very first edition of my column “A table avec Amélie”. I was pretty nervous to be honest but this first lunch meeting promised to be wonderful. And so it was! A young lady came up to me, slender and elegant, with a bright smile, a chic hairstyle, and dressed in delicate pink. Everything perfectly fitted the beautiful box, which she … more »

Taissa Charlier Women in Digital Switzerland

Taissa Charlier, founder of Women in Digital Switzerland

There are encounters that mark more than others, even if they take a long time to be realized. We pushed back the date of our meeting, changed the location, then postponed again, but… here we are. We managed, despite our uber busy schedules, to meet… in person. Finally! My guest today is Taissa. She is a really nice girl and truly radiant in her coral dress. Her light blue eyes … more »

Natalie Imbruglia Male Album

Natalie Imbruglia – Male – Album Review

Hello, Nathalie! She is back. After a break of six years from the music industry, the Australian singer-songwriter, model, actress, Grammy Nominee (no less!), sweet crooner and general superwoman extraordinaire, released a new album that is called Male. Why? Because every song on this cover album has previously been recorded by a male artist or band and focuses on love and relationships. Who does not remember “Torn”, her first international single … more »

Influencer Swiss Blog Youtuber Itzabem

Coolbrander of the Week: Emilie, Swiss blogger aka Itzabem

In our column “Coolbrander of the week”, we put the spotlight on digital influencers and talents in our community. This week’s feature is dedicated to beautiful Emilie and her blog Itzabem. How to describe Emilie? I would say that, as a friend, Emilie is a kindhearted, loving and passionate person. She is absolutely fun to be around. Always good for a giggle and a bit mischievous, with this little French … more »


Coolbrander of the week: Swiss Blogger Koschka

When I started coolbrandz in 2011, I had a pretty clear idea of what it was destined to become: a platform where brands and influencers meet. What I didn’t know is that on the way, I would meet so many talented, inspiring people and that with some of them I would even become friends. Switzerland, despite its small size, is full of originality, creativity and talents. And that in every … more »

David Guetta Tag Heuer Ushuaia Ibiza

#DontCrackUnderPressure – About David Guetta, Tag Heuer and Time

Do you like EDM? Okay, maybe you don’t. My mum doesn’t even know what it is but she knows David Guetta! Even if your heart does not beat at 128bpm and Electronic Dance Music, House and all that Jazz is not your musical genre of predilection, the name of this highflying DJ will resonate with you. David’s story is one of success and humility. Born in France, he began to … more »

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