Gifts and winners from our Christmas calendar

Gifts and winners from our Christmas calendar

2014 has started with a bang and we wish all our readers a wonderful, successful and bountiful new year. The past year has been very exciting for coolbrandz and we will, of course, prepare a review. But first things first! Let’s start with looking back at the month of December and our Advent calendar. Father … more »


New product: Oral-B TriZone. Like a manual toothbrush, but far more efficient!

Oral-B TriZone, for everyone looking for the efficiency of an electric toothbrush, but not wanting to give up the familiarity of a manual toothbrush brushing motion. A new concept is taking the world of oral/dental hygiene by storm. It allows you to stick to your usual brushing methods, while giving you all the benefits of … more »

art-toyz brings cool Designer Toys to Switzerland! has been a pioneer in the sale, distribution and promotion of Designers’ Toys and Urban Vinyl in Switzerland for over 7 years. The toys are either designed or customised by artists working in the field of urban culture and made available in a series of limited editions. Thus, world-renowned graphic designers, stylists, web designers, … more »


Is coolbrandz a Brandchamp?

As you already know, one of the aims of coolbrands is to break down the Rösti barrier and demolish the Gothard tunnel. But it’s not always as easy as you might think. As a result, any information to come out of cool German-speaking Switzerland, the trendy canton of Grisons or top-class Ticino doesn’t always get … more »

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