Chamane Energy Drink: “not too sweet, nice and fruity” say our coolbranders

Posted on 19/06/2012 by coolbrandz

Not long ago, I found a mysterious envelope in the coolbrandz letter box. In it: two colourful and cheerful looking bottles of a new beverage called Chamane Energy Drink.

Chamane? It seems an appropriate name for a drink that is 100% natural. The fresh design of its recyclable aluminium bottle advises, in big letters and original typography, that the Chamane should be enjoyed chilled. Good point! Hop in the fridge to cool that Chamane down and later see what it tastes like. Tic tac tic tac and – yes – let’s see if it holds its promise: to wake you up. Brilliant! Just what the doctor ordered for one Monday afternoon at 4pm.

So I go for coffee first, reassured by the fact that this beverage is lactose, gluten and GMOs free, which is a huge plus from where I am standing.

Personally, I loved the coffee taste and the fact that Chamane is lightly carbonated is surprising and refreshing. Also, as advertised, this drink does not taste like medicine, honestly! Quite on the contrary, the coffee flavour is characterful and pleasurable as the drink’s bubbles hit your taste buds.

250ml of pure coffee pleasure later, I regret not having more of this refreshing brew. But hey, moderation is recommended!

Still, I open the red fruits Chamane because, of course, I am curious to discover what this tastes like too. I would describe it as mild and of subtle sweetness, reminding me of ripe summer berries.

Okay, so I liked it. But what do other people say? Perfect occasion to have our coolbranders meet the Chamane!

Did the Chamane charm our coolbranders?

We have distributed a number of this new beverage among coolbranders that wanted to try it. Verdict: the feedback we are getting is overall positive. Not everyone has replied back yet, but on Facebook some testimonials have already been posted!

Mr. WoM, for example, says that Chamane tastes “not too sweet, but nice and fruity” and Rolando from Brandchamp finds that “the red fruits version is tasty”, but he is not so keen on the coffee flavoured one. Like me, Rebekka enjoyed her Chamane on a very hot day: “wonderfully fruity, not too sweet and, despite it being only lightly carbonated, still very tingly and refreshing”. She suggests a Chamane party shall be held… soon. I agree!

So, the red fruits one seems to be the favourite among our coolbranders, although I am definitely the coffee flavour advocate here.

Did you miss the opportunity to try Chamane?

Do not despair! We have kept a couple of bottles nice and chilled in our fridge and will get them out for a tasting this Saturday, at Boutique Florame in Lausanne (Rue de la Tour 33). Steve, the owner, is so kind to welcome us from 4pm for a “Chapero”. So if you are either in or near Lausanne, come along, have a sip of refreshing, energy boosting Chamane and chill out a little after your shopping spree!




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