xMas Calendar N° 16: Château de Châtagneréaz, Coffret Collection of Premier Grand Crus

Posted on 16/12/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Château de Châtagneréaz Clos Domaines et Châteaux Premier Grand Crus Coffret Collector

In autumn, we had the pleasure to discover several prestigious vineyards in the Canton of Vaud with Clos, Domaines & Châteaux. This is the hallmark of some of the most beautiful Swiss wine estates. They associated in order to be able to better promote their fantastic wines under a quality label that is unique and recognizable by its distinctive red banner. Committed by a Charter and a regulation that is even stricter than the “Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée” legislation in terms of yield and maturity, their goal is to offer exceptional wines, each one an expression of their terroir and their heritage.

One such vineyard is Château de Châtagneréaz, a property of Maison Schenk. It is located in the heart of Mont-sur-Rolles and has a history that goes back a thousand years! Vaud is Home to the Chasselas grape and the vineyards of Château de Châtagneréaz that are stretching along the lake towards Geneva produce wines of the appellation “La Côte”. The Chasselas produced here is 1er Grand Cru.

Just after having visited the vineyard, we got to participate in an exclusive event called “Chasselas & Dine”. It was held at restaurant Opera in Zurich to celebrate the launch of Château de Châtagneréaz’ collection of Premier Grand Crus. There is something about going to where a wine is grown and produced and then finding it at the table in a restaurant somewhere else. You agree? If there is one thing that can bridge the infamous “Röstigraben” between French- and German-speaking Switzerland, it is WINE!

This is why we are particularly delighted to be able to offer you, behind this 16th window of our Advent Calendar, a Collector Box containing 6 Premier Grands Crus by Château de Châtagneréaz from Vintages 2011 – 2016 in the value of CHF 125.


Château de Châtagneréaz Clos Domaines et Châteaux


The name Châtagneréaz derives from the chestnut woods that could be found in the region of La Côte at the time. First written references to the viticulture of the Château date back to the year 996. The oldest remains of the castle are dated to 1177. In the course of time, there were a variety of owners until, finally, Arnold Schenk became the sole proprietor in 1945. Over more than 25 years, he restored and refurbished the building to give it the allure it has today. The estate extends over 14 hectares and is registered among the best-located in the region of La Cote. Although Château de Châtagneréaz also produces Gamay, Gamaret et Garanoir, the vast majority of the vineyard is dedicated to the Chasselas grape.

At this year’s “Mondial du Chasselas”, an international competition whereby over 800 wines are noted, the Château de Châtagneréaz 1998 Grand Cru Mont-sur-Rolle was awarded the winner’s trophy in the category “vieux millésimes”. Imagine the achievement: being voted “Best of old vintage” among all the wines that were considered in this group! But that is not all: the Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1er Grand Cru 2011 was distinguished by a Gold Medal, too. What else is there to say but “BRAVO”!

Château de Châtagneréaz is a founding member of Clos, Domaines & Châteaux. Initiated in 2004, the Association counts more than 20 Swiss domains today. The owners commit themselves in a charter to respecting the environment, yield and quality of the grape material. A technical commission ensures through regular visits, that the recommended oenological practices are followed.

The wines produced at Château de Châtagneréaz are vinified in oak barrels in the Castle’s magnificent cellar, the ceiling of which is covered with the names and initials of the coopers and winemakers who worked here during the ages. They have been inscribed with their dates using a candle flame. Today, they allow us to trace back and remember all those who devoted their efforts and care to the sustainability of the Domaine. Below some impressions from our visit at the vineyard, the cellars and the tasting. If you are in the region and would like to visit the Château, you can contact them here >>>


Châteaux de Chatagnereaz Clos Domaines et Châteaux


Winner of the “Mondial du Chasselas” and the launch of its Collection of Premier Grand Crus…. Château de Châtagneréaz has indeed many reasons to celebrate this year! Of course, we accepted the invitation to join the festivities at Hotel Opera in Zurich. Head Chef David Krüger, known for cooking with (almost forgotten) age-old foods and herbs, created a specific menu for the “Chasselas & Dine” event, whereby each course was paired with one of the six vintage 1er Grand Crus contained in the Collectors Box.

This is the fabulous menu he created and the wines he paired with each course:



Nanny goat from Muotathal with old pear, a froth of corn from Breitfeld with baked stinging nettle, crayfish with rapeseed-mustard.
Pairing: Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1er Grand Cru 2014.

Lake trout marinated with juniper berry and flower, watercress emulsion and Urbrot salad.
Pairing: Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1 Grand Cru 2013.

Five-root soup with a praline from house rabbit and marsh hedge nettle.
Pairing: Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1er Grand Cru 2016.

Wild mushrooms with Emmer pasta dough, wild wormwood and rowan.
Pairing: Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1 Grand Cru 2015.

Appenzeller duck fried with mountain honey, galette of rare potatoes and flambéed endives.
Pairing: Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1er Grand Cru 2011.

Marigold tartlets, blackberries from Schönegghof and milk ice cream.
Pairing: Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1er Grand Cru 2012.




After a refreshing aperitif at the rooftop bar at which offers one of Zurich’s most captivating views over the roofs of the city, the lake and the Alps, our little group met at restaurant Opera. During the next three hours, we tasted, took notes and indulged. The first wine we enjoyed was the newest vintage from 2017. Thereafter, we tasted our way through the six Chasselas 1er Grand Crus from 2011 to 2016 during dinner. David Krüger is an extraordinary chef. Not only does he privilege regional and seasonal products, he actually always tries to find the oldest, most authentic and unaltered form of them. We will present him to you in an extra article.

“Premier Grand Cru” is a predicate given to only the best wines from Vaud. It is awarded each year to the most prestigious terroirs. These must meet strict quality criteria such as the soil conditions, location, the age of the vines, yield, hand-picked, history of the winery and a high storage potential. The quality of the wines is confirmed annually by a committee of experts. Premier Grand Crus are a symbol of the quality of the wines that are growing in Vaud. The wines are matured in large oak barrels. With this traditional method, a development and slow maturation of the young wines by the wood is ensured. The result is Crus with a distinctive character: lively, elegant and rich.

The first wine we got to taste was the Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1er Grand Cru 2017. Of a pale light yellow colour, this wine is wonderfully refreshing, fruity, a little spicy, with a beautiful minerality and a well-built acidity. The pairing with the first course was a Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1er Grand Cru 2014. Of pale yellow colours, this wine is distinguished by warm, golden reflections. It boasts floral notes reminiscing lime blossom, citrus, exotic fruits and flowers. Rich and complex, it offers a long-lasting finale with character. Then followed the second course which was paired with Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1 Grand Cru 2013, a bright yellow, radiant, wine with golden reflections and notes of acacia honey, lime blossom, vine flowers and exotic fruits.

With soup came a Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1er Grand Cru 2016. A wine of deep golden yellow colour and fabulous bouquet. Strong minerality dominated by notes of chalk and flint, framed by floral aromas. It is balanced, round and soft, perfectly balancing a full body with a refreshing, youthful acidity. The fourth course was paired with Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1 Grand Cru 2015, a lively, zingy, refined wine of pale yellow colour and intense, complex aromas of pear, peach and lime-tree blossom. The duck was paired with a Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1er Grand Cru 2011. A total winner! Full-bodied and full of finesse with a hint of honey yet prominent acidity, crisp and dry, with fabulous mineral notes and accents of white peach, this wine is the perfect partner for poultry.

The pinnacle of every meal is, of course, dessert. Ours came paired with a Château de Châtagneréaz Mont-sur-Rolle 1er Grand Cru 2012, a classic, full-bodied wine that is beaming with golden yellow colour and boasting fragrant, floral aromas. We could not have asked for a better finish! The evening was a total success: fabulous wines, good food and great company.


Château de Châtagneréaz Clos Domaines et Châteaux Chasselas and Dine Tasting


If you are interested in purchasing a Collectors Box of Premier Grand Crus from Château de Châtagneréaz, you can do so online >>> There are three different boxes: the one with the 6 different vintages (CHF 125), one with 6 bottles of the vintage 2011 (CHF 175), and the third contains 6 bottles of the vintage 2012 (CHF 150).




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  3. Ich liebe das Ausspannen nach einem anstrengenden Tag, das gemütliche Zusammensein mit lieben Menschen und das feine Essen dazu 🙂

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