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Posted on 07/05/2020 by Eileen Schuch
Focuswater All natural Swiss Mineral Water

Ready for spring, we are delighted to send you this boost of colors and positive vibes in form of FOCUSWATER, the all natural Swiss Vitamin Water.

FOCUSWATER tastes good and hydrates your body. It is a functional drink that contributes to a balanced and natural daily diet. Low in calories and rich in vitamins, this modern thirst quencher procures not only a pleasant drinking experience but also provides vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12 and contains vital minerals. In fact, the combination of 6 vitamins is unique in the Swiss beverage market. A half-liter bottle of FOCUSWATER alone covers at least 75% of the recommended daily dose of vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12 for adults.

Easy to drink, easily digestible… and utterly tasty! Fresh and flavorsome, FOCUSWATER is exempt from any artificial coloring, flavoring, sweeteners or preservatives… It is the natural choice for those who are health conscious and like to dehydrate with uncarbonated water without renouncing a little fruit flavor.



Currently, there are four delicious varieties:

FOCUSWATER Pear & Lime – Pure: All the goodness of ripe pear and fresh lime, and all the positivity emanating from this green combo, help you shine from the inside out. Of unrivaled taste, FOCUSWATER Pear & Lime contains not only 6 vitamins, but also important minerals such as calcium and aloe-vera extracts. Only 17kcal!

FOCUSWATER Orange & Dragonfruit – Revive: Dance all  night, sleep all day? For the busy urban nomad that is not always an option. Ding dong, when the early morning rings, this red booster is what is called for to get you up and going! 6 vitamins, zinc and a hint of ginseng extract will help you revive and come back to life.

FOCUSWATER Pineapple & Mango – Active: Match point? Deciding game? Before any challenge that requires your full energy and concentration enjoy this exotic mix of Pineapple & Mango! 6 vitamins, magnesium, and guarana extracts… there will be no stopping you. Go get ’em!

FOCUSWATER Grapefruit & Cranberry – Relax: Slow down. Take it easy. Leave the daily stress behind and enjoy a little me-time. A moment of calm and tranquility with this light and natural thirst quencher containing the best of Grapefruit & Cranberry, the red power berry among the superfoods. 6 vital vitamins along with magnesium and Hibiscus extract.


The beverage market is full of artificial and sugary drinks. FOCUSWATER offers a healthy solution without renouncing taste and important nutritional elements. It is a refreshing natural vitamin drink, that is low in calories. Produced by an independent Swiss company, it contains Swiss water. 100ml of FOCUSWATER contain 3.9g of sugar. That is a lot less than conventional soft drinks (12g/100ml). Natural sugar is important to enhance taste which is why FOCUSWATER does not contain artificial sweetener. 100ml of FOCUSWATER contains only 17 kcal and is therefore classified by the health laws as ‘low calorie’. In comparison, conventional soft-drinks contain around 45 kcal. FOCUSWATER uses only natural ingredients. Some of these natural substances are sensitive to light and can change colour over time. However, the taste and quality remain constant during shelf life. The drink is suitable for people of all ages, children, too.

People who eat healthy food generally don’t need additional nutritional supplements. In a busy world and when under strain it can help to ingest additional vitamins and minerals in order to ensure that the body has a sufficient supply. Experts recommend drinking 2-3 liters of liquid every day. A grown-up person consists of 70% water and releases about 2.5 liters of fluid per day under normal circumstances, but this can increase with stress and physical strain. Although, strictly speaking, there is no upper limit for drinking FOCUSWATER, the fact that it does contain sugar should be taken into consideration.

There is no risk of an overconsumption of vitamins from drinking FOCUSWATER, because the vitamins it contains are all water-solubale, so the body releases any excess vitamins.  It contains far less sugar than conventional soft-drinks and provides vital vitamins and minerals.

Another advantage: its long shelf-life. FOCUSWATER can be consumed for 12 months after filling. That is due to the cold aseptic filling and pasteurization process. As soon as the bottle has been opened it is recommended that the drink is consumed within 2 days since it does not contain preservatives.

And, last but not least, some facts that may interest those among you with special dietary needs: FOCUSWATER is suitable for Vegans (except for “Relax”) and also gluten-free.

When Tessa went on her Ticino Hotel Hopping experience, she took some with her for a little shoot in Lugano, those are the images you see above. If you would like to taste FOCUSWATER, too and create a story with the drink for your blog or social media, like this post and apply by sending us an e-mail.



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