xMas Calendar N° 12: Les Fondues Wyssmüller – Gault & Millau Truffle Fondue and Champagne

Posted on 12/12/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Fondues Wysmüller Gault Millau Truffle Champagne

Most of you will probably know the gourmet guide Gault & Millau for recommending restaurants; but did you know that it recommends gastronomic products, too? Yes, if something is so outstanding that it deserves the label Gault & Millau! The first Swiss product distinguished by the prestigious label is Les Fondues Wyssmüller.

William Wyssmüller is a master cheese maker from Fribourg, the cheese fondue capital of Switzerland. Each Wyssmüller fondue is prepared by skilled artisans, with matured cheeses from the AOP production sectors or with semi-hard Fribourg cheese. Les Fondues Wysmüller offer a unique gourmet experience: inspired recipes with pepper, truffles, Vacherin and delicious cheese blends. They are so authentic and of such high quality that they won the Gault & Millau jury’s appreciation and now proudly bear the gourmet guide’s label. Does this story not make your heart melt like… cheese in a hot fondue pot? I was smitten by Les Fondues Wyssmüller ever since I tried them for the first time in 2013!

There is something about knowing that there is a person behind a product. Somebody who is relentless at giving the best they can and more, who is striving for excellence, who is pushing limits… to follow their evolution over the years and see them succeed. Particularly when it comes to a product that is so symbolic for its country like fondue is for Switzerland! Now you can discover William Wyssmüller and his delicious fondues, too! Get yourself a good dose of authentic Swissness and subscribe for the gift behind the 12th window of our Advent Calendar! Say cheeeeeeese, it’s xMas! 😃

Two “Prestige” Gourmet Gift Boxes worth CHF 100 each up for grabs! This is what the lucky winners will find in their box: 600g Wyssmüller Création with Truffles Fondue, 2 small bottles of Chasselas for cooking the fondue with, 400g Gruyère AOP Sensation, aged for 26 months, 300g Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP Sensation, aged for 5 months and a 75cl bottle DRAPPIER champagne.

Fondues Wysmüller Gault Millau Truffle Champagne Drappier


There is no doubt that his fondues are delicious. But let’s dial back a notch: who is William Wyssmüller?

Born in 1967 on a farm in Fribourg, William grew up surrounded by dairy cows. Like his grandfather and his father, he is very attached to the local terroir. Early on, he decides to learn the craft of cheese making and signs up for an internship at a cheese dairy in a nearby village called Vuippens in Gruyere, a region known the world over for its fantastic cheese. Three years later, he proudly obtains his diploma and starts his career as a cheese maker.

After completing his military service, he takes further education and goes to the Cheese School in Grangeneuve for a full year. It is the year 1988. Here, he not only expands his comprehension of the chemistry involved in cheese making, he also acquires business know-how. So equipped, he puts his knowledge to use as a manufacturer of Gruyere AOP with various cheese dairies. Until, in 1993, he obtains the much-coveted title of Milk Buyer.

At the age of only 26 years old, thanks to his Master Diploma and his innovative ideas, William is entrusted with the management of one of the largest village dairies in western Switzerland. Located in Vuadens, a rural village in the middle of the Gruyère region, this dairy produced 3.5 Mio kilogramme of milk per year!

The day-to-day business of the young cheese master is to make Gruyère AOP of the finest quality. His efforts are rewarded when he receives a gold medal at the Swiss Cheese Award 2002.

But William felt a growing desire to share with others, which leads him to develop new distribution channels. “I always thought it was illusory to assume that people were coming to us. We have to bring the products from our terroir to where the people are! “, he says.

Over time, he developed something like a roadmap: meeting people, innovating, and finding new distribution partners… The young Maître Fromager is convinced that the value customers perceive must be greater than just the pursuit of excellence. He decides to make his fondue his product of reference and takes the first steps towards a branded product.

Success comes fast. The fondues by Fromagerie de Vuadens are well known and enjoy an excellent reputation. Determined to further develop, William acquires a small dairy and cheese business in the heart of Fribourg. Here, at the canton’s capital, he meets new people, discovers new ways of life and dedicates his efforts to leverage the traditional Swiss cheese fondue to a modern, urban, gastronomic experience.

In 2002, the passionate cheese maker and the leading Swiss retailer COOP team up to assure that the artisanal and gastronomic products of William’s beloved terroir are made available in one of the most important chains of supermarkets in Switzerland, and that the fondues by the “Fromager de La Gruyère” proudly stand out on the shelves. The traditional clientele of the Fromagerie de Vuadens was a bit confused to see the fondues in supermarkets at first, but the craftsman and visionary is certain: this is a necessary change.

Quality and excellence are the prerequisites for any form of creativity or innovation. By guaranteeing authentic manufacturing and maintaining the same wonderful taste sensation, William Wysmüller and his team were able to dispel all doubts associated with this new way of getting the product to the people.


William Wysmüller Portrait


William defines Cheese Fondue as such: “The art of combining gourmet flavours and Swiss tradition to share happiness”. And when you look at all the fabulous varieties of fondue he creates you will agree, there is a lot to be happy about!

Fondue Création du Maître Fromager

A blend of Gruyère AOP with unpasteurised milk, thermised Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP and pasteurised full-fat Fribourg cheese. “half-and-half” style recipe, typical of the canton of Fribourg. This fondue is the original, the base for the following varieties.

Fondue Création aux truffles

This is the one you will receive with your gift box. A blend of Gruyère AOP with unpasteurised milk, thermised Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP and pasteurised full-fat Fribourg cheese. Fondue “moitié-moitié” style, enhanced with truffle oil and truffle pieces! And then there are two more:

Fondue Création au Poivre épicé della valle Maggia

Subtle and enhanced with pepper from the Maggia Valley and spices, both marinated in white wine and grappa from the company Punto Verde in Bignasco.

Fondue Création tomato

A blend of Gruyère AOP with unpasteurised milk, thermised Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP and pasteurised full-fat Fribourg cheese. Fondue “moitié-moitié” style, enhanced with tomato puree. The tomato puree is prepared by Chomel with fresh tomatoes from Valais (whenever possible) and flavoured with herbs from the Great St. Bernard region. Wonderfully spicy!

Fondue Assemblage

Like blended wine, the Wyssmüller fondue “Assemblage” presents the terroir of two related cantons with three different kinds of AOP cheeses: Blend of Gruyère AOP with unpasteurised milk, thermised Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP and Raclette AOP with unpasteurised milk from Bagnes.

Fondue Pur vacherin

This is a blend of 3 Vacherins Fribourgeois AOP (from thermised milk) in different stages of ripeness. This fondue is eaten warm, not hot. When preparing the fondue, it should only melt, but not cook!

I already posted a pic of the truffle fondue above and I just leave you the other varieties here below to make you hungry for more! 😉

As William thinks not in “products” but in “experiences”, he created themed gift boxes. Besides the “Prestige” Box above that you can win as part of our Advent Calendar, there are “Complicity”, Friendship” and “Experience”, each coming with Wysmüller fondue, selected cheeses and wine. You can discover all gift boxes and products online >>>

Follow Les Fondues Wysmüller on Facebook and Instagram to join our tribe of Gourmet Fondue lovers and never miss a beat!




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  2. À la maison avec ma compagne et mes amis c’est toujours un super moment à partager,sutout que nous habitons ce merveilleux canton de Fribourg! !!

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