Masaba Coffee or What happens when Africa meats Italy in Switzerland

Posted on 23/04/2018 by Eileen Schuch

This small Swiss Start-up is making quite an impact in the coffee drinking community. But who IS Masaba? First of all, Masaba is the ancestral father – which is the local name of Mount Elgon, in Uganda. In this fertile land, a Swiss NGO is working with some 7000 farmers to produce excellent coffee, based on the principles of fair trade and organic farming. The NGO provides selected seedlings, consults on quality matters and invests in infrastructure. The locals, on the other hand, guarantee that only the ripe, red coffee beans are harvested, giving the green ones time to ripe. The fully aromatic beans are shipped to Genova, then roasted to perfection in a family owned facility near Como. Only small quantities are roasted at a time, to guarantee the best aroma and fresh, tasty coffee.

Now, those who know me are fully aware that a) I am a coffee addict and b) simply cherish my Handspresso. So guess what I did when I first learnt about Masaba Coffee? Sure enough: I settled down on my terrace to sample this very special coffee!

First thing I noticed when I opened the individually wrapped pod: a beautiful smell! Very intense – coffee to inhale! The 44 mm pods fit snuggly into the Handpresso (I mention this, because some providers have bigger pods – 44 is the max. my handheld espresso maker can handle), the coffee runs through smoothly, forming a nice foam. Again, the smell is lovely… The coffee is very strong indeed: the Italian influence is not to be denied, the coffee slightly bitter. I can see why this coffee has found many fans in such a short time: it is really intense and rich in aroma and has a very individual character.



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