Maulies, Swiss Gourmet Pockets: new in our portfolio of cool brands

Posted on 11/11/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Swiss & Land Maulies Sauce Champignon

Maulies, that is first of all the story of three friends – Pascal, Christian and Mark – who love authentic cuisine and quality regional products.

When they visited Southern Germany, they discovered a local specialty, Maultaschen, also known as Swabian Pockets. These traditional German pasta squares commonly contain a filling of minced meat, breadcrumbs, onions and spices, although vegetarian declinations exist, of course.

The friends were seduced by these tasty pasta pockets and, upon their return to Switzerland, decided to try to recreate that authentic taste they loved so much, but with Swiss regional products.

Long story short, they succeeded! After many trials and tastings, they founded a company called Swiss & Land and created their own brand: MAULIES.

In collaboration with local producers, among them Suter Viande, Legufruits, Le Gruyere and Eclair, Swiss & Land guarantees that only the freshest and best ingredients are used for their Swiss Gourmet Pockets; a quality standard that allowed them to be referenced at Migros, Switzerland’s largest retail company.

Already available at Migros Vaud, Migros Genève and Migros Valais, Swiss & Land has the ambition to offer their delicious Maulies in all parts of Switzerland as soon as possible. A list with all points of sale is published on the website and continuously updated.

Swiss & Land currently proposes two types of Maulies: Vegetables & Ricotta and Meat & Vegetables. Both are quasi ready-to-eat, all you need to do is warm them up. For that, there are many different, original ways: in a broth, in a pan, … Preparing a healthy, delicious and balanced meal has never been that easy! On the website, you will find a selection of recipes for inspiration. Below, we have already posted you one!

Rich in flavors, practical and quickly prepared, as a snack or a full meal, Maulies adapt to your taste and desires. They are perfect for those seeking to get creative with their food without spending hours in the kitchen, and those who are always on-the-go but look for authentic food that is as fresh and delicious as home made.

For those wondering: Maulies are very different from the traditional Ravioli. The Swiss Gourmet Pockets are larger in size and contain, proportionally, a lot more filling. The ratio is approximately 70% of filling : 30% dough. But you better find all that out for yourself! We are happy to give you the opportunity!

Here at coolbrandz, we love food and, like Swiss & Land, we are from the beautiful Romandie, the French speaking part of Switzerland. It is our passion to support fellow entrepreneurs and local startups. That is why we offer members of our Influencer, Talent and Blogger community, to connect with the brand and taste the products. If you would like to create a story with Maulies, like this post and write us an e-mail: We would love to hear from you!



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