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Posted on 15/03/2020 by Eileen Schuch
Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee Lime

Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee: Do not be afraid to stand out!  Be the way you are, because that’s the best way. Swim against the stream, be different. Be special. Step out of line – just like Sparkling Coffee, Mövenpicks newest creation.

We all know coffee. Some like it in the morning, some at any time throughout the day. Some like it small, strong and dark, others with milk and sugar. Each country has its own coffee culture and the delicious brew is part of the daily lives of many people. But sparkling?

You will probably have heard of Cold Brew coffee which is a fast-growing trend and consists of steeping coffee grounds in water at cool temperatures for an extended period of time. The result is an aromatic concentrate. Iced coffee, for example, that is made from Cold Brew rather than conventionally brewed coffee is often smoother and stronger.

Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee establishes a completely new category of carbonated cold coffee beverages and addresses an audience that is open-minded; people who love the taste of coffee but who are searching for new, fun ways to enjoy their caffeine kick.

This fizzy cold brew procures just that: made from 100% natural ingredients, it is mild, vegan, low in sugar, and combines three components in one taste explosion: refreshment – perfect carbonation is the key, energy – cold brew coffee is the secret, and fun – fruity flavors are the essence.


Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee Full Range


Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee is made from Cold Brew and combines decades of coffee expertise with a passion for natural, refreshing beverages. High-quality Arabica and Robusta beans are lightly roasted and ground to perfection using a medium grind. The coffee blend is then infused with cold mountain spring water through which it passes in peace and quiet for 12 hours in order to allow it to reveal its full range of mild flavors. Subsequently, the Cold Brew Coffee is filtered via a 3-fold high-pressure extraction process and refined with natural fruit flavors. Then, it is carbonated which makes it particularly refreshing.

Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee provides a natural energy boost and can be enjoyed – in moderation – at any time.

There are four different varieties: Original, Strawberry, Lime and Ginger; each one characterized by a refreshingly fruity taste. The ideal summer drink!

Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee Original: For the Purists – and everyone else. It all started with the conviction that Cold Brew is more than cold coffee. And with the great desire to create something surprising. The result is the Original: best cold brew coffee, refined with refreshing carbon dioxide.

Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee Lime: For the Active – and everyone else. This tingling cold brew is not only sublimed by a dash of lime it also contains a touch of elderberry and mint; making an already refreshing drink even more refreshing.

Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee Ginger: For the Trendsetters – and everyone else. When the ginger with the lime… what comes out can only be fine. This combo provides a zingy flavor blast and enchants your tastebuds. If you like ginger, you will love this flavor!

Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee Strawberry: For the Balanced – and everyone else. Strawberry, lime, cold coffee and carbon dioxide. What sounds strange is in truth a surprisingly harmonious union. The sweetness of the strawberry is subtly underlined by the acidity of the lime, the coffee provides the kick and the carbon dioxide the sparkle.


Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee x Baschi Swiss Pop Singer


Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee x Baschi

Mövenpick is known worldwide for its quality coffee. The company also has a reputation for innovating and creating memorable coffee experiences. This signature is strong with Sparkling Coffee: Cold Brew with a twist.

For the launch of its newest creation, Mövenpick has partnered with Swiss pop singer Baschi who was catapulted to fame via the TV show MusicStar. Many talents have participated in such casting shows but not everyone has become successful in the long run.

Baschi is different. Courageous, hard-working and self-confident, he found his audience and conquered the Swiss market. Definitely not mainstream, Baschi is someone who polarizes. All these attributes made him the perfect ambassador for Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee.

Tune in to the video below. It is a humorous take on the collaboration and embodies the esprit of the campaign perfectly: do not take yourself too seriously, try something new, have fun, go wild. You might like it!



Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee: Cocktail Suggestions

Part of the product development crew is, of course, Kevin Mohler aka “Mohli”, Coffee Innovation Manager and Barista at Mövenpick as well as Swiss Coffee Cuptasting Champion 2017. Kevin is THE most passionate Coffee Geek you can find. Not only is he among the Top 5 Swiss Baristas, but also one of the Top 20 Cuptasters in the World. It would be an understatement to say, Kevin knows a lot about coffee. Kevin lives and breathes coffee! Below you see him captured in action by Alex Lambrechts.

We already met Kevin on several occasions, the Coffee & Wine event at 20/20 Restaurant in Zurich and the Coffee Workshop at Mövenpick HQ in Baar for example, and we know that “Mohli” likes to experiment with coffee. He continuously explores new horizons by combining it with different other ingredients and pushes the boundaries of where you can take coffee.

Together with Timon Kaufmann, the Brewing Bartender, they wowed us with a surprising coffee cocktail called Coffee Lemonade that is made with a syrup from Ricola bonbons. Because, you know, we are from Switzerland… 😉



Below, some equally astonishing cocktail recipes with Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee.

Cold Brew Gin Tonic

100 ml Tonic Water
125 ml Sparkling Coffee Original
5 cl of gin
ice cubes

Preparation: For this simple but delicious cocktail you first pour the Tonic Water and the Gin in a glass over the ice cubes. This classic Gin & Tonic is then topped up with Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee Original.

Sparkling Hugo

70 ml white wine (or Prosecco)
90 ml Sparkling Coffee Lime
5-10 ml elderflower syrup
ice cubes
Decoration (berries, mint, limes)

Preparation: Sparkling Coffee Lime, white wine and syrup are poured into an ice-filled glass. Stir once with a stick decorated with berries (Stirrer) – done! If you like it a bit more sparkling, you can take Prosecco instead of the white wine – then you get a really sparkling Hugo!

Moscow Sparkling Mule

150 ml Sparkling Coffee Ginger
5 ml ginger juice
5 cucumber slices (2 in the drink and 3 rolled up on the stirrer)
1/2 lime (juice)
10 ml syrup
6 cl of vodka
ice cubes
Decoration (mint, ginger carving, lime)

Preparation: From Russia with Love! First, mix all liquid ingredients in a shaker. Fill a copper cup with ice, cucumber slices, limes and, if you like, a ginger carving. Then, pour the contents of the shaker over the ice in the cup. Voilà!

Prefer a Caipirinha? Cut half a lime in 8 slices and put in a beaker with cucumber slices of the same, add sugar. Then crush everything with a pestle. Add ginger juice, vodka, and Sparkling Coffee Ginger, fill the cup with ice and stir gently.

Strawberry Coldbrew Daiquiri

80 g of frozen strawberries
1 dl Sparkling Coffee Strawberry
8 cl white rum
1 lime juice of half a lime
1 cl syrup (if the strawberries are not sweet enough)

Preparation: For this fruity pleasure, simply mix all the ingredients and pour the drink in a suitable glass. Decorate with strawberry slices and mint. This cocktail looks fantastic!



About Mövenpick

Mövenpick is a historic Swiss Brand founded in 1948 by Ueli Prager. A true Swiss pioneer in gastronomy and the hotel business. The Swiss heritage represents their sense of perfection, reliability and trustfulness. The brand is seen as authentic, real and exclusive without being distant.

Mövenpick is a brand for quality seeking connoisseurs, who want to show appreciation for themselves and others. Mövenpick’s vision has remained the same as its founder has once put it: “We don‘t do anything special, we are only successful because we do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.”

Below the video from the launch event for Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee. Tune in! You might spot some familiar faces.



Follow Mövenpick Sparkling Coffee online: Web, Instagram, and join the tribe using hashtag #sparklingcoffee.




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