A balanced breakfast with Nestle Fitness cereals

Posted on 14/01/2018 by coolbrandz

xMas-Calendar-2014-14-14.12.14-Nestle-FitnessCerealsFor generations, Nestlé Fitness cereals accompany us when we wake up in the morning. They are an ideal part of a healthy, balanced breakfast and strengthen us for the day.

The yuletide is often synonymous with family gatherings. That’s why we put a gift set of Nestlé Cereals and goodies under the Christmas tree so you can enjoy breakfast with your family and friends.

So while you are waiting for Santa, you can participate in our xMas giveaway. Simply leave a comment below, and hope that Santa pulls your name at the lucky draw on 24.12.14!

Our breakfast study of 2013 shows, that in Switzerland, cereals are mostly enjoyed with milk. That is wonderful; after all, exactly these ingredients together with fruit constitute a healthy, balanced breakfast.

But there is more to the cereal than you may think! It has great potential for being used to create original recipes!

For those in need of inspiration, you may want to try preparing the recipes suggested by Jean-François Wahlen, the head chef at Alimentarium in Vevey.




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