Food Zurich: Future Food Algae – Panel Discussion and 3-Course Dinner with Alver Golden Chlorella – Tibits 18.05.19

Posted on 08/05/2019 by Eileen Schuch
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FOOD ZURICH will be taking place for the fourth time this year: from 16 to 26 May 2019, the Limmat city, one of the trendiest food destinations in Europe, will host a panoply of lectures, tastings, and culinary attractions for people of all ages and from all horizons.

Our partner Alver Golden Chlorella will, of course, be part of the event! On 18 May, there is a panel discussion about algae as future food followed by a 3-Course Dinner at tibits Bistro in Zurich Seefeld.

If you would like to immerse in the world of algae, learn why they are such an important food source for the future and how to prepare delicious dishes with this healthy green superfood from the water, get your ticket right now >>>

Location: tibits Bistro Zurich, Falkenstrasse 12, 8008 Zürich
Date: 18 May 2019, 6:00 pm to approx. 9:30 pm
Price: CHF 100 (3-course menu, presentation, and goodie bag)



The pictures by David Biedert above are from last year and provide a glimpse into the ambiance that reigns at this event. But was is FOOD ZURICH actually? It is an association that was founded by Zürich Tourismus together with partners from the restaurant and hospitality industries. The festival is an annual highlight that showcases the rich culinary variety of Zurich, the city as well as its surroundings: from street food and slow food to fine food.

“It’s where experimental Swiss dishes meet traditional recipes and international trends while seasoned restaurants serve it up at surprising new venues. Its rich program with contributions from up-and-coming chefs and restaurateurs invites guests to hands-on experiences, to discover new tastes and discuss the latest scientific innovations.”, the event website tells us and we could not have expressed it better. It is a melting pot of different influences and a great experience that we can only recommend.

Beyond celebrating the local gastro scene, traditional cuisine as well as contemporary creations, FOOD ZURICH also promotes young talents, innovation, and sustainability and provides a stage for future-oriented startups in this domain.

It is in this context that tibits, the group of vegetarian restaurants, is hosting a panel discussion about algae.

The healthy aquatic greens not only add taste to a dish they are also an ecological and sustainable food source. Asian cuisine, for example, has a longstanding tradition of integrating algae. Slowly, its benefits are also recognized by the medical and beauty industries in Europe.

Algae are edible plants that grow in water. They have minimal cultivation needs and are high in vitamin and protein. That makes them an excellent candidate for future food sources because, unlike many of the arable vegetables and fruits, they do not require the transport of tons of water and can be sustainably grown directly in existing waters.

To enlighten the interested public about the many benefits of algae, tibits invited two stellar speakers: Mine Uran, protein expert and CEO of Alver Golden Chlorella, and Elisabeth Wagner, Managing Assistant at Islander Rathlin Kelp, a producer of organic algae from Northern Ireland.

Algae, what makes this species-rich aquatic plant so fascinating? And why did Alver specialize in the production of foods with Golden Chlorella, a particularly nutrient-rich microalgae? Salicornia and Kelp, how are they cultivated and harvested?

Guests can look forward to an informative evening and interesting exchanges with international experts on the topic over a 3-course dinner that was specifically created for the occasion and that will be served in the flower room at tibits Bistro Zurich.

Dive into the exciting underwater world of Salicornia, Kelp, Chlorella & Co. and enjoy algae dishes from the tibits creative kitchen. Each participant will also receive a goodie bag filled with exciting algae products from tibits and Alver.




About Alver Golden Chlorella

Founded in September 2016 by Mine Uran, CEO (previously Nestlé Protein R & D Manager, 20 years of scientific research on the subject of the ideal protein) and Majbritt Byskov-Bridges, COO (recognized economist on financial strategy), Alver Golden Chlorella S.A. is a Swiss startup specializing in the development and production of food products using a yellow powder that is derived from Golden Chlorella. This is a source of sustainable, 100% natural, vegetable protein from microalgae. Alver’s mission is to provide nutritious, tasty and wholesome food to feed the growing world population while protecting the environment.

Right at the beginning of the venture, Alver made it into the top ten of the UBS Social Innovator 2016, a competition with more than 1,200 participants. In 2017, the Genilem Selection Committee for Projects decided to support Alver for a period of 3 years. A Seed Startup Loan has been awarded by the Innovaud Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). The Business Development and Trade Service (SPECo) also supports the company. In December 2017, Alver received the Best Natural Ingredient Award at the Innovation Challenge for Startups in Frankfurt. The magazine Bilan selected Alver as one of the 50 best startups in Switzerland in 2018.

The company is headquartered in Chardonne and currently employs 4 people.

Contact: Alver Golden Chlorella S.A., Chemin de la Baume 21, 1803 Chardonne, Switzerland,
Online: Web, Facebook, Instagram, #myalver




About Islander Rathlin Kelp

At Northern Ireland’s North Coast, the edible seaweed and natural superfood kelp is growing aplenty in the cold, clean waters around Rathlin Island. Here, the currents of the Irish Sea and the Atlantic mix which provides a particularly favorable environment for “kelp forests” to flourish.

Islander Rathlin Kelp is farmed on ropes which reach down into the unusually strong currents around Rathlin Island. The strength of these tides keeps the temperature at a constant and provides the nutrients for the kelp to flourish. This, along with bespoke cultivation methods, allows Islander Rathlin Kelp to be grown 365 days a year.

The process is 100% natural in order to preserve the kelp. It is washed and blanched in freshwater, then chopped and deep frozen. Thanks to this refined process, Islander Rathlin is organic.

“Kelp is incredibly nutritious. It’s a superfood, with more iron and calcium than any other vegetable. It is full of protein, vitamin D, magnesium, selenium, and potassium. It is a scientifically proven fat inhibitor, so it stops your body from absorbing fat. Islander Rathlin Kelp is unique because its texture is so fine and its flavor so delicate. This is because of our unique growing and preservation process. We blanche and freeze our kelp to keep all the flavor and goodness locked in.”, says Founder and CEO Kate Burns.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how Kate and her team are working and follow Islander Rathlin Kelp online: Web, Instagram




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