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Posted on 02/11/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Best of Swiss Gastro ClausthalerBest of Swiss Gastro Clausthaler

Every year, I am waiting for November with impatience. Why? Because it is the start of the Yuletide, my absolute favorite time of the year! Many glamorous events fall in this season; we are all excited about the year-end celebrations. It is the time to look back on the year and to highlight all that was good. Many friends and colleagues come together for aperitifs and dinners, many office parties are being organised, many annual ceremonies… and then, there is the one: the Best of Swiss Gastro Awards.

The one night the top of the crops of Swiss gastronomy comes together. For the second year running, we were fortunate enough to accompany Clausthaler, a Premium Partner of this event. Many thanks for that!

I love this event. It provides a platform for many passionate, highly talented people. All the teams assisting at the ceremony are already winners: they are all distinguished by the quality stamp “Best Of Swiss Gastro” as a result of a very democratic voting system. The ranking list in each category is established by counting to 1/3 each the jury vote, the public vote and the vote by the guests of a specific establishment. The overall score thus reflects a 360° evaluation. The voting mechanism is deployed throughout the year and then, in November, the results are presented.

Based on the established rankings, the three best representatives in each category are identified. On the Awards night the nominees are presented and the winners announced. It is an exciting and entertaining affair. Who is it going to be? And who will receive the highest accolade, Master Best Of Swiss Gastro Award?

Well, let’s end the suspense, I can tell you now: Master Best Of Swiss Gastro 2018 is – tadaaah – Ristorante da Enzo, Ponte Brolla, a Fine Dining restaurant in Ticino. It is run by a family; Enzo and Josi Andreatta, who opened it in 1992, and who were later joined by their son Sergio. In 2013, Chef Andrea Cingari was awarded the title “Rising Star of the Year” by Gault & Millau. The restaurant is a known reference in Ticino for the quality of its cuisine and service. If you have not yet been, then maybe you want to put it on your bucket list for next summer. Be sure to reserve a table well in advance, though!

In all, there are 8 categories: Trend, Classic, International, Fine Dining, Activity, Bar & Lounge, Coffee and On The Move. Over 50’000 evaluations were received and 141 Swiss restaurants awarded “Best of Swiss Gastro” by the Jury.

We all came together at Halle 622 in Zurich Oerlikon on Monday 13th November 2017 to witness the revelation of the results and to honor the winners. And here they are:

Fine Dining: 1. Ristorante da Enzo, 2. Ponte Brolla, GUSTAV, Zürich, 3. „parkhuus“, Zürich

Classic: 1. Wilder Mann, Zürich, 2. Hirschen Stammheim, Oberstammheim, 3. Landgasthof Wartegg, Wigoltingen/Hasli

International: 1. OOKI JAPANESE IZAKAYA, Zürich, 2. Portofino am See, Thalwil, 3. USAGIYAMA, Widen

Activity: 1. Chäsalp, Zürich, 2. Alpenblick, Arosa, 3. Restaurant Eichberg, Seengen

Trend: 1. SMITH and de LUMA, Zürich, 2. Zur Werkstatt, Luzern, 3. AYVERDI’S, Zürich

On The Move: 1. Eiswerkstatt, Bern, 2. Geschmacksträger, St. Gallen, 3. Zapote, Californian Burritos & Salads, Zürich

Bar & Lounge: 1. Atelier Classic Bar, Thun, 2. Bar Ciani Lugano, Lugano, 3. my senses, Dübendorf

Category Coffee: 1. Milchbar, das Gaumenfreudenhaus, Zürich, 2. Beckeria, Zürich, 3. Einstein au Jardin, Bern

I know some of the restaurants; others remain still to be discovered. Congratulations to all the Best of Swiss Gastro winners and much success for the years to come!

Best of Swiss Gastro Clausthaler

What was particularly enchanting this year, I personally find, was the market-like atmosphere at the aperitif. In the hall, food and drink stands were dotted all around and lots of animations were proposed. Media didn’t have to wait to get in but for other guests there was a queue. As they were waiting to proceed to the entry, they were offered hot snacks on skewers by Best of Swiss Gastro staff. Nice touch! Kudos.

Once entered, you are immediately absorbed by the hustling and bustling inside: a food market dipped in dimmed red light. Service staff carrying trays of champagne, cocktails and soft drinks, sushi platters are passed around… there was something for everybody and all tastes were catered for.

I quickly joined our team at the Clausthaler Corner and hooked up with Joe for photo making purposes. Not an easy task with the crowds and the lights, but fun nonetheless.

At the opening of the doors to the dining room, we rushed inside, eager to find a premium spot. And what a table we had, just in front of the stage. Best place ever!

This year’s host was Nik Hartmann, a well-known Swiss television and radio presenter. He did a great job, I think. Friendly, funny and a bit cheeky – his way of presenting was entertaining and put the audience and contestants at ease.

The only thing I regret is that there was no translation for speakers of other languages. Not for my own sake, I speak three languages, hélas! But at our table alone there were more people whose native language is not Swiss German and for whom it was a bit difficult to follow the proceedings. Another thing: I found the Romandie, the French speaking part of Switzerland and my home after all, totally under-represented. I thought the same last year and hoped that for the edition 2017 it would pick up, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Wonder why!

Throughout the evening, many personalities were speaking at the lectern. Among them the truly remarkable Anton Mosimann, a Swiss chef who held the position of Maitre Chef des Cuisines at the Dorchester Hotel for thirteen years and who was awarded two Michelin stars during that time. Since then he created Mosimann’s, a private dining club, a cookery school, presented TV shows in the UK and Switzerland and received the Royal Warrant of Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales for catering. What an achievement! A true celebrity indeed. A little joke here, a little anecdote there, it was a pleasure to see him live and an honour to meet him in person.

A little word on the dinner experience: it was hearty, I’d say. What a challenge to cater for about 600 (?) guests! But one the team from dine&shine mastered brilliantly. The plus: vegan options for every course. The dessert was created by World Champion Pâtissier Rolf Mürner and it was a tale in itself, such variety on one plate, such delicacy and finesse… bravo! That was the menu and the food-wine pairings we got to enjoy:

Kuh auf Wiese: Tatar vom Angusrind mit Consommée zum selber angiessen
Cow on the meadow: tartar from Angus beef, consommé
Vegan: Vegetables on the meadow, vegan vegetables tartar, pickled gherkins
Wine Pairing: Petite Arvine Grand Métral 2016, Provins & Garanoir Expression 2015, Cave de la Côté

Mee(h)r Tsüri: King Fish mit Tsüri Sauce N° 1 mariniert, zweierlei Rande, Ananas, Meerettich und Kaffeestreusel
More Tsüri: Kingfish marinated in Tsüri Sauce N° 1, two types of beetroot, pineapple, radish, coffee sprinkles
Vegan: Swiss tofu, Tsüri marinade, two types of beetroot, pineapple, radish, coffee sprinkles
Wine Pairing: Ursus blanc Assemblage 2015, Zweifel Weine & Bodensee Cuvée weiss 2016, Rutishauser Weinkellerei

Da hat’s Fleisch am Knochen: Glasierte Seeländer Kalbshaxe mit Tessiner Polenta, Pro Specie Rara Rüebeli und karamelisierter Zwiebel
There’s meat on the bone: Glazed Seeländer (from the region of the 3 lakes ) veal shank with Ticinese polenta, caramelized onion
Vegan: Quinoa vegetable patty, Ticino polenta, Pro Specie Rara carrot
Wine Pairing: Roncaia Riserva 2014, Vinattieri Ticinesi & Château Lichten Assemblage 2015, Domaines Rouvinez

Süsses von/Sweets by Patisserie World Champion Rolf Mürner:

Vanille Millefeuilles, Birnen-Sauerrahmglace, Mini-Schoko-Waffel, Williams-Krustenpraline, Kaffeemacarons, Flüssige Aprikosenkugel
Vanilla Millefeuilles, pear and sour cream ice cream, mini chocolate waffle, Williams crust praline, coffee macarons, liquid apricot ball
Vegan: Schokoladenkugel mit Birnen- und Schokoladenmousse, Reisperlen, Aprikosenfruchtgelee, Birnenwürfel, Aprikosensorbet
Chocolate sphere filled with pear and chocolate mousse with rice pearls and apricot fruit jelly, pear cubes and apricot sorbet
Wine Pairing: Baccarat Brut blanc des blancs, La Cave de Genève

The starter was surprising, the main traditional, seasonal and reassuring and the dessert, well… see above! Delish! The dinner was accompanied by performances from Gee-K and the Zurich Gospel Choir. Joe captured all the emotion in black and white, you can see more of his music photography here >>>

After dinner, the celebrations went on. This year, I did not stay for the after party because I was travelling in the morning but I trust it was epic! Like every year.

You can find more information about all the Award Winners and Best of Swiss Gastro in general here >>>, on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube. And here you can tune in to the LIVE broadcast of the evening:

About Clausthaler and Best of Swiss Gastro

Clausthaler is a premium beer and belongs to the best beers in the world. Its success is its taste. Clausthaler is the beer among the non-alcoholic beverages. Brewed according to the German Beer Purity Law, it guarantees the highest product quality and unmatched taste stability. But quality is no coincidence: the know-how of the master brewers and the high-quality raw materials guarantee that each Clausthaler’s journey always starts with the same, constant quality. Clausthaler is a Premium Partner of the Best of Swiss Gastro Award Night.



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