Save the date – 24.11.17 – Czech It Out 10th Birthday Bash @ Moods Jazz Club, Zurich

Posted on 20/11/2017 by Eileen Schuch
Budweiser Budvar CzechItOut Birthday Moods

Friday, 24th November, from 11pm at Mood Jazz Club, Zurich’s hippest jazz club, our friends from CZECH IT OUT celebrate 10 years of bringing the magic of unique Czech and Slovak lifestyles to Switzerland. We will be there with Budweiser Budvar, of course! And have 2 invitations to share with you. If you want to be part of it, send us an e-mail >>>

CZECH IT OUT, what is it about?

More than an event series, more than a community, CZECH IT OUT is an esprit. It is about allowing expats from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to continue enjoying the best aspects of their lifestyle in Switzerland and to introduce Swiss people to what being Czech or Slovak is all about: food, drink, culture… The team works relentlessly towards bringing brands from their countries to their new home. And for those here, it is only beneficial to open their mind and embrace all the good.

The story started in 1991, when the family of Founder Rebecca Neff moved from Switzerland to the former Czechoslovakia. Rebecca and her brother integrated elementary school in the town of Trebic and learned the Czech language. Many impressive and adventurous years in that new country were to follow. In 2000, Rebecca decided to return to Switzerland and started to work with Swiss Air. Missing Czechoslovakia, she was trying to network with Czech people in Switzerland. But that proved more difficult than she anticipated: where to go, what was going on, how to connect?

Budweiser Budvar Czechitout Birthday Party Rebecca

A couple of years later a Czech friend asked her to help out at the bar at his Czech party. That inspired her to develop the idea further. With the support of her brother and friends, she created CZECH IT OUT. The first ever party was held at Floor Club. That was in 2007. And what started as a one-off then grew into a regular institution: every first Thursday of the month, the resident gig was the CZECH IT OUT party. Great music, excellent beer, selected culinary specialties… everything to easy the nostalgia of those having left their home country and now living in Switzerland and the curiosity of those calling Switzerland their home but wanting to know more about and embrace the Czech and Slovak lifestyle. Many Czechs and Slovaks brought along their Swiss friends or partners to the parties and the ambiance was always amazing.

But, as life goes, work is work and fun is fun, and so, in 2008, the party series came to an end. It was simply not possible at the time to organize an event each month. Then, in 2010, there was a revival when the HILTL Club contacted CZECH IT OUT on the occasion of their event series “WORLDWIDE – Die Partywelt zu Gast”. Rebecca and her team were invited to represent the Czech Republic and Slovakia. At these evening events, various nations presented their culture, drinks and dishes, as well as their music. From then on, the CZECH IT OUT parties were regularly hosted at the HILTL Club and, after a certain time, decoupled from the WORLDWIDE label, in cooperation with “Friday for adults”. In the end Rebecca and her team even promoted their events independently.

In February 2014, CZECH IT OUT “the party” left the HILTL Club and began a new era: the so-called CZECH IT OUT “on the move”, a concept that allowed them to book and at various locations. And this is pretty much how it works until this date. On their home page, CZECH IT OUT announces the date, the place and the program of the next party and also promotes the event on Facebook and Instagram. Since then, the team has also been organizing “special events” focused on live music, culture and entertainment.

CZECH IT OUT “10 YEARS” – Czech, Slovak & International Party Tunes

The next, the ultimate party – the 10th anniversary bash – is going to be held at the famous jazz club Moods in Zurich’s in-district “Kreis 5”. The location is part of the historic building Schiffbau. Well-known among jazz-lovers it’s still an insiders’ tip for clubbers. The Moods opens its doors after live concerts for DJs, beats and great mixes and offers a unique atmosphere for fabulous party nights.

For the occasion, CZECH IT OUT welcomes a popular DJ and moderator from Sumperk (CZ). He will play the very best of Czech, Slovak & International party tunes all night long. Bluetrac will offer a fabulous animation and photographer Leo is going to capture the most beautiful moments with his cam. There is going to be a midnight energy booster with delicious Chimney Cakes made by (as long as stock lasts) and the bar will serve delicious, authentic specialties: Budweiser Budvar, Becherovka Original, Becherovka Lemond, Tatratea Original, Bohemia Sekt…

That and many other highlights from the Czech Republic and Slovakia will make your night in Switzerland’s most famous party-district unforgettable. Czech out the teaser video below to get a feel for how fun this is going to be:

Organisational Information: Friday, November 24th 2017, doors open from 11pm, Moods / Schiffbauplatz / 8005 Zurich, Minimum age: 18, Entry: CHF 20

The Club offers a variety of comfortable seating possibilities that are offered without a minimum charge of consumption for groups of 6 people and more. You can reserve your table via e-mail right here >>> If you don’t need a lounge, there is no need to make a reservation and you are welcome to just drop in. The tickets can be purchased right on the spot! To get there, we recommend public transport: easy on the environment, no drink and drive and it is super practical.

Czech It Out Budweiser Budvar

About Budweiser Budvar

No Czech party would be complete without Budweiser Budvar. Why? Because there is only one true Budweiser and that is brewed in the Czech Republic, more precisely a little town called České Budějovice or Budweis (in German).

The uniqueness and originality of České Budějovice beer is recognized by the European Union, which entitled Budweiser Budvar in 2004 to use the “Protected Geographical Indication” logo, a seal that guarantees that the beer is genuine as it can only be granted to products strongly connected with their place of origin and produced using exactly specified, distinctive and traditional procedures.

Budweiser Budvar is brewed in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot law of 1516, using only virgin clear natural water, granules of selected species of the best Moravian barley and the gentlest heads of the high quality Žatec hop. The Czech Premium Lager is most enjoyed by lovers of pale beer.






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