A gift box with Nespresso Limited Editions Tribute to Milano and Palermo

Posted on 01/01/2018 by Eileen Schuch

Hurry, hurry, the Christmas countdown has started! As every year, coolbrandz offers you a nice surprise behind each little window of its Advent Calendar! We open the season with 1 gift box containing the Nespresso Limited Editions Tribute to Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Palermo! To enter, simply leave a comment below until 12.24.15! After that, the winner will be drawn and the gift sent in early 2016. Good luck!

5 reasons to savour the new Nespresso Limited Editions, Tribute to Milan and Tribute to Palermo:

Notice to coffee addicts and ristretto-nistas: Nespresso recently launched two new Limited Editions with great character. Following the launch of the Limited Editions Trieste and Naples, the spirit of a further two Italian cities finds their way into our cups of coffee, namely a Tribute to Milano and a Tribute to Palermo. To taste is to worship. After 120 cups of coffee, here at coolbrandz, we say all roads lead to Milan and Palermo. Here’s why.

Nespresso_Limited Edition_Tribute to Milano_Capsule_1 copy1. With quality coffee, you shall wake up!

If, as the Milanese, you are always in a hurry, Tribute to Milano is the ideal coffee for you. The hustle and bustle of the city of Milan has been captured in this vibrant elixir. But speed and a quick awakening should never be mistaken for mediocrity, as this elegant, intense, fruity Tribute to Milano with a hint of breakfast cereals proves to perfection. Start your day with good energy, fast forward yourself to Milan!

Nespresso_Limited Edition_Tribute to Palermo_Capsule_1 copy2. Enjoy a full cup of Aroma

Aficionados of the ristretto, Tribute to Palermo is your antidote to boredom. Strong and intense, these few minutes fill your mouth with notes of cocoa and spicy pepper. Inspired by the fragrances of the streets of Palermo, this explosion of colours and scents is perfectly captured in this nectar of the gods (at least the Italian gods). A single cup is all it needs to transport you to the heart of the Sicilian market. Traveling has never been easier.

3. Have a break. Take a sip. Enjoy simplicity and excellence

The new Limited Editions carry on the Nespresso philosophy: To invite simplicity and excellence into each and every house where coffee lovers dwell, this time with Arabica beans from Central and South America and Robusta from Guatemala for Tribute to Milano. To concoct Tribute to Palermo, Nespresso journeyed to East Africa and returned with a blend of Arabica and Robusta superior.

4. Let yourself be seduced by the new Limited Editions

The new ristrettos Tribute to Milan and Tribute to Palermo are ready to seduce even the pickiest palate. Their intensity, elegance and aromatic richness transforms each sip into a caffeinated work of art. Viva la Dolce Vita in a tender atmosphere, whenever a capsule transports you right into the heart of Milan or Palermo.

5. Discover new recipes of coffee delights

Whether you are drinking your coffee black, with or without sugar: Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Palermo are versatile and can be enjoyed in countless ways. Why not bring out the beautiful roundness of Tribute to Milano by mixing it with milk to make a silky and creamy latte macchiato? And wouldn’t the intense roasting of Tribute to Palermo invite itself for a tasty cappuccino? And since we’re talking Dolce Vita: Why not take Tribute to Palermo to prepare a delicious home made Tiramisu? Go for it!

Winner: Mirella M.

Nespresso Limited Edition Grands Crus – Tribute to Palermo and Tribute to Milano




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