coolbrandz WoM campaign for Nestlé Fitness wins Meilleur du Web – Category Branding

Posted on 10/01/2018 by coolbrandz

It is with pride and happiness that we conducted, for the second year running, a national WoM (Word-of-Mouth) campaign for our client Nestlé Cereals.

In 2013 already, at the occasion of the launch of its breakfast cereals with new, sugar reduced formula, Nestlé Cereals dialogued with Swiss consumers via the coolbrandz platform. An integrated communication campaign, part of which was the engagement of 1’000 coolbranders in product trial, resulted in the successful launch of the cereals with improved formula. Less sugar, more whole grain and vitamin D, the good news quickly spread from one person to another.

Nestle-Cereals-Breakfast-Report-coolbrandz-2013The success of a WoM campaign is based on three pillars: the quality of the products, the spread of product specific information from consumer to consumer, and the overall reach of these communications. Insights from last year’s campaign are summarized in this infographic.

Engagement marketing is an excellent vector for a brand to dialogue in a more innovative, long-lasting way with their audiences and to generate a maximum of word-of-mouth in the process. Based on last year’s success, Nestlé Cereals decided to continue their collaboration with coolbrandz in 2014 and to reinforce the relationship with our community of influencers.

This year’s campaign was focused on Nestlé Fitness. We wanted to allow our users to explore breakfast cereals in a new light, but above all, meet the people behind the brand and share an unforgettable experience together.

At the beginning of the year, we thus organized a joint breakfast with fifty invited members of our community and the persons responsible for the brand here in Switzerland. The Alimentarium in Vevey was the perfect location for this shared meal. It made perfect sense for the Food Museum, the first of its kind worldwide, to host our event. Not only does the museum allow for a vivid discovery of the various aspects of nutrition, it also has its own restaurant where delicious food is prepared and shared every day.

Nestle-Fitness-coolbrandz-blogger-workshopWe were very lucky for Head Chef Jean-François Wahlen to open the doors to his kitchen in order to let us; a few selected media and bloggers discover and prepare various delicious recipes with Nestlé Fitness cereals. A wonderful, unforgettable and hands-on experience that was much buzzed about.

The creations we prepared during the blogger workshop and other Nestlé delicacies were then served at the community breakfast. The whole experience was filmed by our partner, Adrenaline Digital, and then promoted online. This video was viewed 144’446 times by Swiss YouTube users within the target group.

The recipes that Jean-François Wahlen provided were then shared with all our community and served as an inspiration for all those who wanted to recreate them.

Nestle-Fitness-salad1’300 more coolbranders in all of Switzerland were selected to organize a breakfast with Nestlé Fitness Cereals at home, to try the proposed recipes or to create their own and to share that experience with their friends and families.

We are currently analyzing the results of the campaign but in November, when Adrenaline Digital took the initiative to file the campaign for MDW14 (Meilleur du Web) under their own name, we already counted  12’000 Nestlé Fitness related posts in the social networks of our connected bloggers and selected users, 50’000 brand related consumer-to-consumer conversations and 700’000 brand related interactions online (comments, likes, shares, messages…). An end of campaign survey and a final analysis will provide an even more detailed insight into the real scope of this campaign.

We want to thank our community for their enthusiasm and loyalty towards the Nestlé Cereals brand. The love with which they treat the products we entrust them with is the best reward and recognition that a brand could wish for. Many thanks also to Nestlé Cereals and their representing agency, Zenith Optimedia, for their continued trust in coolbrandz. We are delighted that our campaign was rewarded “Meilleur du Web 2014” in the category Branding. Congratulations to everyone involved!



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