#coolevent – JOE & THE JUICE Zurich: Launch Event

Posted on 29/06/2018 by Burcu Ergin

I guess discovering new places, products and services is the best part of my job. However, I never made it to Joe & The Juice, until – tadaaaaa – they opened in Zurich, Sihlcity.

I am someone who is conscious about healthy nutrition, and I am sure that most of you have an idea what Joe & The Juice as a company stands for: healthy snacks, fruit juices, smoothies and coffee drinks. And so I was happy to be invited to the opening of their newest branch in Zurich.

Here some background information: Joe & The Juice was founded 2002 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, they are serving the fresh taste of this legendary place all over the world. They call about 140 sales points their own in locations like New York, Seoul, London, Oslo, Singapore… and now, after Luzern, Zurich in Switzerland!

The brand is instantly recognizable thanks to its logo: the pink dot is visible from afar as you walk the streets of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany and England… everywhere the company has locations, people are greeted by that friendly pink.

The concept of Joe & The Juice is a combination of healthy food and cozy surroundings. Combine Scandinavian style with the new trends forming around today’s food and you have it: delicious sandwiches, healthy salads, fresh juice and coffee!

The interior is cozy, the light ambient and space is provided for by the signature library concept. Kudos to the staff, they look like their own little party and seem to have a lot of fun behind the counter.

If you love healthy snacks, delicious fresh juice and coffee, Joe & The Juice is the place to be!



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