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Posted on 13/01/2018 by Eileen Schuch

Seedstars World, the international startup competition for emerging markets, will be holding its annual Summit on M​arch 3rd, 2016​ at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). 55 startups will be competing for equity investments of up to USD 1M.

Seedstars World launched its third edition in May, backed by an international team of 12. T​hey have covered 55+ cities, scouting for the best startups around the world. All 55 finalists have been selected. They are invited to Switzerland end of February 2016 to participate in a three-day bootcamp hosted by E​PFL. This will consist in training and mentoring sessions by international investors, mentors from top accelerators, business strategy consultants and top CEOs.

The Seedstars Summit and final ceremony which is open to public, will then take place on March 3​2016 whereby the grand Seedstars World Global Winner will be named and receive up to USD 500K in equity investment. Other sectors such as travel and space will also be rewarded with equity investments and grants.

Investment track and prizes – What’s new?

In addition to the Seedstars World Global Winner award, a new Investment Track has been added this year. The Travel Investment Track will be powered by lastminute.com group, who will invest up to USD 500K in the best travel startup, accelerating the startup’s growth thanks to its knowhow and backing.

The Space Prize, powered by Inmarsat and AP-Swiss, will award a USD 50K grant to the best startup developing an application or service that uses satellite technology (ex: GPS, satellite data). Other prizes are to be awarded to the finalists, such as the Innovation Prize and the Women Entrepreneur Prize.

Partnership with EPFL

The Seedstars Summit will take place at the S​wissTech Convention Centre,​which is located at the heart of the E​PFL campus in Lausanne, Switzerland. The EPFL is one of the leading universities for tech engineering in Europe and hosts several startup and accelerator programs. The Center is one of the most impressive congress centers. It complies with sustainable development standards and can hold up to 3,000 attendees.

seedstarsworld-The SwissTech Convention Center

What to expect?

The Summit promises to be filled with passion and excitement. Seedstarsworld will host panel discussions on subjects ranging from women entrepreneurs to innovation in Africa, have top CEOs, members of academia and VCs deliver powerful speeches, and all of this surrounded by a strong international media presence, including TV! The 55 competing startups also promise to be innovative and disruptive – from Armenians who created an eye care app to Iranians analyzing greenhouse-related health issues, the mix and diversity of the competing startups is astonishing so far. To know more about the entrepreneurs, check this web page h​ere and click on the city you are interested in.

Ticket Sales

Seedstars Summit is open to public​: tickets are available online H​ERE.

About Seedstars World

Seedstars World is an exclusive seed­stage startup competition focused on emerging markets and fast growing startup scenes. Its mission is to discover the best startups beyond Silicon Valley and Western Europe and help them succeed. The company is also looking to positively impact economic development and job creation in these regions. Seedstars World is part of the S​eedstars group, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Seedstars group, a global venture builder, aims to create and develop impact startups in Emerging Markets. T​hey also offer advice on investment strategies. Seedstars World has been covered by international media outlets such as W​ired UK,​ F​orbes​ and T​ech In Asia.​ ”A window into disruption in emerging markets” – Forbes.

Seedstars World online: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube



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