Cubanisto: put on your mask and come out to play

Posted on 11/03/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Cubanisto Party Lausanne Great Escape No Name

On Saturday 4th March, Cubanisto, a beer flavored with rum, was launched in Lausanne, Switzerland. True to the nature of the brand, I did not quite know what to expect when I received the invitation, as it was rather mysterious. Still, I was sure that the event was going to be fun and original. Not being in Lausanne myself that evening, I invited Alice and her friend to join the event on my behalf. Which was great, because via WhatsApp and live videos on Instagram that Alice shared, I got to enjoy the party from a distance. Always keep an open mind, right. Why be at just one party when you can participate in two simultaneously….

The event was organized in two parts: a pre-party at the Great Escape, then the crowd moved on to hit the dance floor at No Name. Upon arrival at the warm up, the girls were greeted by the hustling and bustling emanating from the vibrant bar. Inside, makeup artists welcomed guests and, with masks and ephemeral tattoos, helped them to transform into beautiful creatures of the night. A great atmosphere of fun and laughter reigned at Great Escape and the pub was packed. After having cleared their path through the crowd of beer-lovers, Alice and her were served a fresh Cubanisto at the bar. This beer brand is instantly recognizable by its design featuring an intriguing mask and a slice of orange that it proudly sports like a crown. Yes, Cubanisto is the queen of beers tonight! Alice, like those around her, was conquered, by its taste and its appearance.

When I told her about the brand, she said that reading up about it alone made her mouth water: a premium beer, rum, sugar cane, lime, orange zest, … sweeter than a cocktail, more ferocious than a blonde, Cubanisto is unexpected and enthralls with its charms.

11pm, departure to No Name, where the evening continues. Only an hour later, the club is filled, the hall is trembling with the rhythms of the night and the crowd dancing. One of the interior facades features Cubanisto wallpaper inviting all those wearing masks and the typical make-up to have their photo taken and create an unforgettable memory of the night. Below some impressions Alice brought back from the event.

For more information and to immerse yourself in the universe of Cubanisto, join the brand online: Web, Facebook, Instagram



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