Cubanisto @ Kissthedesign: Vernissage “Presque ombre” by David Weishaar

Posted on 26/04/2017 by Eileen Schuch
Cubanisto Kissthedesign David Weishaar

When the night falls, the curious come out to play! In the light of day things seem one way; in the shadows of the night, they appear in different light…

Presque ombre by David Weishaar is the newest exhibition at Kissthedesign. The young French, Lausanne based artist presents his recent work, including many unpublished paintings, at the gallery from 28th April to 2nd June 2017.

Tomorrow evening, you are cordially invited to participate in the vernissage where you can discover not only David’s extraordinary art, but also a rather surprising drink: Cubanisto.

Intrigued? Feel like discovering something new? Right after work, leave the day behind, relax and rewind… Head over to Kissthedesign, it’s the perfect occasion to mix and mingle with Lausanne’s art aficionados!

Above all else, you will have the pleasure to meet David Weishaar in person! He is a young, emerging artist of French origin now based in Lausanne. David belongs to a generation that is often referred to as “digital natives” and that describes those who are born into the age of digital technology. A generation that lives and breathes Internet, Social Media and 24h connectivity. A true child of his times, David is interested in the status of the image; from trivial to political, every image has a story to tell, from the start right until its programmed obsolescence.

Today, we are overwhelmed with all kinds of images. The media project them massively, of course, but also in the private sphere smartphones and applications (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.) are turning the banal into a public event. The way we view and consume images has changed considerably. In such a context, the lifetime of a photo is very short, capturing the moment and sharing it has become more important than the conservation of the actual picture itself.

David’s art is figurative. The ECAL graduate uses screenshots or photographs for inspiration. The selected subject is then translated on canvas after a long process of going back and forth from one medium to another. From the original image only an evanescent trace is left. The paintings thus created seem to push the fatal deadline of oblivion. Seemingly random fragments of fitness classes, landscapes and scenes of war are preserved as if in an effort to archive them just before they vanish completely.

If the base of David Weishaar’s creations is photographic the treatment is assuredly pictorial, the persistence of the image partial and never without filter. The outlines are fuzzy and the colors faded; a universe of mystery and secrecy, at once poetic and nostalgic.

Cubanisto Kissthedesign David Weishaar The Black Dog Runs At Night

When & where: Exhibition from 28th April until 2nd June 2017; Vernissage, Thursday, 27th April, from 6:30pm in the presence of the artist and celebration of the 50th Collaboration with Guide Lausanne Contemporain; Galerie Kissthedesign, Avenue de Rumine 4, 1005 Lausanne, Telephone: +41 21 312 14 80,



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