Cubanisto, rum flavoured beer: new in our portfolio of cool brands

Posted on 18/03/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Cubanisto Rum Flavoured Beer

NOTE: For an event in St. Gallen – Friday 29.09. in the evening – Cubanisto is looking for Makeup artists and beauty bloggers who would like to help with creating party looks for guests. This is a paid collaboration. If you are interested, let us know by e-mail >>>

Secret parties in cool venues… that is signature for Cubanisto. United by curiosity, those with a sense for adventure come together after dark for unforgettable nights of revelry.

Mysterious, Cubanisto is a refreshing favourite enhanced with an unexpected flavour… the perfect accompaniment to nightfall.

Who is it for? The adventurous, the open-minded… Those for whom life is a journey, navigating with ease between daytime responsibilities and nighttime socialising. People who have a clear sense for shaping their future but who like to live in the NOW and to seize the moment.

The Cubanisto crowd is curious. They are passionate, peaceful party people. Urban and intrigued by foreign foods, art and literature they love festivals, music and dancing. The best nights out are not planned, they happen, just like that, totally unexpected. Unforgettable mainly because of the people you are with.

Actually, you just wanted to chill and yet, somehow, you are on the way to a party. Transformed into a creature of the night, following the light and being energised by the  crowd surrounding you.

Masks and Midnight Mystery

At these parties, masks play an important role and add to the mystery. Colourful, they sublime your appearance without revealing too much. You are free to be whoever you want to be. Day and night, reveal and hide… in the cover of darkness you feel alive. Free and flirtatious; who knows what is going to happen… an unexpected twist maybe. Surprising as is the crisp taste of premium beer fused with the rich flavour of rum. Dare to share! It might just become your newest ritual.

Cubanisto your guide to the night

Embrace the unexpected and follow Cubanisto’s invitation to a series of events. We kicked off with a party in Lausanne, moved on with an event at Gletscherspalte, and will continue with special Cubanisto nights all over Switzerland. If you want to be part of it, like this post and write to to receive an invitation.

Cubanisto: embrace the night!




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