Dr. Barbara Sturm: The future of cosmetics is here!

Posted on 11/08/2018 by Demi Antonopoulou
Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Skincare

As a chemist, I can perfectly understand the importance of using natural skincare products that are free of synthetic ingredients such as parabens and mineral oils and that you better avoid putting anything that is chemical related on your skin. Thanks to Dr. Barbara Sturm, a German aesthetics doctor, and her revolutionary research, we can now have access to a variety of molecular skincare products that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

I had the opportunity to attend a press lunch at Jelmoli, where Dr. Barbara Sturm presented her products and explained to us what molecular cosmetology is and how it differs from the classic cosmetics most of us commonly use. Her whole theory revolves around the regeneration of the cells, by creating a customized cream from your own white blood cells which has healing properties that naturally reduce inflammation and promote collagen growth.

She explained that she wasn’t satisfied with the cosmetics currently available and, motivated by the lack of natural products, she decided to create her own cosmetics line.

During the 2 hour press lunch, she presented in detail the products she developed and their ingredients and how to use them correctly in order to be efficient for your skin.
Her product lines consists of: the anti-aging body cream, the anti-aging primer that is a combination of a foundation beauty product with anti-inflammatory and antioxidants ingredients valuable for the skin, the anti-aging serum, the facial scrub, the eye cream and face cream for women, the face mask, the cleanser, a set of hyaluronic ampoules and the hyaluronic serum as well as skin food supplements and a face cream for men, all available exclusively in Switzerland at Jelmoli. She also produces a specialized line for darker skin solving the dermatological issues such as inflammation, hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Last but not least, she created the sundrops serum that provides 50 SPF protection and can be mixed easily with your face cream while relaxing on the beach! Amazing!

She later encouraged us to try some of the products in order to have an idea of how they feel! I must admit, I wasn’t so familiar with the products prior to the event but the products were fantastic and I highly recommend to try them out! I am sure you are going to love them!

All the products give you a feeling of freshness and hydration while providing all the vital ingredients for skin revitalization. Especially the scrub has left me astonished! The result was impressive. It’s the most effective scrub I have ever tried and since my type of skin is sensitive it needs natural but effective products.

Jelmoli has also prepared an amazing lunch for us and the service was once again fantastic! I left the event very pleased, with a variety of products to test at home! I will continue using them over the next few weeks and keep you informed about my progress.

If you have already tried products from Dr. Barbara Sturm I would love for you to share your impressions with me. Below some impressions of the event!



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