Influencer Campaign 2014 – Espolon Tequila: Create your own Halloween Chocolate

Posted on 30/10/2018 by Eileen Schuch

Right around Halloween 2014, we organised an influencer workshop for our client Espolon Tequila at Du Rhône Chocolatier in Geneva (3 rue de la Confédération). It was going to be a very exciting experience in the art of chocolate-making. We gathered within the doors of where the chocolate magic happens and headed up the stairs to the laboratory where the cacao goodies are made. After listening to the instructions of maître chocolatier J.P. Serignat on how to make the best homemade chocolate, we found ourselves knee deep in the making of our very own Halloween chocolate complete with Espolon tequila-infused chocolate and marzipan pumpkins!

This (literally) set the place on fire. Our maître chocolatier showed us how to put on a show by lighting up our little marzipan pumpkins, making our chocolates look really spooky!

Having given it a go, we quickly found that this art was best to be left to the professionals as we found ourselves covered in chocolate. We happily walked out of this secret little chocolate factory with our own Espolón-inspired creations.

It was time to get down to business! Cocktail hour was calling and a Halloween pub-crawl on the agenda: from the Barbershop bar, via Le Kraken to L’Etabli… which barman makes the coolest cocktail with Espolon? We were on a quest to find out. Here, some impressions from the “Make your own Halloween chocolate with Espolon Tequila” atelier:















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