International Sleep Day 2018 – Win the ultimate sleep experience and London hotel stay!

Posted on 16/03/2018 by Eileen Schuch
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How are you feeling this beautiful Friday morning: filled with energy and ready to go? Not so much? If any of these warning signs of poor sleep apply to you, it is maybe time to change your mattress – and a few old habits too!

8 warnings signs you may be “sleep poor”

  • You have difficulties concentrating
  • You are hungrier than usual
  • You are needlessly irritable
  • You zone out
  • You are prone to clichés
  • You are clumsy
  • You are emotional
  • You just nod off

Poor sleep is often an accumulation of several factors: nutrition, stress, anxiety…. Today, Friday 16th March 2018, is World Sleep Day. This is an annual event – happening on the Friday before the vernal equinox, also known as the first day of spring – and aimed at celebrating sleep and its many benefits as well as raising awareness for the problems caused but lack of or poor sleep and sleep disorders.

To function properly and to enjoy life, we need sleep. Healthy sleep helps us restore and energize. If we want to feel awake, dynamic and able to tackle the many challenges we are confronted with each day, enough and healthy sleep is paramount!

Lack of sleep, restless sleep, troubled sleep… Sleep disorders are not rare, and they can cause serious problems if left untreated. In fact, they really are symptomatic for our times. Fast-paced, always connected, fear of missing out, the iPhone always ready at hand, even at night… Sounds familiar?

World Sleep Day aims at reminding us of exactly that and invites us to examine: do we get enough sleep, do we sleep profound and peaceful, are we feeling refreshed and energetic in the morning? And if that is not the case – maybe – we should take it as a wake-up call!

If you are seriously lacking sleep, if you are tossing and turning in your sleep, if you have trouble even falling asleep – today is the occasion to remember how important healthy sleep actually is and that there is professional help for those in need!

Celebrating good mornings with eve sleep

Because the perfect start to the day begins the night before, we have teamed up with eve sleep to bring you this information about World Sleep Day. Sleep deserves to be celebrated, so eve put together a slumber-inducing package to give you a great night’s sleep and an even better morning. This ultimate sleep experience package will help you #lovemorningswitheve! This is what you can win:

Not based in the UK? That is not a problem, eve will even cover the cost of travel from Europe to London, up to the value of £600.

eve sleep


To participate, publish a post in your social media until 31st March 2018, explaining how you love mornings: with breakfast in bed, an early morning run, reading the paper? Simply take a picture of what makes your morning so great, and upload it to FB or Insta tagging @eveSleep. If you are posting on Facebook, tag your country’s Facebook account (for Switzerland it is @evesleepch). In all your posts, use the hashtag #lovemorningswitheve, it is the overriding campaign hashtag! Other hashtags you may use are: #WorldSleepDay and #evesleep. In your post, include the link to the eve mattress website in your country. For the full competition T&Cs, click here.

The perfect start to my morning? Coffee, of course!

Coffee - Latte Art - Carasso



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