Experience the total makeover of Nespresso’s boutique & bar in Lausanne

Posted on 17/01/2018 by Katia Godts

Last week, I was one of the lucky few to have been given the grand tour of the Nespresso boutique & bar, located in the classified neo-classical building Portes Saint François in Lausanne. And a grand tour it was! After a 3,5 months renovation, the Nespresso team is happy to welcome you back, just in time for the festive season.

A stroll through the universe of Nespresso’s festive collection

When I walk through the door on this sunny Tuesday afternoon, I immediately have a sense of “grandeur”. Not the kind you would experience visiting a classical monument like the Opera house in Paris. No, this is rather a perception of space, a sense of volume and contemporary freshness.

As I return the friendly smile and “bonjour” from the staff members behind the bar counter, a range of beautifully displayed Nespresso machines catches my eye. I can’t help but think that, even though they sit nicely side by side, they have a small internal competition going to catch the visitor’s attention with their slick design and joyful colours.

I continue my (pre-official-visit) stroll to discover the collection of cups and accessories, each of which is superbly displayed to showcase its uniqueness. The classic Pure models are overlooking the modern Pixie collection, which sits alongside the stylish Touch designs. Later that afternoon, I learn that the different cup designs and materials do not merely cater to different visual preferences of customers, but actually influence the sensory experience one has when drinking coffee. But I’ll tell you more about the art of coffee-tasting in a different article.

The noblest piece of the collection is probably the Reveal Espresso glass, a crystal glass designed in collaboration with the famous Austrian wine glass maker Riedel. I have to admit that, after recovering from my surprise to find a “wine glass” in the range of Nespresso accessories, I quickly developed a little ‘coup de coeur’ for its elegance and timeless appearance.

I could go on and on about the beautiful things I saw, like the Bonbonnière, another one of my favourites that would make an ideal Christmas present. But I don’t want to spoil your fun of discovering the Sharing Moments collection for yourself! Also, the official visit is about to start, so I go to meet our hosts and join the other invitees.



The importance of customer feedback and personalised service.

Our main guide for the visit is Dominique Niederhauser, coffee ambassador for Nespresso Switzerland, who tells us how important customer feedback has been in developing the new features for the Nespresso boutique & bar. Having listened to their customers, the boutique now integrates a specific area where a dedicated staff member welcomes new clients and helps existing Nespresso club members with any queries they may have. It is conveniently located close to the main boutique counter and the tasting area. When visiting the boutique and you’re in doubt about buying a blend you haven’t tried before, don’t hesitate to ask for a tasting. The staff members are extremely helpful and more than happy to share their know-how.

A great new addition to the Nespresso bar service is the coffee-to-go version. Indeed, in the past, customers were surprised and quite disappointed to find that they couldn’t get their coffee to-go. Understanding that people don’t always have the time to sit down and leisurely enjoy a nice cup of coffee, Nespresso has developed a machine that can handle the volume and at the same time guarantee the taste and the quality for their take-away version. You can now enjoy your favourite espresso, latte or cappuccino on-the-go in the classy Touch compact travel mug, thoughtfully designed to suit different styles and personalities.



Surprise your senses with the latest Variations 2015 Limited Edition

After the tour, we’re invited to gather around the main bar area where baristas skilfully prepare the most delightful Nespresso cocktails for us to enjoy with a selection of lovely canapés and delicate sweet pastries. I am most honoured when given the chance to pass behind the counter and learn first-hand how to prepare a refreshing iced cardamom Nespresso cocktail. It’s amazing how many different creations the baristas compose with a basic ingredient such as coffee, and I am happy to learn that the Nespresso bar in Lausanne will present three new recipes each month.

If you want to surprise your friends at home with an original cocktail, let yourself be inspired by the latest Variations 2015 Limited Edition. Created especially for the festive season are three distinct blends of the Livanto Grand Cru, each labelled with an intensity of six on the Nespresso scale. I particularly like the Ciocco Ginger Variation, which combines a beautiful roundness with subtle bursts of spices. The Vanilla Cardamom and Vanilla Amaretti Variations will also surprise your senses
with their deliciously festive mix of spice and biscuits. But why don’t you visit the Nespresso boutique & bar yourself so you can pick your own favourite!



It’s not just a coffee, it’s an experience

Our host, Dominique Niederhauser, tells us that they’ve been getting excellent customer feedback on the new look and feel of the Nespresso boutique & bar in Lausanne. And I understand why. It’s the whole experience really, the beautifully designed boutique that sublimely displays the whole Nespresso range, the very friendly and attentive staff that caters to your needs and the comfortable seating area where you can enjoy the ever-growing variety of excellent coffee blends. The Nespresso Boutique & Bar in Lausanne underwent a makeover that’s pleasing to the eye … and palate!




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