Dear Mainland, Aloha! Kona Brewing @ Osmosis Wake: be there or be square!

Posted on 27/04/2017 by Eileen Schuch
Kona x Osmosis Wakeboard

Oooookay, so this April is not exactly spoiling us with sun! That’s why we invite you to join us for a good dose of Liquid Aloha this Saturday!

Grab your homies and head down to Corsy: aperitif, all you can eat raclette, tombola and bar… the sun is always shining, you know it!

Two good reasons to ride this wave: one is, you get to meet the cool people of Osmosis Wakeboard Club, and the other is that you can taste Kona, the beer from Hawaii. It’s pure awesomeness in a bottle and will project you right at the beach.

Speaking of: if you are a wake aficionado, you know that Switzerland has a lot to offer! Situated at the shores of Lac Leman, in the beautiful region of Lavaux, Osmosis Wake gives you the opportunity to integrate their club and benefit from their infrastructure and material: MasterCraft X2 Wakeboard Boat, rental of equipment for adults and kids, coaching… Beginner or amateur? Vous allez trouver votre bonheur!

In addition, club members benefit from many advantages such as special offers proposed by partners like Centre Nautique de la Riviera, Boutique Rip Curl Pro in Lausanne or GET WET Surfshop. Special rates for kids apply and there even is a junior team that, like the adults, regularly participates in competitions. So really, it’s something for the whole family. And what better to do with your spare time than spend it lakeside with the people you love! Get summer ready and nourish your passions, that’s all I can say. Osmosis, they are good bunch of people to know and hang out with.

Message in a bottle from Kona Brewing to you: less FOMO, more SLOWMO. Mahalo!



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