Swiss Windsurfing Tour with Kona Brewing

Posted on 13/08/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Swiss Windsurfing Tour Silvaplana

Well, well, well, so far, this summer is not exactly spoiling us with sun BUT the Swiss Windsurfing Tour is going strong and Kona adds some extra Hawaii vibes to the series of events.

After a Season Opening in Hyères (France), this year’s Marco Polo Windsurfing Cup continued with stops in Cremia at Lake Como (Italy), Flüelen at the Urner Lake, Murten at Lake Morat, St-Blaise at Lake Neuchatel, Murg at Lake Walen and continues the national championship in Silvaplana, Engadin next weekend. You can find all tour dates and stops here >>>

The regatta in Silvaplana is one of the bigger highlights of the Cup. It’s the challenge that all windsurfing aficionados look forward to. Here, with the breathtaking landscape of the Oberengadin as a backdrop, local athletes will face an international competition. And guess what: we will be there with Kona who is a sponsor of the Swiss Windsurfing Tour! “We” that is Livie, our music, event and festival editor, who also is passionate about windsurfing! If she could, she would spend her life on the water. Follow her Insta and our FB Page for LIVE updates from the event!

How come Kona, the beer from Hawaii, is part of the Swiss Windsurfing Tour? It’s only logical! Many of us have spent a holiday on the beautiful islands and watersports, windsurfing in particular, are an integral part of it. Kona is the local beer. Anybody who has been in Hawaii will have probably come across it in a bar or a restaurant or at the beach. Once back home, we would love to go back or at least extend this holiday feeling. But, uh oh, no Kona!

So Dani and Oli teamed up to bring your favorite Hawaiian Brews to Switzerland! Kona is now available at CoopRio Getränkemarkt, at main stations all over Switzerland, online at Drinks of the World, and in selected bars and restaurants. If you spot it, take a pic and post it online using hashtag #konabrewingco and tag @coolbrandz.

What’s more, Yvonne visited the Kona Brewery and Pub in Hawaii for us. She produced a cool vlog that we are happy to share with you. Check it out!




  1. I love the Hawaiian Beer… shure, Dani is my brother and I am so thankfull that he brought the beer from Hawaii to Switzerland. Mahalo nui loa, brotha

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