Fashion Event: Sélection Mode Suisse in Geneva at Librairie de l’Ile – until 01.09.18

Posted on 17/08/2018 by Eileen Schuch
SEPTIEME ETAGE - Mode Suisse Selection - Desert Dreaming Launch 16.08.2018

Recently, the 14th edition of Mode Suisse was inaugurated and our Bombom Girls Ana and Nicole participated in the opening of this much-coveted fashion exhibition.

This year’s host is the Librairie de l’Ile, a magnificent setting for this kind of event if you ask me. Kudos!

Mode Suisse is a platform that promotes Swiss fashion designers. The main event is happening in September in Zurich, but before that, those interested can appreciate a selection of 17 designers in Geneva already.

You can try – and why not buy – clothes, jewellery and accessories by well known – and lesser known – Swiss fashion designers. You may also find inspiration in the one or the other book. After all, you are at a library, right!

Among the designers who are present in Geneva are Vanessa Schindler, WORN, YVY, Julia Heuer, Julia Seemann, Julian Zigerli, After Work Studio, Mourjjan, Ottolinger for ZSIG, Mason Studio and the fashion shop Septieme Etage also shows creations by 7 young designers of Arabic origin, hence the appellation “The desert dreaming edit”.

SEPTIEME ETAGE - Mode Suisse Selection - Desert Dreaming Launch 16.08.2018


A sweet highlight at the inauguration party was the presence of Zurich based artists Tobias Gutmann, who drew guests’ portrait as part of his Face-o-mat project. What is that about? All we will tell you here is that it is cool! It is about encounters – “between people, cultures, and environments, but also between what we perceive on the outside and what we feel on the inside.” – and leaving an artistic footprint of these encounters.

Great idea to have him at a fashion event like Mode Suisse, don’t you think? Like music, fashion is a universal language that connects people all over the world and from every walk of life. Regardless of your means or station fashion is both expression and perception…

Face-o-mat, which is basically an analogue “portrait machine”, is also a fun way to step out of digital and the “selfie culture” and to just sit back and let someone else capture the essence of YOU in an abstract drawing!

Refreshments by Peroni and evian rounded up the launch event that was overall as fun and enjoyable as we anticipated!

Ana and Nicole had a great evening and recommend popping in at Mode Suisse, even if, after the holidays, your budget is (a bit) tight. Discovering all these Swiss designers in this highly cultural setting is totally worth it.

Practical information

Mode Suisse, open until September 1, 2018, Librairie de l’Ile, Geneva. Monday to Friday 11 am to 7pm and Saturday 11am to 6pm.

SEPTIEME ETAGE - Mode Suisse Selection - Desert Dreaming Launch 16.08.2018



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