Popup Corner Summer Edition: we’ve been and it was cool!

Posted on 21/06/2018 by coolbrandz

From 5th -7th June the second edition of Popup Corner took place in Geneva. As media partner of the event it was clear that we had to be part o fit. We wanted to live the experience and so decided to feature some cool brands. These are the brands and products we presented on our stand:

BomBomBijoux1.    Bombom Bijoux

Irresistible for those with a sweet tooth: the sweets inspired rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings from BomBom Bijoux. Delicate, tender, playful and Swiss Made yet with influences and high quality materials from around the world, BomBom Bijoux jewellery comes in all sizes and shapes: trinkets of sweets inspired: Pâte de fruitsFleur de selBlackberryPop RockSugarMacaron and Meringue. Simply yummy!


Flipsters Beach Girl2.   Flipsters

Femme Fatale, It-Girl or always on-the-go? Whether you swear by your high heels or succumb to the “Who wants to be beautiful must suffer” paradigm or are in party girl mode, with the foldable ballet flats by Flipsters you are just one step away to giving your feet a well-deserved break. Sore tootsies and heels? Simply take off your shoes and slip on a pair of Flipsters. A true must-have that should be in every handbag. Especially in summer!


whitedust3.   White Dust, the Swiss Lemonade

White Dust is a refreshing, low-calorie drink that is a better alternative to traditional sodas because it is sweetened with agave syrup. White Dust contains the legendary “Schisandra”, a Chinese berry that is said to have protecting, healing and stimulating qualities and to increase libido. Therefore, Schisandra is  one of the superfoods. Tchin Tchin!


Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 16.39.21

4.   Superfood Shop

Speaking of superfoods, our friends from www.superfood-shop.ch participated with a selection of fruit powders and mixes by the Purasana brand: Chia Seeds, Açai-Beere, Super Green Mix, Slimming Mix and the gluten and lactose free Quest Bars with Oreo Cookies & Cream flavour. The Super Food Shop has only recently opened its doors and will certainly be a favourite among lovers of natural, vegan, pure, clean foods and food supplements. Of course, we used the occasion to stock up on Chia Seeds & Co. and will soon share some recipes.

1402-01631735.   Jacobszauber: Jacobs Lungo and Espresso

For some time now a delicious coffee smell reigns in coolbrandz land because we have a WoM campaign running: 500 coolbranders get to test Jacobs coffee in capsules for the Nespresso machine. Be it espresso or lungo, Jacobs offers a wide range coffees specialities with different intensities and flavours. Delicately roasted, with a variety of aromas, smooth and silky texture, perhaps even a little added hazelnut flavour, Jacobs Coffee offers moments of pure pleasure whatever your preference.


oneglass6.  Oneglass Wine

Oneglass is a concept of Italian origin and offers the possibility to enjoy wine without having to open a whole bottle. Functional, practical and useful, the idea is cool. Each package contains 100 ml, exactly one glass of wine. So you can enjoy wine whenever you feel like a sip, but not an entire bottle.

Unbreakable, durable and llight, the format of the Oneglass pouches is ideal to slip in jackets, handbags or picnic baskets. Wine on-the-go, who can say no?!



7.   The Box by Les Loges du Chic

Les Loges du Chic spoils us every month with its concept “So Chic So Swiss, The Box”. Each time there are 6 – 8 items that are all in relation to one topic, i.e. “Let’s Go Detox” in January, “Tonight I’m going out!” In February, “A summer night” in June… and every time a designer or artist is featured. When you open the box you will find: a shopping tip or a gift idea, something to eat, a stationery item, something to make yourself, a beauty product and other goodies. Chic!


valeurabsolue8. Valeur Absolue

And last but not least, Valeur Absolue, the “Plus que parfum”, which reinterprets the gesture to perfume oneself. Extraordinary fragrances that celebrate femininity with high-quality, natural essences and that provide not only fabulous scents but also a feeling of wellbeing for women. Ingredients of the highest quality are combined with essential oils and carefully selected oligo-elements, thus liberating beta-endorphins, which are included in the formula. The newest release is “Vitalité”, a perfect summer fragrance.


The cherry on top of it all was provided by the gallery kissthedesign that equipped us with a  Corbusier chair, a Grasshopper lamp, a Kangourou table and Big Game vases.

Nadia from Papillons d’Onyx took photos throughout the event and also photographed the other stands.

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