Travelling Poland in the footsteps of Belvedere Vodka

Posted on 20/11/2018 by Eileen Schuch

At the invitation of Belvedere Vodka, I jumped on a plane to fly to Poland, ready for a three-day adventure with the brand. It was harvest time and Belvedere invited journalists and bloggers from around the globe to explore its universe and follow the production process of the vodka from the grain to the bottle.

I discovered breathtaking scenery, tasted delicious cocktails and I learned all about the steps necessary to create this refined premium spirit. Belvedere Vodka’s key ingredient is the golden Dankowskie rye and I will get into detail about that in an extra article.

For now, lets breeze through the fabulous program Belvedere has concocted for us and some pics from the trip: we visited the wonderful cities of Gdansk and Warsaw, the rye fields, the distilleries, ate in some truly extraordinary restaurants and enjoyed original Vodka cocktails on the rooftop of the Hilton no less! A signature program that perfectly traced the transformation of the grain into the 5-star spirit that is Belvedere Vodka.

Apéro Time!

Upon our arrival in Gdansk, we headed for the Hilton. Between the check-in and the evening that announced busy and exciting, there was a little slot of free time that allowed exploring the city of Gdansk: the river banks, the old town, the coffee shops and the market. I will dedicate an extra article to that because the city merits to be looked at a little closer, as a travel destination, I mean! Upon our return, the Belvedere team welcomed us at the Hilton’s High 5 Rooftop Bar with a cocktail reception and the tasting of a selection of three delightful Spritz cocktails. Exquisite! Imagine the Belvedere Spritz with Belvedere Vodka, Lillet Blanc, tonic water, sparkling water, grapefruit and thyme…


Belvedere Vodka, where do you come from?

On the second day, we headed for Bartezek and visited the distillery. During the visit, you can really feel Belvedere’s commitment to excellence and its concern to select only the best, local ingredients and right partners in order to produce a natural Vodka without additives – that is the absolute top priority. The brand searches to produce with the least possible environmental impact while investing a maximum in the local infrastructure and network of partners. After the distillery visit, we then walked through the rye fields and followed the harvest. For brunch, the team had prepared a buffet with the most delicious, home made Polish foods you can imagine. When we spotted the little white Belvedere pavilion lakeside, we knew a fantastic experience was waiting for us. And rightly so, everyone was starving after walking around in the rye fields!


After brunch, en route towards Ostróda to savor an exquisite meal at the Romantyczna. Next stop: Warsaw. The Bristol Hotel welcomed us with its charming ambiance. The timing was perfect. Between check-in and dinner, there was time enough for a stroll through the city. It was the hour of dusk and the old town’s streets and churches illuminated by the setting sun. Dinner was held at the Dom Wodki and the night finished at the Column Bar at Hotel Bristol.


On the last day, we visited the Polmos distillery in Zyrardow where, after the tour, a workshop was organized during which we macerated our own Belvedere Vodka. Genius idea! I still have my bottle and keep it sacred. Last stop of the tour through Poland and before flying back home: a visit of the Belvedere Presidential Palace and a refined lunch at Belvedere Łazienki Królewskie. It is impossible to leave Poland without the desire to return soon. What a royal experience that was. Merci, Belvedere Vodka!

About Belvedere Vodka: Rye. Water. Character.

Created in 1993, the Belvedere Vodka brand was the first to develop a new standard of excellence in vodka and established the category of luxury vodka. Today, Belvedere’s distinctive character and integrity without compromise are recognized around the world. Devoted vodka enthusiasts everywhere appreciate it for its taste and the fact that it is natural, without additives. Produced with Polish Dankowskie rye and pure water from its own local source, the taste of Belvedere Vodka is distinguished by its frank finish, its softness, and its subtle creaminess.



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  1. Hi Eileen,

    Looks you had a great time in Poland 🙂

    Let me introduce myself, I’m Timothée Badie, co-founder of Côquetel Spirits, a French initiative aiming at

    · Bridging crafted/artisanal spirits and mixology together
    · Promoting your ancestral know-how hidden in your bottles to our knowledge-thirsty community through our blog and social media

    To do so, we will drive in our van throughout 12 countries, visiting over 100 distilleries, barrel makers, spirit traders in 3 three months.

    We will post articles about the people we meet and help us discover the art of spirit crafting as well as numerous pictures and videos we’ll be taking with our camera and drone.

    We would like to visit the Belvedere distillery, in that regards, would you have contacts within Belvedere that we could reach to ?

    You will find the link of our Facebook/Instagram pages. I also attached a map of our trip.

    We remain at your entire disposal should you have any further questions.

    Thanks in advance.

    Côquetelfully yours,

    Tim & Matthieu

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