xMas Calendar N° 20: Gift Box “Clos Corbassières” from Provins

Posted on 20/12/2017 by Eileen Schuch
Provins Clos Corbassieres

A wine exhibition on board of ships? Yes, that’s Expovina! For the 64th time this year, the Zurich wine fleet anchored at Bürkliplatz and hosted, on board of 12 vessels, the largest public wine fair in the world. More than 4,000 wines from 25 countries and 6 continents were presented to the public. Wine lovers from every corner of the planet were invited to come to Zurich and discover the most wonderful wines. I met Provins at their stand for a tasting because Switzerland’s largest wine producer had reason to celebrate, indeed! Gold medals, galore!

The IWPZ, the International Wine Award Zürich, is organized by Expovina AG and took place this July for the 24th time. The jury, consisting of 150 experts, tasted and rated 2141 wines from around twenty countries. With the “Clos Corbassières 2012”, Provins brought one of the three coveted Grand Gold Medals to Valais and another Gold medal for its “Clos Corbassières 2013”.

Provins Box Clos Corbassieres

The two wines above are not the only ones from Provins that have been awarded medals. This achievement is accompanied by a remarkable overall result, with no less than three more gold medals for the Rouge d’Enfer 2013, Belle Étoile Blanc 2014 and Apologia Rouge 2016 as well as seven silver medals for the Apologia Bianco 2016, Pinot Noir 2015, Belle Etoile Rouge 2013, Œil de Perdrix 2016, Syrah-Merlot 2016, Pinot Noir Saint-Guérin 2016, Assemblage Rouge Chanteauvieux 2016. What a success!

Winning a Grand Gold medal is always an honor. “It adds a little more to the legacy of this wine that is emblematic of our house and the Valaisan terroir as such”, says General Director Raphaël Garcia proudly. “The fantastic thing about this success is that wines from all levels of our range have been awarded, from the Crus of the domain via the Charte d’Excellence, Belle Étoile and Apologia lines to the Spécialités du Valais. This testifies once again to the tremendous skills and knowledge of our team of oenologists and to the careful work of all our winemakers, who provide us with very high-quality grapes every year. ”

Provins is a cooperative winery based in Valais. With about 3,200 members, the company is the largest Swiss wine producer. Approximately 10% of all of the Swiss Wines produced and 20% of the wines produced in the region of Valais are provided by Provins!




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