Remain fresh for loooooonger: with Stimorol 60 minutes of freshness – Online Sweepstake

Posted on 24/03/2018 by coolbrandz

Stimorol, the iconic chewing gum, now offers 60 minutes of freshness. 60 minutes, imagine all the things that you can do in that time!

Stimorol-60-minutes-of-freshness-GreenParticipate in this online competition by Stimorol, for example! Until 30th April 2015 those of you seeking the ultimate in refreshment can try their luck and maybe win “60 minutes of freshness”.

You are over 18 years old, live in Switzerland and are cool indeed, but not 100% fresh? Then the Stimorol contest is just right for you! There are prizes in the total value of CHF 21,000 to win.

Party, love, sports, or music? There is something for everyone who would just like to do their favourite thing 60 minutes loooooonger: a ride on a stretch limo for you and five of your friends, a romantic candlelight dinner for two, fitness or listen to your favourite tunes…. At the Stimorol “60 minutes of freshness” sweepstake you can choose the price you desire and, with a bit of luck, win it!

So, do not wait any loooooonger, participate and register right now!

Stimorol Online: Web, Facebook, YouTube




  1. warum kommt diese Seite oft nur in Englisch, obwohl ich Deutsch im Profil habe?
    Würde aber Stimorol geren Testen. Kanns mir schlecht vorstellen, dass es reicht für 60 min.

  2. Who doesn’t want freshness for an entire 60 minutes? I sure do! What a great product. I absolutely need this.

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