Lausanne: Where to brunch le dimanche?

Posted on 20/05/2019 by Eileen Schuch
Royal Savoy Lausanne Easter Brunch

Picture this: chefs preparing a delicious meal for you and your loved ones, indulging on the terrace, cocktails at the rooftop bar… Royal, right?

Well, you can have it! At Royal Savoy in Lausanne. Their Sunday brunches are quite something, and the Skylounge…my my my! It just recently reopened for the season. The views are absolutely spectacular, the cocktails masterful and the food divine.

Bye bye winter, hello spring. It’s the end of fast, now it’s time to feast! Reservations:

For the curious, here 10 more reasons why to stay at Royal Savoy:


1. It is in Lausanne

I have lived in the beautiful canton of Vaud for over 15 years now. Sometimes in Lausanne, sometime in the vicinity… and for about 5 years this magnificent hotel was closed. As a local, the beautiful building was of course dear to me, and I always wondered what fate awaited it. Will it ever open its gates again and reveal its sumptuous interior to gallant guests? And then, a new investor was found and the reopening scheduled for 2015. When I was invited to spend a weekend there and to discover the entirely refurbished hotel, I was overjoyed. Who would not be at the prospect of spending some quality time in one of Lausanne’s most prestigious historic luxury hotels! And here, besides the fact that it is in my hometown, ten more small – or bigger details – which I have particularly enjoyed during my stay…



2. Friendliness and attention of employees

That’s what you expect from a 5 star hotel, right. However, there are differences: sometimes the service is almost overbearing, simply over-the-top, and in other places it is so discreet, running like Swiss clockwork sure, but this special something is missing, the personal touch. Here at Royal Savoy, the service is perfect: respectful, friendly, relaxed, and almost familial, with just the right dose of attention and anticipation of your needs. I think it is nice to be greeted by name anywhere you go in the hotel… at the front desk, in the bar, in the restaurant or in the hallways … whether you meet an employee or the general manager, you are greeted by your name, open and with a smile and that makes you feel really welcome here.


3. Hermès Bathroom Range

That was a real surprise for me. Not even because it’s Hermès (it’s no secret, I’m a fan!), but because it’s exactly this range Eau d’Orange Vert. I associate so many fond memories with this fragrance…. what a wonderful throwback! I prefer to keep my memories to myself, but here is what Jean-Claude Ellena has to say about this perfume: “Eau d’Orange Vert is the perfume of the Little Prince in each one of us.” Does this sentence alone not sound like a whole narrative? Eau d’Orange Vert is a scent like a morning-walk through the forest after the rain, so refreshing and invigorating. As the name suggests, citrus notes such as those emanating from the peels and leaves of fresh, juicy oranges are the signature of this perfume. Accompanied by mandarin and mint, oak moos and patchouli… ca donne envie, oh oui!



4. The “open kitchen” at breakfast

As you walk down to the breakfast room, attracted by the odour of fresh coffee, you can find all sorts of delicious things: fresh, crispy, bread that is still warm, fresh juices, fresh fruit, and everything else you expect from a royal breakfast. The best thing, however, is the view in the kitchen. There you can see the chefs work: simmering, sizzling, cutting, baking… what a sight, and oh, how it smells!



5. Oh, the bread!

Talking of bread: be it in the morning or in the evening, the bread here at the Royal Savoy is not only a feast for the eye, but also extremely delicious. Beautifully presented, in a paper bag on a wooden board and already cut. Accompanied by a rich, tasty butter… a real treat!


6. Cocktails: Shake it, baby!

Cocktail culture is sacred to me. The bar ambiance, the utensils, the concoctions… all things that make me happy. That’s why I opted for the cocktail course that was proposed as part of our program. We discovered three creations: Lemon Pie, which tastes really like you were biting in a piece of freshly baked lemon pie, somewhere between sweet and sour, delightfully refreshing, just in liquid form, but still with the classic Meringue on top; London Ginger, a rather dry gin, tonic and ginger beer mix, who lifted our spirits in the afternoon; and then in the evening as an aperitif, the Signature Le Peche was served. Delightful!

7. Sssmokin ‘- The Cigar Lounge

No, I do not smoke… apart from the occasional really good cigar, with a glass of exquisite wine or whiskey. And that, if not cosy at home, preferably in a club, among other cigar lovers. The cigar lounge at the Royal Savoy is the place to be for aficionados. It is solely dedicated to the enjoyment of cigars. Highlight: the selection of cigars, from Davidoff to Habanos…. the Royal Savoy is even an official Habanos Point. This is a new brand certificate, which is only given to special establishments with a corresponding assortment of handmade Cuban cigars and appropriately trained specialist staff. A carefully selected Habanos assortment is permanently available here, professional storage in a climate cabinet with optimal humidification, of course, included.



8. La Cuisine de Marc Haeberlin

You guessed it, I could write volumes here. But I will not, don’t worry. Only so much: in the Brasserie of the Royal Savoy I enjoyed the very best Ris de Veau that I have ever eaten. Soft as butter and fantastically flavoursome it came accompanied by exquisite Truffes du Périgord. Bravo!


9. The Spa

The beautiful spa is a true oasis of relaxation in the heart of Lausanne, spanning 1,500 sqm no less. Feel like a true princess! Top cosmetic treatments and massages, the wellness area includes an indoor and outdoor pool, eight treatment rooms, a “ladies only” Spa, two additional private spa areas, as well as a 24/7 fitness facility.


10. No touch table lamps

Just a little detail, but so nice: the no touch lamps on each side of the bed. If you crawl to bed in the evening, exhausted from the day, only briefly raise your hand. The sensor detects that it is sleepy time!



All that remains for me to say is “Enjoy your stay!”



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